Battle of Galtor (3025)

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Battle of Galtor (3025)
Part of Third Succession War
Start Date 25 May 3025
End Date 27 September 3025
Planet Galtor
Result Draconis Combine defeat
Draconis Combine Federated Suns
Commanders and leaders
Warlord Syovo Yorioshi
Warlord Grieg Samsonov
Margrave Sheridan Douglass
General Sir William Dobson
Forces involved
Benjamin Regulars
Galedon Regulars
Amphigean Light Assault Group
Kismet Battalion, Seventh Sword of Light
Draconis March Militia
Thirty-third Avalon Hussars
Fourth Crucis Lancers
Alpha Regiment, Twelfth Vegan Rangers
782nd Davion Guards Auxillary
Lone Wolves
Galtor Irregulars


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After taking heavy losses the Eighth Galedon Regulars were forced to withdraw. They pressed their technicians into service as a rear guard, forming the ad-hoc Galedon Tech Defense League, which due to their inexperience suffered ninety-one percent losses. Reeling from the resultant lack of technical teams the Combine forces on Galtor started refusing prisoner ransom and exchanges of captured noncombatants, a standard practice in the Succession Wars, and forced captured AFFS techs to work on Combine machines. Before they were to be moved off planet the [[MIIO] located the prison camp and planned an extraction. Instead of a straightforward VTOL or BattleMech rescue, Major Baum - with the approval of Acting-Director of MIIO Quintus Allard - devised a plan using twelve captured Combine Skulkers and other wheeled support vehicles transports. Moving out under cover of a diversionary assault, the Task Force Baum convoy met with initial success at stay clandestine they were eventually betrayed by false challenge and passwords planted by Combine counterintelligence. The convoy quickly lost five Skulkers and all support vehicles before shattering, only to be hunted down individually. Major Baum was captured and transported off world with the Techs he had tried to rescue.[1][2]

Tai-i Mandrake Matherson was a Wasp LAM pilot commanding the Special Air Lance of the Twelfth Dieron Regulars who located a cache of Star League armor in the warehouse. While this cache was only standard armor, it did allow Matherson to restore his WSP-105 to the original WSP-100 appearance. Combine propaganda meanwhile insinuated that it was recovered Ferro-Aluminum Armor that was undergoing tested for wider deployment.[3][4]

MechWarrior Michael Ferman was an LCT-1V Locust pilot with Second Battalion, First Amphigean Light Assault Group who earned renown for his indispensable scouting of Wuhan Pass, Wagnall Plains that helped the First keep losses from becoming extreme. Despite leaving with the survivors of the First on 10 September, his scouting of New Derry allowed remaining Combine forces to capture the city.[5][6]


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