Battle of Tamar (3051)

Battle of Tamar
Part of Operation REVIVAL
Start Date November 3051[1]
Planet Tamar
Result Clan Wolf victory
Clan Wolf[1]
Federated Commonwealth[1]
Commanders and leaders
saKhan Natasha Kerensky
Duke Selvin Kelswa III
Forces involved
13th Wolf Guards[1] 26th Lyran Guards[1]
Kelswa Guard[1]
Tamar War College Training Battalion[1]


Despite the protests of Duke Selvin Kelswa III, the government of the Federated Commonwealth refused to provide reinforcements to Tamar's defense to meet the coming invaders, citing the need to defend other worlds. Furious, Kelswa returned to Tamar City to prepare his own defenses, refusing to cooperate with any AFFC officials, even those of the Twenty-sixth Guards, despite their years of service as Tamar's principal defenders. On 7 November, 3051, saKhan Natasha Kerensky of Clan Wolf arrived in orbit over Tamar, leading the Wolves' Alpha Galaxy. The former command of Nicholas Kerensky, the Dire Wolves were arguably the premier formation in all the Clans, the elite of the elite. Marshal Joy Corelli accepted Kerensky's batchall, and arranged her defenses between the Clan landing zones and Tamar City. The first major clash between the two forces came at Shonick Dale, where the Wolves attempted to break through the Lyran lines of defense. Although they held for six hours against Kerensky, the Wolves' second attempt came at night and drove the Guards back amidst vicious fighting. Corelli reorganized at Smitton, a village north of the capital, organizing her troops in the thick forests to offset Clan air cover and their superior weapon ranges. Unfortunately, this allowed two Elemental head hunter stars to easily penetrate their lines, sowing confusion and chaos. When Alpha Galaxy attacked, they were forced to pull back once again. When they attempted to organize again at Tamar City, they were denied entry by Duke Kelswa, who by this point had gone mad. The 26th Guards reluctantly set up their defenses outside the city walls, awaiting the coming Wolves. The following day, the assault began with a series of air strikes, followed up with harrying attacks by the 13th Wolf Guards. With nowhere left to run, Corelli decided to preserve the remainder of her forces and retreat off-world. Offering transport to Kelswa, the Duke declined and would ultimately die with his men, but did send his daughter, Morasha Kelswa, along with the Guards. Steiner's Boots retreated to Kobe.[1][2] Not long thereafter, the Wolves attacked the capital, leading to the destruction of the Kelswa Guard and the Tamar War College Training Battalion, with both units fighting almost to the death. Duke Kelswa himself fell at the controls of his Atlas.[3] Despite the betrayal of Duke Kelswa, one of the Guards' armor units, the 343rd Tamar Heavy Armor Regiment, would serve as Duchess Morasha's honor guard in the years to come, and were permanently detached from the Twenty-sixth.[4]


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