Battle of Terra (3151)

Start Date 1 January 3151
End Date 14 April 3151
Planet Terra
  • Clans Wolf and Jade Falcon defeat Republic of the Sphere
  • Republic of the Sphere dissolved
  • ilClan Trial takes place
Wolf Empire
Clan Jade Falcon
Republic of the Sphere
Commanders and leaders
Khan Alaric Ward Khan Malvina Hazen Exarch Devlin Stone
Forces involved
Clan Wolf touman Clan Jade Falcon touman Republic Armed Forces

The Battle of Terra in early 3151 was a conflict fought between the Republic of the Sphere and the two Clans invading Terra in order to claim the mantle of ilClan and restore the Star League under Clan leadership. Fighting independently of one another, Clans Wolf and Jade Falcon between them crushed the RAF defenders of Terra after three and a half months of combat across humanity's birthworld. The battle ended with the Republic's surrender and dissolution, followed shortly after by the ilClan Trial between the victors.


The ilClan ideal[edit]

The concept of one Clan becoming the ilClan, paramount among the others, appeared early in Clan history in the writings of Nicholas Kerensky. However Kerensky himself never really outlined in detail how this status was to be attained, and the idea lapsed in Clan consciousness for over two centuries. When Operation REVIVAL was being planned, ilKhan Leo Showers and Jade Falcon Khan Elias Crichell built upon Kerensky's fragmentary notes to declare that whichever Clan "[set] foot on Terra in victory" would become supreme ruler over the others; likewise, its Khan would be ilKhan for life.[1]

During the invasion itself no agreement was reached as to how this was to determined: some Clans felt merely being first to land on Terra was sufficient, others claimed that in accordance with Clan custom only an undisputed conquest of Terra would be acceptable. In the event, the Clans' collective defeat on Tukayyid and subsequent halt to the invasion rendered the issue moot for several decades.[2]

Alaric Ward's ambition[edit]

From his earliest days in the sibko one ambitious Wolf warrior made it his life's work to fulfill his Clan's dream of seizing the mantle of ilClan. The future Khan Alaric Ward spent his first years as a warrior with detailed planning of invasion scenarios and assembling a team of other Clan warriors with expertise that he lacked, including fellow Wolf and sibkin Chance Vickers, naval prodigy Haake Sukhanov of Clan Snow Raven, and tactician Ramiel Bekker of Clan Ghost Bear.[3]

Following his election as Khan of Clan Wolf and the subsequent formation of the Wolf Empire in 3142, Alaric directed his Clan's energies towards carving a path towards Terra, still protected by the Fortress Republic barrier. By late 3150 Clan Wolf stood a single jump away from humanity's birthworld.[4]

Wolf scientists had long been stymied in their efforts to find a way for the Wolf fleet to pass through the Wall. On New Earth in October 3150, they received the final pieces of data required from an unknown source. Alaric Ward ordered two unmanned JumpShips to attempt a transit to the Terran system; upon their successful return on 6 November, Khan Ward set Operation Mercury in motion. This entailed assembling nearly all of Clan Wolf's fourteen Galaxies at New Earth, stripping the Wolf Empire bare of warriors for the assault. Allowing time for his touman to reach the final jump point just half a light year from Terra, Alaric set the date of Clan Wolf's invasion, named Operation NOSTOS, for New Year's Day, 3151.[5][6]

Malvina Hazen's drive on Terra[edit]

Rivals of Clan Wolf for over three centuries, Clan Jade Falcon had often sought to claim the mantle of ilClan for its own. In November 3150 Falcon Khan Malvina Hazen, who had up to this point been pursuing a war of conquest against the Lyran Commonwealth, learned of how close Clan Wolf was to striking at Terra. Abandoning her planned assault on Donegal, Hazen swiftly organized her warriors into three task forces and ordered them to secure a path to Terra. Crushing both Republic and Wolf forces in the process, the Chinggis Khan stood upon Rigil Kentarus as 3150 came to an end, virtually on Terra's doorstep.[7]

Unlike her rival, Malvina had been unable to assemble her entire touman for a single unified strike. Instead, those Galaxies already with her would hit first and hard, securing key objectives on Terra, while others would reinforce the Falcon war effort as they arrived. Unfortunately for Hazen, her scientists could not discover a way to breach the Wall and thus the Jade Falcons were forced to continue their preparations as the days went by.[5]

Phase One: The Wolf Invasion[edit]

Battle for the Terran System[edit]

At 0711 GMT, on 1 January 3151, the first Wolf vessels entered the Terran System at its nadir jump point. Foremost were the ships of Task Force Ostend, six heavily armored Piledriver-class assault DropShips crewed by aging solahma warriors. Seeking a glorious death, these Wolves bored in on the two naval defense stations guarding the nearby jump point, Forts Akkayev-Cameron and Monroe, and destroyed both at the cost of Ostend's entire force.[8]

Wolf WarShips, including the hallowed SLS McKenna's Pride, arrived at the same time, followed by the transports carrying the entirety of Clan Wolf's touman. RAF Admiral Jean-Jacques Labbé took his Task Force Hannibal to intercept this armada and end the invasion in space; in the resulting engagement the Wolf fleet under Star Admiral Sukhanov ultimately prevailed, opening the path to Terra.[9]

The next order of business for Sukhanov was securing the Titan Shipyards for his Clan. Despite meeting heavier than expected resistance from Warwick Station and the local aerospace forces, the Wolves' Task Force Hyperion accomplished its objective, leaving the remaining RAF naval assets in the system devoid of repair facilities.[10]

Ignoring RAF defenses on Mars, Luna and elsewhere in the Terran system, the Wolf fleet headed directly for Terra. Only four of the twelve orbital platforms around Terra were attacked and destroyed or neutralized; this was sufficient to clear the orbital-insertion lanes for the Wolves' intended landing zone. Devlin Stone had expected a formal batchall from any Clan opponent invading Terra, but when he contacted Alaric Ward to arrange a series of Tukayyid-style Trials the Wolf Khan simply informed him that no such Trials would be fought. Ward's understanding was that the Republic would fight with all of their available forces so Clan Wolf would do likewise, and winner take all.[11][12]

W-Hour and subduing Australia[edit]

On 10 January the entire Wolf invasion force made landfall in central Australia, with 09:17 TST becoming known as "W-Hour, T-Day". Ordering his Wolves to begin deployment, Alaric was instead informed by Chance Vickers that none would move until he had become the first Wolf to set foot on Terran soil. The Khan did so, and the Wolves began fanning out to secure the Australian cities of Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.[12]

This attack on one relatively small region blindsided the RAF High Command, who had expected any Clanners to strike at key targets across Terra and deployed the Republic's units accordingly in fortified redoubts. Nonetheless Australia had not been left utterly defenseless; the Redburn Guards under Paladin Damien Redburn had been training in Perth and were able to swiftly move against the Wolves. Attempting to buy time for reinforcements to arrive, Redburn and his troops mounted hit-and-run attacks against Khan Ward and Beta Galaxy while steadily falling back towards Perth. But the RAF High Command already considered Australia a lost cause and the Redburn Guards were ultimately cornered and wiped out in Perth while Redburn himself was downed and then escaped to Geneva.[13]

Meanwhile Garner Kerensky led Alpha and Delta Galaxies against Redoubt Sydney, which had been heavily fortified and whose garrison included a battalion of Hansen's Roughriders, veteran anti-Clan fighters. After two days of Kerensky's force struggling against Sydney's defenses and the Roughriders, Alaric dispatched his tactician Ramiel Bekker to end the stalemate. Using aerospace fighter Stars to smash a path through the defenses, Bekker gave the Wolf warriors the means to break into Sydney. The Roughriders, caught between Delta in the city and the newly arrived Epsilon Galaxy to the west, broke out towards Melbourne while the First New South Wales Militia was eventually cornered in Sydney Harbour. A few escaped into the Pacific Ocean while the rest were crushed. The Roughriders were chased to the south until caught in Mittagong; after a fierce battle a company's worth of survivors surrendered[14]

On T-Day Chance Vickers took Epsilon and Gamma Galaxies against Melbourne. The Third Principes Guards and First Melbourne Militia, the former with previous experience fighting the Wolves and the latter utilizing knowledge of their home city, managed to hold out for two days before the city fell. Vickers then led Epsilon north to support Garner Kerensky's forces in Sydney.[15]

The Wolves faced one last act of resistance before Australia could be considered secure. The Ghost Knight Justin Hall led a band of insurgents in two attacks on Wolf supply lines. Spurred by these "dishonorable" strikes at noncombatants and supplies, Alaric Ward moved on the town of Atitjere where the guerrillas were sheltering and gave its inhabitants an hour to leave. When that time elapsed Alaric broadcast across Terra the razing of the town, stating that Terra's defenders would fight openly or other settlements would pay for their deceit with the loss of housing and infrastructure, though innocents would be given the chance to evacuate first. With this act, Alaric declared Australia secured.[16][17]

Taking Southeast Asia[edit]

After swiftly seizing Papua New Guinea and its airfields on January 15, the Wolves struck at the Asian mainland that same day. Their DropShips ferried them to Ho Chi Minh City, from which the Wolves advanced toward Hanoi. Damage from guerrilla attacks by RAF soldiers grew rapidly, as the Tenth Republic Militia made good use of the Vietnamese jungles to ambush the Wolves. Alaric's solution to this was simple and direct: he ordered 'Mechs and aerospace fighters armed with incendiary weapons to begin burning the jungle down. Deprived of their chief advantage, the Tenth's soldiers fled deeper into the jungle, their ultimate fate unknown.[18]

With Vietnam secured, Alaric split his forces into two groups. Chance Vickers led one force into Cambodia and Thailand while Alaric and Garner Kerensky made for Redoubt Hong Kong. The latter group reached Hong Kong without meeting opposition along the way but were then stymied for two days as the Wolves chipped away at the RAF defenses manned by the mobile and hard-hitting 102nd Republic Armored Regiment. On January 21 the Clan warriors effected a breakthrough into Hong Kong proper, eventually trapping most of the 102nd's remnants and forcing their surrender. Those survivors who managed to flee were allowed to do so by Alaric's order, to demonstrate his willingness to fight the Republic's defenders fairly.[19]

Chance Vickers led her force west from Vietnam on January 16. Little resistance was encountered in Cambodia, although one act of poisoning led Alaric to order the Wolves to live off their own supplies until local foodstuffs were cleared, slowing the Wolf advance somewhat. The next day the Wolves entered Thailand, where the Thai Tigers struck Epsilon Galaxy with hit-and-run strikes using inferno missiles. This kind of fighting cost the Wolves heavily as they advanced along the coast, until Chance arranged for the Tigers to be caught in a hammer-and-anvil trap using herself as a decoy for Alaric.[20]

India and China[edit]

Pushing onward into India, Vickers led her troops against Redoubt Bangalore on January 14. Fortified equally in all directions, Bangalore's defenders included the First Gurkha Rifle Regiment and it was primarily their efforts, along with constant air strikes by RAF fighters, which dealt Gamma Galaxy a bloody nose in their initial attack on the city and stalled the Wolves for four days. Vickers finally secured the city on January 18, after a massive aerial battle that neutralized the local RAF aerospace force and allowed the Wolves to breach the defenses, although the Gurkhas escaped.[21]

In China Devlin Stone sent in the Republic's first counterattack since the Wolves had landed on Terra. As Alaric and Garner Kerensky led their Galaxies towards Shanghai, Task Force Heron, centered on the Fourteenth Hastati Sentinels and led by Paladin Tyrina Drummond, slammed into the Wolves' lead elements on January 26. Drummond then attempted to draw Alaric into an ambush but the Wolf Khan saw through her ploy and Ramiel Bekker orchestrated a different stratagem. Two Clusters under Star Colonel Kalidessa Kerensky struck the Republic forces from multiple directions; in order to fool their opponents into thinking they were a larger force these warriors utilized different paint schemes between each strike. Drummond discerned this just before the rest of Tau and Beta Galaxies attacked the Fourteenth Hastati after advancing through the Yellow River to remain hidden.[22]

Only a sacrificial rear guard allowed Drummond to extricate the remainder of her forces, and Task Force Heron withdrew towards Zhengzhou. On February 3 Kalidessa Kerensky's two Clusters effected a hammer-and-anvil attack that trapped Heron between them and the main Wolf force. In the battle that raged in Zhengzhou's suburbs Paladin Drummond was killed leading a charge against the enemy, and the demoralized RAF survivors surrendered.[22]

Taking Stock[edit]

Paladin Drummond's defeat and the loss of Task Force Heron was a blow to the RAF High Command. Despite the fact that they had devastated one Wolf Galaxy and damaged two others, these losses weren't anywhere near sufficient to cripple Alaric's offensive. Worse yet, eastern Eurasia was now practically defenseless as only local militia remained to defend the area. Nonetheless, Devlin Stone felt that his strategy was working, as the Wolves seemed willing to expend warriors and resources taking the Redoubts he'd established - a war of attrition that would likely end with Alaric Ward's defeat.[23]

Then on February 4, a new enemy entered the battle for Terra and threw Stone's plans into disarray.[23]

Phase Two: The Falcon Descent[edit]

News of Clan Jade Falcon's arrival in the Terran system was initially met with cautious optimism by Devlin Stone and the RAF High Command. Believing that the Wolves and Falcons would inevitably fight one another, Stone offered a ceasefire with the Wolves so they could each concentrate on destroying Malvina Hazen. Alaric not only summarily dismissed the proposal but stunned the Exarch by revealing that he had given Hazen the means to bypass the Wall.[24][25]

Unlike Clan Wolf, Hazen's Operation BIRTHRIGHT called for a staggered deployment of the Jade Falcon touman. The five Galaxies already mustered at Rigil Kentarus struck first, and the Falcons' remaining seven Galaxies arrived later at various times in the fighting.[26]

Clearing the way to Terra[edit]

Jumping in at Terra's zenith point on January 21, the Falcon WarShips were immediately pummeled by a capital missile barrage and an aerospace fighter swarm from the Fort Grec defense station, joined shortly after by the RAF Navy's Task Force Atilla. The Jade Falcon fleet survived these attacks and went on the offensive, destroying Fort Grec and driving off the Republic fleet at the cost of two of their own WarShips and a number of troop-carrying DropShips.[27]

Khan Hazen pressed onward to secure Mars rather than strike directly at Terra. Taking the red planet would give more elements of her touman time to join her, and also prevent Martian-based RAF fighters and DropShips from attacking inbound Falcon warriors and supplies when they arrived. Two Clusters from Gamma Galaxy won the right to claim their Clan's first conquest in the Terran system, and upon landing on January 30 proceeded to engage Stone's Defenders in the Ulysses Fossae. Exhibiting both the swarming maneuverability and the brutality of the Mongol Doctrine, the Falcons crushed them in three days along with the War Academy of Mars' faculty and graduating students. Per Khan Hazen's orders, the Falcon warriors executed the latter and razed three nearby cities as punishment for the Republic's resistance.[28]

Falcon landings in France[edit]

The first Falcon warriors landed on Terra on February 4, with Malvina Hazen - by her express orders - being the first to walk on Terran soil. Contrary to the RAF High Command's expectations, Khans Hazen and Ward made a tacit agreement to avoid battling one another until the Republic had been crushed. In Malvina Hazen's mind the mere fact that Alaric Ward had given her the means to join the battle on Terra signified his admission that her Mongol Doctrine was necessary for victory, and she fully intended to demonstrate the truth of her ideology to all.[29][25]

In another unexpected move, the Falcons established their landing site in northeastern France hours away from any significant objective. Vau Galaxy advanced west against Paris while Hazen led four other Galaxies towards the Republic capital in Geneva. An aggressive attack on Paris, intended to result in a swift victory for Vau Galaxy, instead foundered against the extensive defenses of Redoubt Normandy which the Falcons had underestimated. Countess Tara Campbell and her elite Northwind Highlanders battalion led the local militia in repelling the Falcons at every turn, and by February 7 Vau Galaxy's commander Christina Buhallin had adopted a more methodical and less costly approach while she and her increasingly frustrated warriors awaited reinforcements.[30]


Khan Hazen meanwhile led four Galaxies against the Republic's capital, aiming for a decapitation strike that would destroy the Republic's leadership in one blow. Beginning in the final hours of February 4, the Falcons tried cracking Redoubt Geneva's defenses by all-out assault, only to be forced into laying siege to the fortress instead. After four days of the Falcons probing Geneva's defenses, Gamma Galaxy won the right to attempt another breakthrough. Striking at the Redoubt's seemingly weakest point Gamma fought its way into the spaceport, only to be attacked and repulsed by Stone's Lament.[31]

On February 9 Alpha and Epsilon Galaxies effected a successful capture of the spaceport before stalling at the next defensive barrier. The heavy tanks of the 122nd Armored Division halted the Falcons there, but then fell prey to a feigned withdrawal and orbital bombardment by the Turkina's Pride when they attempted to reclaim the spaceport. Over the next nine days the Falcons forced their way through the city as the battle turned into a vicious street fight, with the Tenth Hastati Sentinels, 122nd Armored and fixed defenses bleeding the Falcons despite the latter's liberal use of orbital bombardment. Rho Galaxy arrived on February 20 but lost three DropShips to Tenth Hastati fighters before the rest of them could join Epsilon in repelling a Hastati attack on the spaceport.[32]

Germany and Redoubt Normandy[edit]

After Stephanie Chistu failed to secure a decisive breakthrough at Geneva with her Delta Galaxy, Khan Hazen dispatched Chistu to deal with the RAF units positioned in nearby Germany. Delta encountered its first major enemy force outside Frankfurt on February 17. Chistu's warriors smashed the defending 110th Assault Regiment's command company and captured a Knight for interrogation, but, not wanting to get bogged down in a street fight, she then directed Delta Galaxy north towards Bonn and awaited new orders pending Geneva's fall.[33]

Resisting the temptation to settle her personal score with Tara Campbell, Malvina Hazen instead dispatched the newly arrived Zeta Galaxy to assist Vau in cracking the Normandy/Paris defenses. Disagreements between the Falcon Galaxy Commanders led to Zeta attacking the Normandy part of the Redoubt while Vau chipped away at the Paris section. This divided effort enabled the Highlanders to carry out two deep-strikes behind Vau's lines where they seized the Falcon artillery and briefly turned the weapons on the Clan warriors before destroying the ammunition stockpiles and then the launchers themselves. Zeta experienced more success; by March 2 it had broken through the first three layers of Redoubt Normandy, though the Republic defenses held.[34]

Caucasus Setback and the Four Horsemen[edit]

Pushing into Georgia on February 2, Chance Vickers and her forces initially ran into light resistance from local militia. While Vickers suspected the Republic was setting a trap, a lack of aerial recon (due to fears of Wolf-Falcon clashes) enabled a RAF force entrenched in the mountains to ambush her warriors. Rumors that Devlin Stone was present in the nearby RAF command bunker spurred the Wolves into grinding forward, and the fighting bogged down into stalemate before Republic operatives severely damaged the Wolves' supply depots. Vickers ordered her warriors to retreat on February 5 and moved against Turkey and Greece instead, and while Republic media greatly exaggerated the scope of its victory, the indisputable fact that RAF troops had defeated Clan warriors in open combat gave a morale boost to Stone's soldiers around the world.[35]

Hoping to capitalize upon this victory, Stone ordered Operation Four Horsemen to commence on February 9. Smashing through the two Wolf solahma Clusters left to defend the area, Task Force Four Horsemen moved through the Caucasus down to the Persian Gulf a day later, cutting the Wolf army in Greece from its supply lines and comrades. Ordered to proceed to Redoubt Bangalore - and thereby slow or halt the Wolves' advance by sitting on their logistics tail - the Task Force was ambushed in the Kirthar Mountains in Pakistan by Ramiel Bekker and his Tactical Response Cluster. Specifically targeting the RAF's superheavy BattleMechs, Bekker's warriors eventually destroyed the Task Force and claimed several of the superheavies and bondsmen. Following this, Bekker took his TRC to join Vickers in Greece.[36]

From Mongolia to Unity City[edit]

Dispatching Garner Kerensky's force west to take European Russia, Alaric moved north into Mongolia. Initial probing attacks from the Mongolian Cavaliers resulted in no major fighting at first but when a Wolf 'Mech accidentally "polluted" the sacred Tuul River on February 8, the furious militia triggered an all-out battle against the Wolves. After two days Alaric had trapped and forced the surrender of the Mongolian troopers, leaving eastern Siberia open to the Wolves.[37]

Bypassing Japan's powerful but immobile garrison, Alaric Ward took his two Galaxies to the eastern tip of Russia and arranged for a DropShip deployment across the Bering Strait. The flight into Alaska on February 14 was costly with several Wolf DropShips being downed by Republic anti-air defenses, and the remaining Hansen's Roughriders attacked those Wolves who landed near Anchorage. Loss of radio contact with their Khan led to rumors of Alaric's death among the Wolves, but this only inspired them to fight harder first against the Roughriders and then a new mercenary force, the Gray Gunny Lancers, that struck their flanks. An attack by an unidentified Star Commander piloting a Stormwolf slew the Lancers' commander, Lieutenant Commander Evan Blackford, following which the surviving Lancers and Roughriders withdrew on Devlin Stone's orders. The Stormwolf pilot turned out to be none other than Alaric, but his victory had been a costly one - his two best Clusters sustained heavy casualties.[38]

The remaining Wolf warriors marched south along the Pacific coast as the Republic watched and waited to see where they would strike next. In the evening of February 19 the Wolves reached their goal: Unity City, former capital of the Star League. Though of negligible military value, it was a politically important objective that bolstered Alaric Ward's claim to the ilClanship.[39]

Africa and South America[edit]

As Malvina continued her assault on Geneva, newly arrived Falcon warriors were deployed to seize the Sinai Peninsula and cut Africa off from Republic and Wolf forces. On February 15 most of Iota Galaxy landed in western Sinai and were immediately attacked by the Alexandrian Defense Force under Knight Raul Ortega. Two hours into the fight the Fifth Talon Cluster debarked west of Alexandria and swiftly took the city. Hoping to avoid civilian losses, Ortega led his force deeper into the Sinai. Expecting a trap, Galaxy Commander Ernest Binetti had his warriors proceed cautiously.[40]

Despite Binetti's efforts the Falcons found themselves repeatedly ambushed by RAF armor and aerospace assets, prompting Binetti to lead an attack on February 19 against the RAF airbase at Khartoum which obliterated the Republic's local air power. On the ground Ortega initially proved more successful in evading Falcon attempts to destroy his unit, but after a lengthy pursuit down the Nile Ortega's surviving troops were cornered in Juba on February 24. Following a duel with a Falcon warrior, Ortega was captured and the rest of his company executed. Intended for delivery to Malvina Hazen, Ortega would disappear from Falcon custody ten days later.[40]

Binetti led Iota Galaxy onward to South Africa, where his Seventh Mixed Cluster was ambushed and mauled by two local militia units, the Lions and the Pride of Zululand. Despite this initial victory a subsequent attempt to trap Iota failed and resulted in the routing of both militia regiments, leaving the Falcons in control of Africa.[40]

For her part, Stephanie Chistu found herself and Delta Galaxy snubbed by Khan Hazen when she received orders not to join the assault on Geneva but instead to take Brazil. Landing in the Amazon on March 4, Chistu and Delta Galaxy attacked Redoubt Sao Paolo simultaneously from three directions, only to be stymied by the Thirty-first Republic Infantry Division who manned the city's defenses. On March 7 the Thirty-first's BattleMech regiment hit the Falcons' rear but Chistu's counterattack broke the unit and resulted in its CO's capture. Taking him as her bondsman, Chistu got him to order the remaining defenders to abandon their equipment and escape into the jungles, thus avoiding their execution as prisoners of war as per Khan Hazen's orders. By her victory and her actions, Chistu had triumphed without adhering to Hazen's Mongol Doctrine.[40]

Phase Three: The Republic's Defeat[edit]

The fall of Solitude[edit]

Falcon's Lambda Galaxy landed in North America on T+45, assaulting Redoubt Amarillo. The Falcons suffered heavy losses, but with the massive use of air strikes and even Orbital Bombardment, they finally took their objective, though most of the defenders escaped. Finally, Malvina's assaults on Geneva managed to break the Republic's spine. To stop the Falcon's orbital attacks, all that remained of the Republic's war fleet was destroyed attacking the Falcons orbital assets. Finally, on T+53, Geneva fell, and with it Command Post Solitude: the Republic's supreme command center. All captured defenders were executed, but Stone had managed to escape.[41]

However, they didn't win everywhere: Tau Galaxy disembarked in Japan on T+51, but they did it in too many places. They encountered a fanatical resistance, and they were totally annihilated, being later de facto erased from the Falcon's history for their defeat.[42]

Desperate Measures[edit]

A desperate Stone launched his last gamble: Operation NIGHTHAWK. Using captured Falcon and Wolf 'Mechs, a special unit led by Paladin Damien Redburn engaged the Wolf and Falcon command units, posing as the other Clan. They were all annihilated, on the brink of success... but failed anyway: they managed to kill the Wolf SaKhan Garner Kerensky, and severely wounded Malvina Hazen, Alaric Ward and General Chance Vickers.[43]

However, they succeeded in crippling both Clan's leaders. As expected by Stone, Falcons and Wolves blamed each other, and began attacking each other... but it was a brief one: Chance managed to contact the falcon Stephanie Chistu, explaining her the truth. The fight ceased, before resuming, but against the Republic. Now, even the Wolves were enraged, and quickly managed to take Reboubt Paris.[44]

Endgame in Europe[edit]

Meeting with Malvina Hazen, Alaric informed her that his forces had taken a secret facility in Antarctica, which controlled Fortress Wall. The Republic's attempts to retake it failed with heavy losses, but Stone's fears that the Wolves would deactivate the Wall, allowing more Clans to join them on Terra, never came to pass. In the same meeting, Malvina gave Alaric the right to finish the conquest of Europe. She may have expected the Wolves to take heavy losses in so doing, but was swiftly proven wrong.[45] By then, the Republic only controlled Reboubt Normandy and the British Isles. Refusing to frontally attack the defenses, Alaric yet again proved a cunning strategist by drawing the bulk of Normandy defenders elsewhere. Knowing the ties the Northwind Highlanders had with Scotland, he unleashed his Wolves there and issued a batchall to Tara Campbell. The Highlanders took the bait, engaging the Clanners in the town of Dumfries. The Highlander assault managed to crush the Wolf defenses and even defeat Alaric itself... but they found soon themselves surrounded. To save her people of certain annihilation, Tara surrendered to Alaric, becoming his bondsman and taking the Highlanders out of the battle. Soon after, Redoubt Normandy fell to the Wolves, as did the remaining British Isles, though once again Devlin Stone seemed to have slipped through Alaric's grasp.[46]

North America Campaign[edit]

By then, the Republic only controlled parts of Europe and Africa, and partially North America, and there moved the bulk of the Falcons and Wolves. Malvina led the assault on Redoubt Los Angeles, and there she received the assault of the Old Guard, his best elite unit, to attack the Raptor Keshik. Their orders were specifically to kill Malvina, to ensure she never win the IlClanship. Their assault tore into Falcon lines, and they managed to down Hazen's 'Mech and severely wound her again... but suffered so many losses than were forced to retreat, and they were hunted and killed to a man.[47]

Soon after, the Wolves easily took Iceland, before disembarking in Eastern Canada, taking Montreal. In Toronto they found unexpected resistance. Believing Stone could be there, the Wolves attacked there, defeating the Republic defenders, but later were unable to find him.[48]

Meanwhile, the Falcons' Omega Galaxy took Reboubt Panama, which Canal was sabotaged and rendered unusable, and later advanced north to Mexico, while the Wolf general Chance Vickers quickly cleaned of Republic forces all Europe, landing on Northern Africa, crushing in Marrakesh all Republic defenders.[49]

The still wounded Malvina, after taking Redoubt Los Angeles, moved the Falcons to Toledo, Kentucky, where the last remnants of Republic forces were gathering. The attacking Clanners suffered heavy losses, but managed to slaughter most of the defenders. They were searching for Stone, and when they didn't find it, they were so enraged than killed any Republic defender, without exceptions. They ignored the fact than Stone wasn't simply able to fight anymore, due to his weakening health.[50]

The End of a Dream[edit]

In T+92, Stone, which was on his last base, Command Post Rouge, had to admit the Republic cannot continue fighting. With their units shattered, to fight on simply will cost more lives. He contacted Alaric and offered to surrender to him, but the wolf refused: Stone had to surrender to both, he and Malvina. Stone reluctantly agreed, but only with the condition than the surrendered ones won't be executed. Hazen had to accept, and on T+95, 14 April, Devlin surrendered.[51]


Stone's surrender put an end to the Republic's existence, on Terra and outside... but for both Clans, it was only a pause; right after, Malvina and Alaric discussed the terms of the final battle to decide the ilClanship, the ilClan Trial. Clan Wolf was reinforced using captured Republic 'Mechs, including several Areses and mobilizing Republic bondsmen, which helped them to achieve victory.[52]



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