Battle of Hall (3039)

Battle of Hall (3039)
Part of War of 3039
Start Date 12 December 3039
Planet Hall
Result The Marik Militia retreat under heavy losses.[1]
Federated Commonwealth
Free Worlds League
Commanders and leaders
Natasha Kerensky Colonel Jerome Merz[2]
Forces involved
Black Widow Battalion (Mercenary) Eighteenth Marik Militia


During the War of 3039, the Free Worlds League launched attacks against a small number of Federated Commonwealth planets. The Eighteenth Marik Militia landed on Hall uncontested. Jerome Merz, the commanding officer of the Eighteenth distributed imported commodities and delicacies to the people of Hall in an attempt to earn the goodwill of the population towards the Free Worlds League.[2]

On 24 December Natasha Kerensky issued what, unbeknownst to the Inner Sphere at the time, was the first taste of Clan style warfare including what was essentially a batchall and the Black Widow's organized as a Cluster.[2]

Units involved[edit]

Federated Commonwealth[edit]

Free Worlds League[edit]


The More Tales of the Black Widow scenario pack mentions the cities of Ravenskral and Budesburg as being the planetary capital and third largest city on the planet,[2] neither of these cities are mentioned again in other sourcebooks, with later books such as Historical: War of 3039, Touring the Stars: Hall and even the novel Embers of War establish Harney as the capital city.


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