Benjamin Tariq

Benjamin Tariq
Died 3043
Affiliation DCMS
Ikhwan Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator

History & Tactics[edit]

Benjamin Tariq served as a Chu-i within the Arkab Legion from the DCMS as a MechWarrior.

He was the most senior officer to survive the failed raid to Ruchbah, and was the natural election to become the Stablemaster.

He was though the first of the Stable's warriors to enter the Arena, where he beat a Quickdraw. That was the first purse the Stable won and created the Stable's "War Chest".

He doesn't fight any longer, and spends his time with the other stables, trying to get into position to win a large enough purse that can serve the stable to buy their way off Westerhand.[1]

When the Iron Knights mercenary unit executed a vengeance raid against Ilkhwan's Warehouse, they killed him prior to being beaten off.[2]


He pilots a Griffin.[1]


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