Battle of Halstead Station (3014)

Battle of Halstead Station
Part of Third Succession War
Start Date 5 January 3014
Planet Halstead Station
Federated Suns
Draconis Combine
Commanders and leaders
First Prince Hanse Davion Coordinator Takashi Kurita

Battle of Halstead Station[edit]

Halstead Station first came to the attention of Prince Ian in 3012 when news of Coordinator Takashi's choice to build a supply depot was discovered. By building a supply depot so close to Davion lines, the DCMS would be able to deliver parts to their front line troops much more quickly. Prince Ian saw this as much of a threat as Coordinator Takashi saw it as a boon and quickly drew up plans to attack the planet. The death of Prince Ian caused the attack to be delayed, and Prince Hanse was advised to cancel the attack altogether. He knew however that there was a recently discovered university from the Star League Era. This changed the object of this raid to obtain documents, books, and memory storage devices from a recently uncovered Star League university.[1]

On January 4th, 3014, Hanse Davion landed on the planet with three 'Mech regiments. Although House Kurita had reinforced the planet after discovering the university, it still was not enough to keep the Davion forces from reaching the university. The Davion mechs punched their way into a sealed vault, and were pleased to discover a treasure trove of ancient books. With their forces under fire, they could only loot the books quickly, scooping them up in their 'Mechs hands, and dumping them in large sacks, then burning everything they couldn't loot. These books were later used to form the core library for the New Avalon Institute of Science.[1][2]

Units Involved[edit]

Federated Suns[edit]

Draconis Combine[edit]


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