Bearhunter Superheavy Autocannon (Battle Armor)

Bearhunter Superheavy Autocannon (BA).jpg
Bearhunter Superheavy Autocannon
Production information
Type Ballistic
Tech Base Clan
Year Availability 3062 (CHH)
Technology Rating D
Availability Ratings X/X/F
Technical specifications
Damage 3
Minimum Range -
Short Range 0[1]
Medium Range 1[1]
Long Range 2[1]
Mass 150[1] kg
Mass Per Reload 1.5 kg[1]
Bursts Per Reload 20
Cost (unloaded) 11,250
BV (2.0) 4[2]
Ammo BV (2.0) 0[2]


The Bearhunter Superheavy Autocannon is a version of the self-same infantry support weapon, developed by Clan Ghost Bear, which has been adapted for use on battle armor. Originally the Bearhunter had been developed by Clan Hell's Horses, one of the few Clans which maintained large frontline infantry forces, to improve their conventional assets' firepower. The weapon was introduced on the eve of the Hell's Horses disastrous intervention in the Combine-Ghost Bear War, where the Ghost Bear Clan turned on their new attackers and captured all of the Hell's Horses' Inner Sphere holdings, along with several examples of the Bearhunter. The weapon was adapted for use on battle armor and debuted with their latest creation the Golem.[3][4]

Trivia and Related Weapons[edit]

This weapon is roughly equivalent to the Heavy Machine Gun, and to its Battle Armor counterpart. See also: Heavy Machine Gun (Battle Armor)


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