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Battle of Marlette (3146)

Battle of Marlette
Part of The Dark Age
Start Date 13 August - 9 September 3146[1]
Planet Marlette
Result Federated Suns victory
Capellan Confederation Federated Suns
Clan Sea Fox
Commanders and leaders
Shaiming Tao (KIA)
Danai Liao-Centrella
Julian Davion
Forces involved
Second McCarron's Armored Cavalry

Third Tikonov Guards

Fourth St. Ives Sentinels

Warrior House Dai Da Chi

Ilsa Hyung (destroyed)
Task Force Panoply

First Kestrel Grenadiers

Fifth Crucis Lancers

Gamma Aimag

Various mercenary units

The Battle of Marlette was instigated by the Capellan Confederation in August 3146 with the objective of destroying the AFFS base on Marlette. The assault swiftly ran into difficulty as a result of greater-than-expected opposition, and ended in defeat for the Capellans and a ceasefire between the two nations.


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