Battle Armor C3 System

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Extending a C3 network to include battle armor was a long-held dream of military planners across the Inner Sphere. Though research began in 3058,[1] a practical Battle Armor C3 system was only developed by the Word of Blake after the Manei Domini's communications implants were perfected. With that last technical hurdle overcome, the Word introduced the Battle Armor C3i (BC3i) system to several units in 3063. This system allowed the battle armor troops of a Level I to share targeting data with their fellows.

The Draconis Combine sponsored several research projects that investigated the possibility of integrating battle armor into a C3 network as well. Using their experience with the Mech scale C3 systems, as well as lessons learned from developing their new Naval C3 system, the engineers were able to create a Battle Armor C3 (sometimes called BC3) system that allowed a battle armor squad to integrate into an existing C3 network. By 3073 several Battle Armor C3 systems were strengthening the Arm of the Dragon.

Though the utility of the Battle Armor C3/C3i systems is obvious, the small size of battle armor imposes several limitations on the systems. First is the fact that the components for a BC3/BC3i system are scattered across every member of the battle armor unit. This allows the squad/level 1 to integrate into the C3 network as a single unit rather than requiring each unit to carry bulky equipment. The problem with distributing the components across multiple suits is that if the squad size drops below three members it cannot participate in the C3 network.[1] There is no battle armor sized C3 master computer, so pure BC3 networks are not possible. Pure BC3i networks, however, are possible.[2] Every suit of battle armor in a unit must use the same type of BC3 system.


Game Notes[edit]

A BC3 system weighs 250 kilograms, costs 62,500 C-bills, and occupies one battle armor equipment slot. The Blakist version weighs 350 kilograms, costs 120,000 C-bills, but still only occupies one equipment location.[3]


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