Story information
Author Chris Hartford and Christoffer Trossen
Pages 5
Type Short story
Sourcebook fiction
Product Historical: Reunification War
Era Star League era
Timeline 2 April 2583-10 September 2586

Battlefields, written by Chris Hartford and Christoffer Trossen, is a short story published as the introductory sourcebook fiction for Historical: Reunification War. It profiles Reunification War battles on the Outworlds Alliance, Rim Worlds Republic, and Magistracy of Canopus fronts.

Plot summary[edit]

In 2583, on Cerberus, Delacour and Phillips (from the Federated Suns and Terran Hegemony, respectively) are SLDF infantrymen fighting their way through Charon City under the command of a former LCAF sergeant. They get into a firefight with an Outworlds sniper (losing their sergeant in the process), then use Inferno missiles and satchel charges to take down an Alliance Thunderbolt that had been giving an SLDF Griffin some trouble.

In 2584, on Canopus IV, General Ian Marik marches his Orion down the streets of Delphi City, taking small arms fire from MAF holdouts in a supposedly secured sector. Ian would clearly like to take the gloves off and lay waste to the city, but is reminded that Captain-General Marion Marik (his mother) has mandated adherence to the Ares Conventions. Arriving at the Magestrix's palace, he enters and is met by Magestrix Crystalla Centrella. Expecting a confrontation, Ian is thoroughly befuddled as the Magestrix seductively surrenders governmental authority to him, adopting a long-term stratagem of co-opting the occupier, rather than fighting them in the streets.

In 2586, Alice Gallene, a pretty office worker on the Rim Worlds Republic world of Milvano, has to deal with the pressures of a foreign occupation by SLDF troops, officially there in a "peacekeeping" capacity. She goes with a friend to a local club, noting that drink, dance and debauchery has become routine since the occupation began, with life continuing as usual in the cities while the Rim Royal Army (RRA) regulars hide in the hills rather than fight the overwhelming firepower of the SLDF forces. She meets and seduces AFFS Major Thomas Hamilton and takes him back to her place...her place being a soundproofed room where her RRA cell can torture and interrogate her victim.

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