Beckett Malthus

Beckett Malthus
Also known as "The Crow"
Born 3081
Died 3145
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon

Beckett Malthus (b. 3081[1] - d. 3145) is the SaKhan of Clan Jade Falcon and known as "the Crow" due to his ability of manipulation and strategy both in politics and warfare.


Though he showed such promise when he was a warrior in his early years, he lacked the will to do anything more than to maintain his rank. That did not hinder his ability to pinpoint the weakness of his enemies in order to achieve what he wanted. His successes were able to achieve him the rank of Galaxy Commander of the Khan's bodyguard unit, the Turkina Keshik.[1]

In order to control the future of Clan Jade Falcon, Beckett watched for a perfect candidate in order to mentor them to the rank of Khan. He found his perfect candidate in Jana Pryde. Being a guiding hand, Beckett was eventually able to boost Pryde's rank to saKhan, which eventually was orchestrated to the rank of Khan in 3129 after a failed offensive against Clan Wolf.[1]

When the Jade Falcon's desant was launched into the crumbling Republic, Beckett found himself attached to it after he fell out of favor. He slowly gravitated towards Malvina Hazen who he thought he could control and groom into a future leader; however, that idea was destroyed after he saw first hand the destructive ways that she followed.[1]


When Malvina failed in her campaign to take Hesperus, Beckett believed it to be a perfect opportunity to remove her from power. Unfortunately for him, he failed which directly led to his death.[1]


Beckett Malthus piloted a Warhammer IIC during his battles during the invasion of the Republic of the Sphere.[citation needed]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
saKhan of Clan Jade Falcon
???? - 3145

Succeeded by


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