Battle of Skytower City

Battle of Skytower City
Part of Battle of Luthien
Start Date 14 March 3074
Location Skytower City
Planet Luthien
Result 42nd Shadow Division victory
Commanders and leaders
Precentor Belial Tai-sa Shih Chou
Forces involved
42nd Shadow Division
9th Division
1st Genyosha
Otomo/Izanagi Warriors, 2nd Sword of Light (Loyalists)
dense urban
reclaimed forest

The Battle of Skytower City was a three-way engagement between the Word of Blake, DCMS Loyalists and the Kokuryu-kai to secure an important weapons engineer hiding in the Buda Weapons Skytower on Luthien during the Jihad.[1]



Buda Weapons Chief Researcher Hideoshi Yamika had smuggled his weapons team and himself onto Luthien in September 3073. His mission was to battlefield test a new weapons system, the Large X-Pulse Laser, that reportedly could alter the course of the war, of which ROM had learned. Under direction from the Word of Blake on Terra, the 42nd Shadow Division was to capture the Buda Weapons Skytower complex and secure Yamika for their own purposes. In order to wear down the defending Loyalist forces - comprised of the 1st Genyosha, Otomo, Izanagi Warriors and Samuari 2nd Sword of Light - the Word leaked information regarding Yamika's project to the Kokuryu-kai, anticipating following the Black Dragon's assault with one of their own.[1]

14 March 3074[edit]

The 42nd Shadow and 9th Divisions waited until the Kokuryu-kai's assault was well underway on 14 March 3074 before arriving within the city. Once ROM discovered where in the Buda Weapons Skytower complex Yamika was being hidden, it provided this information onto their unwitting Black Dragon accomplices. When the Loyalist defenses were deemed significantly weakened, the Blakists moved against both Kuritan forces, capturing Yamika and his team, as well as three working Large X-Pulse Laser prototypes. The scientist and the prototypes were moved out via DropShip to an unknown destination,[1] in the process heavily damaging Gannon's Cannons, who had been sent by Buda Weapons to rescue Hideoshi Yamika.[2]


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