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Bergan Industries is a BattleMech manufacturer best known for designing the ubiquitous Locust.


The Bergan Industries facilities on New Earth was an advanced manufacturing facility, producing such equipment as the Royal variant of the venerable Locust BattleMech for the Star League Defense Force.[1] In early July 2788 ex-SLDF forces loyal to Jerome Blake and ComStar raided New Earth as a part of Operation SILVER SHIELD, to secure valuable data and equipment from the former SLDF headquarters on the planet, and as a precursor to expanding SILVER SHIELD into the annexation of the remaining Hegemony systems that hadn't yet been swallowed up by the Great Houses. Although the eruption of the First Succession War forced Blake to abandon his plans, the local militia had welcomed the ComStar forces and helped them strip the SLDF facilities on New Earth of advanced equipment.[2] Among the complexes stripped of advanced technology was the Bergan Industries plant, ending production of the Royal Locust.[1]

The Ares facility in the Capellan Confederation was a rather mundane light 'Mech factory, until it was selected as the test-site for refining the stable Triple Strength Myomer during its reconstruction after the Fourth Succession War. They were the first company in the Capellan Confederation to begin production of the stable version of this myomer.[3] Once a major player in military production throughout the Inner Sphere, the Succession Wars were cruel to Bergan Industries. By the end of the Succession Wars Bergan's plant on Ares was unable to produce anything larger than the smallest scout 'Mechs.

Bergan's Corporate Executives have high hopes that their recently acquired license to produce Earthwerks' STG-6L Stinger may help turn their company around. No longer needing to produce jump jets for their own products, the entirety of Bergan Industries' output of Chilton 360s are sold to Shengli Arms for use on their Duan Gung.

After the Ronin War, Bergan Industries purchased Gorton, Kingsley, and Thorpe Enterprises' New Oslo facility.[4]

The Alshain factory suffered a much different fate when it was captured by Clan Ghost Bear during the Clan Invasion. While the Draconis Combine were mostly successful in their attempt to destroy the plant before being pushed off-world, the Bears quickly rebuilt and restored the Locust line to production. Pathetic by Clan standards, as the Bears stepped up their efforts to integrate and move wholesale into the Inner Sphere. The site was selected for the production of new second-line designs combining Clan and Inner Sphere technology to reduce strain on lengthy Clan Homeworld supply trains.

Bringing with them more advanced facilities during the creation of the Ghost Bear Dominion, the Alshain plant benefited greatly when Alshain was named the new capital world of the Dominion. Prior to that act, the Clan-held Bergan Industries branches were unable to remain competitive as their main suppliers were now in enemy territory. After Alshain became the capital world of the Dominion, the Merchant Caste invested heavily in the facility. The new production modules the Clans provided allowed the Alshain branch to produce the Gladiator OmniMech and Golem assault armor, as well as the second line 'Mechs they had been producing. By 3068, the Alshain facility was producing 28% of the Dominion's BattleMechs.[5]

After the Ghost Bears absorbed the Free Rasalhague Republic, Bergan Industries opened new plants on Thule and Rasalhague.

The campaign to liberate New Earth during Operation SCOUR was particularly destructive, both in the ground battles and as a result of orbital bombardments. The defending Word of Blake forces ensured that little industry remained after their defeat, making it extremely likely that the Bergan Industries facility on New Earth was destroyed.[6]

Bergan Industries became a huge part of the Ghost Bear's industrial base. They invested heavily in the company, and this investment allowed Bergan to expand into some other realms.


The company's CEO in 3067 was Nestor Bergan. He had secured additional funding to expand the plant, but was seeking a design partner for new equipment.[7]


Bergan Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Note: During the Jihad this plant didn't lose any personnel and was operating at 90% of its maximum output in 3079.[8]

Components produced on Alshain:[9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17]
Component Type
Bear Cub[12][16] Light BattleMech
Bear Cub 2[12][16] Light BattleMech
Bear Cub 3[12][16] Light BattleMech
Locust IIC 5[citation needed] Light BattleMech
Kontio[citation needed] Light BattleMech
Ursus[9][16] Medium BattleMech
Ursus-PR[18] Medium BattleMech
Ursus 3[17] Medium BattleMech
Ursus II[19][16] Medium BattleMech - (As of 3078)
Ryoken II[13][16] Heavy BattleMech
Arcas[10][16] Heavy BattleMech
Bruin[20] Assault BattleMech
Kodiak[14][16] Assault BattleMech
Kodiak 2[14][16] Assault BattleMech
Mad Dog (Vulture)[15][16] Heavy OmniMech
Gladiator[5][16] Assault OmniMech
Battle Armor
Elemental[16] medium battle armor
Golem[11][5][16] assault battle armor
Bergan Version 6.3 Endo Steel Arcas[10]
Bergan Version 8.4 Standard Bruin[20]
Bergan Version 12.6 Endo Steel Kodiak[14]
Coriollis Class XXV Bear Cub[12]
Bergan XIV Ursus[9] & Ursus 3[17]
DSAM ENDO 5 Ryoken II[13]
Eden Mk 60-OM Mad Dog[15]
Fusion Engine
Fusion 200 Ursus[9] & Ursus 3[17]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Firebox 200 XL Bear Cub[12]
300 Type I XL Mad Dog[15]
GM 375 XL Ryoken[13]
325 XL Arcas[10]
400 XL Kodiak[14]
Jump Jets
Clan Standard Type A3 Kodiak[14] & Arcas[10]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Compound 12A1 Arcas[10]
Compound 12A2 Kodiak[14]
Compound A4 Bear Cub[12]
Forging ZK20 Ryoken II[13]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Compound A2F ferro-fibrous w/CASE II Ursus[9] & only the Ursus 3 use CASE II[17]
Compound SJ6CW ferro-fibrous Mad Dog[15]
Communications System
Build OSJ-41 Mad Dog[15]
CH2 Series Integrated Bear Cub[12]
Garret GBX-2 Amalgamated Ryoken II[13]
Garret L15 Arcas[10]
Garret L20 Kodiak[14]
Garret L30 Bruin[20]
Garret T10B w/Watchdog CEWS Ursus[9] & only the Ursus 3 use the Watchdog CEWS system[17]
Targeting-Tracking System
Able Seven Sensor Suite Bear Cub[12]
Alshain B4 Series 2 T&T Ryoken II[13]
Cat's Eyes MD6 Mad Dog[15]
RCA Instatrac Mark II Ursus[9]
RCA Instatrac Mk. VI w/Watchdog CEWS Ursus 3[17]
ER Small Laser
Series 1s Bear Cub[12]
ER Medium Laser
Series 2a Kodiak,[14] Ursus[9]
Series 2f Bear Cub[12]
Medium Pulse Laser
Kolibri Delta Series Ursus[9] & Arcas[10]
Improved Heavy Medium Laser
Model Vi Ursus 3[17]
ER Large Laser
Series 7K Kodiak,[14] Arcas[10] & Ursus[9]
ProtoMech AC/8
OVR-P Ursus 3[17]
Ultra AC-20
Series II Kodiak[14]
Type V Bear Cub[12]
Type X "Short Bow" Bruin[20] & Ursus[9]
Type 1 Cross-Pattern Bear Cub[12]
Streak SRM-4
Smartshot Mk.V Arcas[10] & Bruin[20]
Type VI Ursus[9]
Streak SRM-6
Type XII Kodiak[14]
Gauss Rifle
Omega 12-coil Bruin[20]
AP Gauss Rifle
Tau II Ursus 3[17]
ER Flamer
Type 10x Ursus 3[17]


Note: Since the start of the Jihad, the facility on Ares, suffers a capital and personnel loss of 28%, and the operating capacity of the factory is reduced to 82% of their main production volume in 3079.[21]

Components produced on Ares:[22][23]
Component Type
LCT-1E Locust[1] [[BattleMech#Light|Light BattleMech (from 2811)[1]
LCT-1L Locust[24] Light BattleMech
LCT-1V Locust[22][23] Light BattleMech
STG-3R Stinger[22] Light BattleMech
DOL-1A1 Dola[24] Light BattleMech
Bergan VII Locust[22][23]
Earthwerk STG II Endo Steel Stinger[22]
Fusion Engine
LTV 120 Stinger [22]
LTV 160 Locust[22][23]
Triple Strength Myomer
Ares-Bergan TSM [citation needed]
Jump Jets
Chilton 360 Stinger[22]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
StarSlab-1 Locust[23]
Communications System
Garret T10-B Locust[23]
Targeting-Tracking System
O/P 911 Locust[23]
Medium Laser
Martell Locust[23]
Machine Gun
Sperry Browning Locust[23]

New Earth[edit]

It is believed that this facility was destroyed in 3078 during the liberation of New Earth.[6]

Components produced on New Earth:[25][26][27]
Component Type
LCT-1Vb Locust[1] Light BattleMech (until July 2788)[1]
CHP-1N Champion[25] Heavy BattleMech
Land-Air 'Mechs
CPN-1X1 Champion LAM[26] LAM
Support Vehicles
Wayland Mobile Base[27] Tracked Support Vehicle (From 2541 to 2715)
Bergan XI Champion[25]
Fusion engines
Vlar 300 Champion[25]
LTV Industrial Fusion Wayland Mobile Base[27]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
StarSlab-2 ferro-fibrous Champion[25]
Bergan Commercial Plate Wayland Mobile Base[27]
Communications System
Garrett T-11 C Champion[25]
Garret Type 3 Wayland Mobile Base[27]
Targeting-Tracking System
Mercury-IV with Artemis IV FCS Champion[25]
OP/911 Wayland Mobile Base[27]

New Oslo[edit]

This plant was purchased from Gorton, Kingsley, and Thorpe Enterprises after the Ronin War.

Components produced on New Oslo:
Component Type
Locust IIC 5[citation needed] Light BattleMech
S2 Endo Steel Locust IIC[citation needed]
Fusion Engine
200 Standard Locus IIC[citation needed]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Compound Alpha ferro-fibrous Locust IIC[citation needed]
ER Medium Laser
Series 7Ja Locust IIC[citation needed]
Type 3 Locust IIC[citation needed]


Note: During the Jihad, this plant lost half of its assigned personnel and was operating at a quarter (25%) of its maximum output in 3079.[8] This plant focused on producing various unnamed "military components."[28]


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