Battle of the LAW City Ruins

Battle of the LAW City Ruins
Part of Battle of Luthien
Start Date 18 July 3069
Location LAW City
Planet Luthien
Result 1st Genyosha victory
Commanders and leaders
Tai-sa Li Sak To Tai-sa Shih Chou[1]
Forces involved
2nd Sword of Light
(Black Dragon)
6th Benjamin Regulars
40th Dieron Regulars
1st Genyosha
dense urban
industrial complex

The Battle of the LAW City Ruins was a rare three-way conflict between forces of the Kokuryu-kai, Word of Blake and loyalists to House Kurita on 18 July 3069 in the ruins of LAW City on Luthien.[3]



Following the coup by Black Dragon forces in December of 3067, most conflicts that occurred tended towards small raids and sniping incidents, with a few random but intense small unit actions. Upon the arrival of the supporting 40th Dieron Regulars, the Black Dragons reorganized their forces and began focusing on operations intended to reduce the effectiveness of the loyalist forces, located roughly four kilometers from the site of the underground nuclear blast that destroyed LAW City on Guthry Island.[3]

18 July 3069[edit]

The battle was begun when the Black Dragons prematurely engaged a Word of Blake salvage team from the Ninth Division working in the ruins between the two opposing Draconis forces. Elements of Sathen's Snipers, no longer under contract to the Kokuryu-kai but to the Word of Blake, assisted in the salvage team's defense.[3]

By the time the Black Dragons moved on from the first engagement, the loyalist forces of the 1st Genyosha were prepared for the assault and levied heavy casualties on the 6th Benjamin Regulars, who lost their executive officer.[3]





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