Battle of Epsilon Indi (2767)

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Battle of Epsilon Indi (2767)
Part of The Amaris Civil War
Start Date 1 July 2767
Location Naval Battle
Planet Epsilon Indi
Result Rim Worlds Republic Victory, Star League Defense Force annihilated
Star League Defense Force Rim Worlds Republic
Commanders and leaders
Admiral Amanda Braso Unknown
Forces involved
568th Armed Transport Flotilla Epsilon Indi Space Defense System
Space Battle

The Battle of Epsilon Indi was the first space battle of the Amaris Civil War, taking place on 1 July 2767. The battle was fought between forces of the Star League Defense Force and the Rim Worlds Republic in orbit over Epsilon Indi. Aided by the fact that they had gained control of the planet's Space Defense System, Republican forces won an overwhelming victory, wiping out the entire SLDF invasion force.


When Stefan Amaris assassinated Richard Cameron and declared himself First Lord of the Star League, units of the Rim Worlds Republic Military successfully conquered and occupied 95 of the over 100 worlds of the Terran Hegemony within the first day of the coup.[1] Among these worlds was Epsilon Indi, homeworld of the Thirty-fourth Royal BattleMech Division, which was stationed in the Outworlds Alliance. Angered by what had occurred and refusing to wait for orders from Aleksandr Kerensky, the Thirty-fourth left their position in order to reconquer their homeworld.[2] They were transported to the system by the 568th Armed Transport Flotilla, commanded by Admiral Amanda Braso.

Order of Battle[edit]

Star League Defense Force

  • 568th Armed Transport Flotilla

Republican Force

  • Epsilon Indi Space Defense System
    • 56 Caspar Drone ships
    • Planetary Laser/Missile Batteries

The Confrontation[edit]

The SLDF flotilla reached Epsilon Indi on July 1, materializing in two groups at both the system's nadir and zenith jump points. Each group, one commanded by Admiral Braso and the second by Vice Admiral Mitchell Justin, proceeded towards the planet at their fastest pace. A day away from the planet, a drone ship sent a communications challenge to the flotilla. Unsurprisingly the SDS' access codes had been changed by Republican forces, so the flotilla's response was duly rejected. Computer specialists within the flotilla attempted to hack into the SDS but were foiled by the network's security systems. By the time both groups had come within range of the planet, 56 drone ships had assembled to repel them.[3]

In an effort to unload the Thirty-fourth Division unopposed onto the planet's surface, Admiral Braso ordered Vice Admiral Justin, commanding the cruiser SLS E. Presley, to send his group around the far side of the planet while hers bore the brunt of the fighting. As the engagement began, the drone ships used their speed and maneuverability to surprising effect by avoiding fire from the Admiral's flagship to concentrate on one of her destroyers, the SLS Rex. Attempting to retreat, the ship was quickly destroyed, and the drones began attacking the transports, destroying two of them before their attack was scattered by the flagship.[3]

In a desperation move, Admiral Braso ordered the transports to launch all of their DropShips and BattleMechs, hoping that flooding space with so many targets might distract the SDS. However, the drone ships were able to split into two groups, one to engage the WarShips while the other engaged the 'Mechs and DropShips, assisted by the ground-based weapon systems. The resulting melee was a massacre. Several of the WarShips, including the cruiser SLS Huston and Admiral Braso's flagship, were destroyed in kamikaze runs by drone ships. Of the transport group, only about 10% of the 'Mechs and DropShips reaching the planet's surface, before being overwhelmed by the Republican garrison.[3]


The entire Thirty-fourth Division, along with Admiral Braso's 568th Flotilla, was destroyed in the attack on Epsilon Indi. Of the planet's SDS, losses were minimal: several drone ships were lost in the kamikaze attacks, with at least two destroyed by lucky weapons fire from the flagship. News of the battle, as well as the Admiral's last transmission, was delivered by a trading vessel which had been watching from the safety of a jump point.[3]


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