Battle of Dieron (3132)

Battle of Dieron
Part of Dark Age era
Start Date 23rd September 3132[1]
Location Tahlwynn City
Planet Dieron
Result Republic of the Sphere victory
Dragon's Fury
Republic of the Sphere
Commanders and leaders
Katana Tormark Damien Redburn[1]
Forces involved
Dieron Standing Guard[1]


After the events of Gray Monday shut down the HPG network, Katana Tormark started to gather forces to her Dragon's Fury. Likely seeking a decisive victory for her still forming forces she struck at Tahlwynn City on Dieron where Exarch Damien Redburn was engaged in trade talks with saKhan of Clan Sea Fox Ya'el Labov. Failing to decapitate the Republic leadership the battle quickly decended into chaos, eventually seeing the Dragon's Fury being driven off world after a month.[2] Wheeled Scout driver Kevboy's scouting played a vital role in the planet's defense, providing necessary intelligence for planning the counteroffensive.[1]





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