Battle of Twycross (3050)

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This article is about the battle during the Clan Invasion. For the scenario pack, see The Battle for Twycross.

Battle of Twycross (Clan Invasion)
Part of The Clan Invasion
Start Date 10 September 3050
Location The Plain of Curtains
The Great Gash
Planet Twycross
Result Commonwealth victory
Commonwealth retakes the planet Twycross
Federated Commonwealth Clan Jade Falcon
Commanders and leaders
Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Allard
Victor Steiner-Davion
Star Colonel Adler Malthus
Forces involved
Kell Hounds
(Two Regiments)
10th Lyran Guards RCT
9th FedCom RCT
Falcon Guards
Jade Falcon Eyrie
Flatlands, Canyons

The Battle of Twycross was the counterassault by the Federated Commonwealth against Clan Jade Falcon on the recently conquered world of Twycross in September 3050. A key moment in the original Clan Invasion and the first instance of Inner Sphere forces defeating the Clan invaders, the battle became most famous for the destruction of the Jade Falcon Guards at the hands of Kai Allard-Liao.


In March 3050, Clan Jade Falcon struck the coreward-facing worlds in the Lyran half of the Federated Commonwealth, easily sweeping aside all resistance. Time and again, the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth and their mercenary troops were pushed aside in the face of invaders using advanced equipment and heretofore unseen tactics.

The First Battle of Twycross[edit]

In June, the planet Twycross in the Tamar March came under attack by the elite Falcon Guards, one of the most skilled Clusters in all of the Clans with a history dating back to the Culling. Although a nominally important world, Twycross was defended only by the Twycross TMM of the Tamar March Militia, a green unit under the command of Leftenant-General John Cicero. Although they were completely outclassed in every part of the campaign, the militia was able to go to ground, engaging in guerrilla warfare and prolonging the conflict for three weeks before being completely destroyed, fanatically fighting to the last man. More importantly, General Cicero was able to evacuate a handful of surviving soldiers and refugees, along with a wealth of valuable information about the Falcons' 'Mechs, equipment, tactics and capabilities.[1][2][3]

Planning the Counterattack[edit]

By mid-June, the AFFC was preparing a response to the invasion. Under the overall command of Morgan Hasek-Davion, Marshal of the Armies, more than a dozen crack 'Mech regiments and Regimental Combat Teams gathered on Sudeten. Hasek-Davion quickly formed a command staff, including Leftenant-General Andrew Redburn of the Kathil Uhlans, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Allard, Major Christian Kell of the Kell Hounds, and Brevet General Ariana Winston of the Eridani Light Horse. Joining this august body of accomplished senior officers were two younger soldiers: Kommandant Victor Steiner-Davion, Heir-designate to the throne of the united Federated Commonwealth, had lost his command on Trell I where he had served with the 12th Donegal Guards RCT, and after escaping had been transferred to the 10th Lyran Guards RCT. Leftenant Kai Allard-Liao was an unproven warrior of incredible talent and impeccable lineage. Steiner-Davion and Allard-Liao, along with Hauptmann Galen Cox, formed the core of the Junior Officer Strategy Group, identifying the strengths and potential weaknesses of the Clan forces. Realizing the immense difficulty of identifying where the invaders would strike next, it was decided to respond with a counterattack. Twycross was identified early on as an ideal candidate for an attack for a number of important reasons. First, thanks to General Cicero and the sacrifices made by the Twycross TMM, the AFFC had a wealth of information regarding the Jade Falcon attack on the planet. Second, it was realized that if they engaged the Clans in the legendary Diabolis, a massive continuous sandstorm, it would help neutralize the range advantage the Clan 'Mechs had enjoyed. Third, Twycross boasted impressive military-industrial facilities in Trellshire Heavy Industries that would support the AFFC forces in the event the Jade Falcons counterattacked. Fourth, as most of the planet's civilian population lived underground, the risk of collateral damage was minimized. Fifth, Twycross was ideally suited to serve as a launching point for follow-up attacks on the Falcons' occupation zone. Finally there were the political concerns. By retaking an important world from the old Tamar Pact, it would undercut any attempts by Duke Ryan Steiner of Skye to claim that the alliance was failing to protect Lyran worlds. It was estimated that less than a regiment of second-line Clan 'Mechs defended the planet, and an overwhelming force should be able to succeed. At the very least, the Commonwealth would gain even more of information about the Clans. Marshal Hasek-Davion ultimately approved the plan Steiner-Davion and Allard-Liao had presented him.[4][5][6][7][8]


The Kell Hounds, one of the elite mercenary commands in the Inner Sphere, would represent the linchpin of the attack force. Both the First and Second regiments were highly skilled and decorated formations, with elements of the Second having already faced Clan Wolf on Verthandi in May. Overall command of the entire task force would lay with the Hounds' commander, Lieutenant Colonel Allard, one of the most accomplished officers in the Inner Sphere.[9][10] On Morgan Hasek-Davion's orders, the Hounds were compensated beforehand for any losses incurred during the operation.[11][12]

The Tenth Lyran Guards RCT would play a key role as well. Technically considered an inexperienced unit, the Guards nevertheless boasted a history among the most prestigious regiments in the Commonwealth's history, staffed by many talented (if untested) soldiers including Victor Steiner-Davion and Kai Allard-Liao. The young Prince desperately sought to prove himself against the enemies that had forced him off Trellwan.[13] With the Guards' supporting regiments, the operation would have ample conventional assets to succeed. Although Steiner-Davion would hold command of the Guards in the field, Leftenant-General Milstein would have operational command of the Tenth Lyran, with the responsibility of pulling the Archon-Prince-designate out if the situation turned against the AFFC forces, much to Steiner-Davion's dismay.[12][14]

Filling out the AFFC task force was the 9th FedCom RCT. The Ninth would be deploying in the Diabolis, using the storm for cover. They were well suited to this task, having trained in harsh storms in the Kimball system.[15] The Ninth would have the key task of planting vibrabombs and 'Mech decoys around their landing spot in an effort to draw the Falcons into the sandstorms on the Plain of Curtains, ultimately luring them into an assault by the rest of the task force.[12][16]

Meanwhile on Twycross, however, an accident of fate would place the Commonwealth plans in great jeopardy. Although second-line troops, the Jade Falcon Eyrie Cluster, had arrived on Twycross, the destruction of a Falcon ammunition depot by the last remnants of the Twycross TMM led Star Colonel Adler Malthus to delay his departure, concerned that more Commonwealth forces were still active. In the meantime, the Diabolis sandstorm grounded the Falcon Guard DropShips, forcing them to miss their JumpShip connection and stranding them on the planet until more JumpShips were available. The additional presence of a frontline Cluster, let alone an elite formation such as the Falcon Guards, would give the Jade Falcons a potential decisive edge in the coming battle.[17][18][19][20][21][22] The Jade Falcon Eyrie, as expected, was made up primarily of Inner Sphere 'Mechs, either left over from the Star League Defense Force or taken during the Invasion as salvage, upgraded with Clan weapons but not the same quality of materials.[23]


The Battle of Twycross

Using a Pirate Jump Point, the AFFC task force made their landing on 10 September, 3050.[24][25][26] Early on, the operation went well for the AFFC forces. The Kell Hounds and the Lyran Guards landed amidst a raging sandstorm on the Plain of Curtains. The Ninth FC RCT successfully deployed, planting the decoys and vibrabombs. They used the cover of the Diabolis to prepare to smash the Jade Falcons once the battle had been joined. The First Kell Hounds took up position on the Plain, supported by the Lyran Guard armor regiments. There, they would effectively give challenge to the Falcon garrison forces, and would be boxed in after the Diabolis - and the hidden Ninth FC - blew in from the north. The Second Kell Hounds held the left flank of the First to the west in the Sharktooth Mountains, where they could readily advance into the Plain. The bulk of the Tenth Lyran Guards' 'Mech Regiment was held in reserve in the Cloisters, ready to support the First Hounds directly or to reinforce either flank. Once the Falcons entered the plain, all four Inner Sphere regiments could surround them, cutting them off from reinforcement or retreat and destroying them at will. One 'Mech unit from the Tenth Guards, Jungblud's company, had been sent to defend the Great Gash, a narrow canyon passage through the Windbreak Mountains, along with much of the Tenth's infantry assets. The Gash was critical as it was feared that if the Clansmen pushed through from the passage, they could attack the task force from behind. As a contingency against that, the plan called for pentaglycerine explosives to be implanted within the walls of the Gash, and could be blown if necessary.[27][28] The Tenth Guards' scouts reported the Falcon garrison force (later identified as the Jade Falcon Eyrie) appeared to have taken the bait and were headed towards the plain.[29] They further confirmed that most of the Falcon 'Mechs were, indeed, second-line machines, although a handful of OmniMechs were observed.[30] Meanwhile, due to the Diabolis storm moving into the area, the Guards lost contact with Jungblud's company, which was believed to be in combat. Kommandant Steiner-Davion sent Leftenant Allard-Liao and his medium lance to Sector 0227 to assess the situation, where a mobile hospital was stationed, administered by Doctor Deirdre Lear. The hospital had a communications landline, and would be unaffected by the weather.[31] The First Kell Hounds also deployed a lance to picket the rear of the AFFC formation, ensuring they'd have warning if the Falcons broke through.[32]

The Great Gash[edit]

Kai Allard-Liao challenges the Falcon Guards
I am Kai Allard-Liao. I am a killer of men. This pass is mine to ward. I offer those who wish to challenge me a warrior's death, but I beg an indulgence of those who would accept my offer. Your smaller companions have forced me to exhaust my autocannon ammunition and they destroyed one of my lasers. I have only this club with which to defend myself. I will kill you all, alone or in groups.
  — Kai Allard-Liao challenges the Falcon Guards on Twycross[33]

Unbeknownst to the AFFC, the Falcon Guards had remained based in Camora near the starport, still awaiting transport off Twycross. Surprised by the counterattack on the planet, they pushed towards the Great Gash, intending to attack the Inner Sphere troops from behind.[34] In less than an hour, the Falcons, led by their Trinary Alpha, had easily destroyed Jungblud's reinforced Lyran company, although the Falcon Guards remained unaware that explosives that had been set in the Gash. Star Colonel Malthus had dispensed with patrols and boldly pushed ahead into the passage, only sending his Elementals ahead to clean out the Lyran infantry. The armored Clan warriors made short work of the AFFC troopers, scattering the soldiers and damaging a number of APCs. Perhaps most important, the Elementals killed Leftenant Kroger, who carried with him the detonator for the explosives his platoon had planted. The Falcon Guard 'Mechs continued their march into the Gash, expecting little further resistance.[35][36][37][38]

Meanwhile, Leftenant Allard-Liao and his lance had arrived in Sector 0227 on the other side of the Gash. Allard-Liao was piloting a Hatchetman during the campaign, as his personal 'Mech, Yen-Lo-Wang, had never been routed to Sudeten due to a bureaucratic error.[39][40] The young AFFC officer found the situation dire, as the Lyran infantry was being overrun, and the field hospital itself was threatened. Allard-Liao ordered his lancemates to help evacuate the infantry while he fended off the Elementals. Doctor Lear vigorously protested the relocation of her field hospital, as she had many wounded who would die if they weren't stabilized. Realizing he would never convince her of the situation, Allard-Liao convinced her to join him in his cockpit. He then ordered Sergeant Detloff, in nominal command of the surviving troops who had planted the explosives, to gather as many men as he could to go back up into the gash and find Leftenant Kroger's magcard so they could seal the Gash while Allard-Liao engaged the Toads. Although hopelessly outnumbered and taking heavy damage, the Leftenant fought like a man possessed, destroying many Elementals and finally forcing them to scatter.[35][41]

Although his courageous actions briefly drove off the Clan infantry, Allard-Liao's victory seemed to be short-lived. The Falcon Guard OmniMechs - forty-five in all - could now be seen advancing through the Gash in two columns, and the Elementals behind them had killed Detloff and his men. Facing the entire elite Cluster alone, the Leftenant conceived of a bold plan to save the invasion force and his friend, Prince Victor. Issuing an awkward batchall, he challenged the Guards to physical combat, as his 'Mech was out of ammunition and one of his lasers had been destroyed by the Elementals. Star Colonel Malthus boldly accepted the challenge, stalking forward in his Summoner. He then had Doctor Lear, still in his cockpit, to strip out the magnetic containment circuitry that kept his fusion engine contained. Allard-Liao sidestepped Malthus' first blow, his own strike with the hatchet inflicting serious damage to the armor of the opposing 'Mech's armpit even as Malthus prepared to crush the Hatchetman's head. The moment Doctor Lear shouted that she had finished with the circuits, the Leftenant activated his 'Mech's Full-Head Ejection System, as the Hatchetman's head launched upward on secondary rockets. Below, the 'Mech's fusion engine exploded, engulfing the Summoner and triggering a shockwave that detonated the explosives within the Gash walls, creating a chain reaction that sent thousands of tons of rock crashing into the Gash below, destroying the Guards and killing all but a small handful of the Falcon warriors.[42][43][44][45]

The Plain of Curtains[edit]

Back on the Plain of Curtains, the Jade Falcon Eyrie found the First Hound Regiment in the sandstorm, converging as per the AFFC plan. The Falcon scout 'Mechs pulled back as they realized the size of the enemy formation, but soon joined the rest of the Eyrie, as the Clan warriors were forced to fight the mercenaries at close range. The Hounds, following the plan, dropped back in the face of the entire Falcon garrison unit, giving up ground but drawing the Clans into position for the trap to be sprung. When individual Clan warriors attempted to rush forward, the Hounds destroyed them with concentrated fire. The Eyrie commander reined her troops in, as the Falcon warriors began a controlled advance. The Hounds were running out of room, but the Jade Falcons were falling further into the AFFC trap. If the Hounds, supported by their Second Regiment, could hold the Falcons for an hour, the Ninth FC would seal the plain. Everything seemed to be going according to plan. At this critical moment, however, the Lyran Guards' command realized that the Jungblud's company had been destroyed and frontline Clan 'Mechs were pouring into the Gash. General Milstein immediately ordered Victor Steiner-Davion to pull out, solely concerned with the Prince's safety.[46] Thinking quickly, Kommandant Victor Steiner-Davion requested that four of the Lyran Guards' DropShips rotate to Sector 0227 to delay the Falcon reinforcements. Milstein bitterly protested, as the DropShips were assigned to evacuate the Tenth, and Victor in particular. Colonel Allard, as force commander, approved the move to delay the Falcons, and then activated a contingency plan to salvage the operation. All three AFFC regiments on the Plain would rotate their positions; Lt. Colonel Akira Brahe of the Hounds' first regiment would pull his right flank back while pushing his left flank forward. The second regiment, under the command of Lt. Colonel Scott Bradley, would cap the valley, effectively becoming the left flank of the first regiment. The Tenth Lyran Guards would push down on the right flank, hammering into the Falcons. The Ninth FC, still 45 minutes away and out of contact in the Diabolis, would effectively remain in reserve. The Tenth's Alpha Battalion would form on Victor, hammering into the Falcons on the Guards' right flank. Bravo Battalion would form the center of the Tenth's formation, while Charlie formed the left flank. Charlie would slowly give ground to allow the Hounds to pull back. The AFFC forces had rotated their position 130° so that the Falcon Guards, if they reached the plain, would have to push through their own garrison troops to reach the Inner Sphere forces. Even if the task force was unable to triumph, they would be able to retreat in good order.[47][48] The fighting in the Plain of Curtains was particularly vicious, fought at short-range and completely negating the Clans' range and targeting advantages as planned. Often, the sheer density of the storm prevented opposing 'Mech from even knowing the other was there until they were right on top of each other. 'Mechs frequently engaged in physical combat and ganged up on their opponents, a style that the Inner Sphere troops were far more suited to than their Clan counterparts.[49][50] The storm also prevented the participants from employing LRM or SRMs, as the winds were far too heavy.[51][52] Victor Steiner-Davion personally destroyed several Falcon 'Mechs, and did not leave the field until well after his autocannon had exhausted its ammunition, hours later.[49]

When the Jade Falcon Eyrie commander realized that the Falcon Guards had not yet arrived, she knew something had gone wrong at the Gash. Heavily outnumbered and having taken heavy losses, she ordered her troops to pull out. Unfortunately for the Falcons, they ran into the Ninth FC, which had remained hidden all this time. Losing several more 'Mechs, they were chased down by the determined AFFC troops.[53][54] By this point, the battle of Twycross had long since been decided.


Victorious, the AFFC forces took dozens of Falcon warriors as prisoners and obtained a large amount of Clan equipment as salvage to analyze. The Clan prisoners expected to be taken as bondsmen, asking what Clan they now owed allegiance towards. Although they were successful, the cost of the operation in lost men and equipment, along with the commitment of transport, was considered extraordinarily high. Several Clan warriors were apparently able to escape capture on Twycross, including those few survivors of the Falcon Guards. It was confirmed, however, that at least one Guard officer was taken prisoner. The Inner Sphere troops spent the next several weeks awaiting a Jade Falcon counterattack, only to find that it would never come.[55][56][57][58] Not long after the battle, Clan Jade Falcon - and the other Clans - appeared to cease all attacks on the Inner Sphere.


Leftenant Kai Allard-Liao

Although it represented an important victory for the Inner Sphere against the previously invincible Clan invaders, the liberation of Twycross would be overshadowed by the death of ilKhan Leo Showers in the Radstadt system on 31 October. This led to a year-long halt to the invasion, during which the Inner Sphere would prepare to face the Clans once again. The consequences for the Malthus Bloodname, as a result of Adler Malthus' failure, were devastating. The Bloodright previously held by Adler Malthus was so tainted by his death that it went unchallenged for by Jade Falcon MechWarriors, and was ultimately claimed by Taman Malthus, an Elemental, much to the disgust of other Trueborn Clan warriors.[59] saKhan Timur Malthus was forced to resign, leading to the ascension of Vandervahn Chistu, and many House Malthus Bloodnamed warriors were sent back to the Clan Homeworlds.[60][61] Very few of the Falcon Guard warriors survived the unit's destruction, and those who did were disgraced. The sole surviving senior officer, Star Captain Joanna, was demoted to Star Commander, and barely remained an active warrior.[62] Despite the stigma now attached to the unit, the Falcon Guards were ultimately rebuilt on the order of saKhan Chistu. Under the command of Star Colonel Aidan Pryde, they redeemed their honor on Tukayyid, ultimately regaining their status as the premier Cluster of Clan Jade Falcon.[63]

For the Inner Sphere forces involved, on the other hand, Twycross proved a sign of the greatness to come. Victor Steiner-Davion would eventually emerge as arguably the best military mind of his generation, while Kai Allard-Liao, shortly thereafter promoted to the rank of Hauptmann, would go down as one of the greatest MechWarriors in history. Likewise, the Tenth Lyran Guards, who had seen little heavy action since the Fourth Succession War, regained its place as one of the premier commands in the Inner Sphere. The Kell Hounds took heavy losses, but were able to use the year-long lull to rebuild to full strength by the time the invasion resumed.[64] The Kell Hounds became arguably the Inner Sphere's best anti-Clan unit, distinguishing themselves in the years to come on Luthien, during the Red Corsair affair, and on countless other battlefields. Twycross itself would eventually fall to the Clans again, when Clan Steel Viper attacked in November 3051, eager to embarrass the Falcons by capturing the site of their defeat. The Vipers dropped three frontline Clusters under the cover of the Diabolis, surprising the defenders who expected the Clan troops to land in optimum weather conditions to take advantage of their long-range weaponry. The defending Ninth FedCom RCT was forced to retreat after a few hours of fighting.[65] Twycross became the site for numerous conflicts over the next few decades.


  • Multiple references are made in Lethal Heritage and other sources indicating that a force of "one and a half 'Mech regiments" of second-line troops defended Twycross, not counting the Falcon Guards.[22][29] This would indicate a force of roughly three Clusters in strength. More recent sources indicate that the Jade Falcon Eyrie Cluster was the only permanent garrison,[20][66] and this has been confirmed by the developers.[67]
  • Era Report: 3052 gives the date of the battle of Twycross as 22 September, 3050.[68] All other sources, however, indicate that the campaign took place on 10 September, and this article is written from that perspective.[24][25][26]
  • Earlier in the invasion, the Kell Hounds had taken considerable losses against the Clans, losing an entire battalion to Clan Wolf on The Rock in 3049 and later fighting the Wolves on Verthandi. It is unclear if they were up to full-strength by the time they fought on Twycross.
  • According to The Battle for Twycross scenario pack, Leftenant-General Milstein was in command of the entire F-C operation.[69] This is directly contradicted by Lethal Heritage and other sources, which repeatedly make clear that Daniel Allard had overall command,[10] and this article therefore takes this view.
  • The Jade Falcon Sourcebook seems to imply that only the Tenth Lyran Guard 'Mechs participated in the fighting on Twycross, and that their conventional forces were absent.[70] There are numerous mentions, however, of the Lyran Guard conventional forces participating in the fighting, most notably the engineers, infantry and medical personnel in and around the Great Gash.


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