Ben H. Rome

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Ben H. Rome
Occupation Author;
Assistant BattleTech Line Developer (2008-2016)
BattleTech forum handle GhostBear


Author Ben H. Rome played MechWarrior: Dark Age since its inception and became a playtester for WizKids. He was subsequently invited to pitch and write for the 2001 Dawn of the Jihad BattleTech sourcebook for Catalyst Game Labs, and kept writing for them as the Jihad era unfolded through sourcebooks.

From December 2008[1] until he stepped down on 7 October 2016, he was Assistant BattleTech Line Developer,[2] initially (until 2013) to his longtime gaming friend Herbert A. Beas who had assumed the mantle of Line Developer shortly before (and to interim Line Developer Randall Bills from 2013 through 2016).

Ben Rome has authored and coauthored numerous BattleTech sourcebooks, BattleCorps stories, and individual BattleCorps Scenarios. He was involved in the making three products that won an Origins Award, in particular The Wars of Reaving where he was project lead and lead writer and which won the 2011 Origins Award for "Best Miniatures Rules or Expansion".


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The following is an (incomplete) list of BattleTech products where Ben Rome was involved in some significant capacity, as a writer and/or project lead:


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