Battle of Skye (2895)

Battle of Skye
Part of The Third Succession War
Start Date 2895
Planet Skye
Draconis Combine
Lyran Commonwealth
Forces involved
Seventeenth Skye Rangers
Eighth Donegal Guards
Narhal's Raiders
Twelve conventional regiments

In 2895, Archon Elizabeth Steiner sent the Eighth Donegal Guards to Skye, with Narhal's Raiders, and twelve armor and infantry regiments. The force assisted the Seventeenth Skye Rangers in their defense against the Draconis Combine in what would become known as Battle of Skye.[1] The Eighth, along with other forces that were sent, fought a fierce, 13 month battle for the planet. The battle was a huge success for the Lyran forces, but use of a tactical nuclear weapon against a strategically important dam and the many atrocities of the Lyran forces involved tarnished the victory.

The unit, while not involved in the use of nuclear weapons, was judged guilty of other atrocities during the Skye battle. As a result the officers of the unit are not considered gentlemen, and forbidden to use braids on their uniforms.[2]

The unit earned its nickname, 'Mud Wrestlers', at the battle of Coopers Creek on Skye, when an ambush on a Combine patrol degraded into close-combat in wetlands.[2]


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