Battle Armor Mechanical Jump Booster


The experimental Battle Armor Mechanical Jump Booster was created in the Lyran Alliance.[1] Like the BattleMech Mechanical Jump Booster that inspired it, the Battle Armor Mechanical Jump Booster was designed to provide a heat and fuel free means of jumping over obstacles. Originally this system was intended only for quadrupedal battle armor, but further work allowed the engineers to create a bipedal version as well. By 3070 both versions were ready for testing.[1]

Battle Armor Mechanical Jump Boosters share the advantages and limitations of their larger cousins. They offer a very limited jump capability and they're hard to steer when in flight. However, the Mechanical Jump Boosters used on Battle Armor offers one significant advantage over their 'Mech sized cousins: They allow the armored infantry soldier to replace the normal walking gait with a longer "bouncing" gait that allows the battle armored trooper to cover more ground.[1] For this reason alone, several designers are considering using the Mechanical Jump Boosters along with standard Jump Jets.


Game Rules[edit]

For construction purposes, treat the Battle Armor Mechanical Jump Booster as a jump jet appropriate to the armor's weight class. In addition to providing a single Jump MP, any battle armor mounting this equipment gains 1 extra Ground MP (even if this exceeds the normal Ground MP limits). The Mechanical Jump Booster may be combined with a Battle Armor Partial Wing to increase the amount of Jump MP available, but may not be combined with the Battle Armor Jump Booster system or the Battle Armor Myomer Booster System.[1]

Battle Armor with Mechanical Jump Boosters cannot use the Jump MP from the Boosters and initiate an anti-'Mech attack in the same turn. Battle Armor can mount both Jump Jets and Mechanical Jump Boosters, but can only use one system at a time.[1]


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