Bertram Habeas

Bertram R. Habeas
AffiliationLyran Commonwealth
SiblingsArastide Habeas[2]

Bertram R. Habeas was an Inner Sphere writer.[3][4]


In 3068, Bertram was serving as a teacher's aide and assistant college publications editor at the Chekswa School of Literature when he was approached by ComStar to be a representative of the Lyran Alliance in what would become the Jihad Hot Spots series, INN's two-year summary of events across the Inner Sphere.[5] As part of the Hot Spots series, Journalist Michael Bosworth would relied heavily upon Habeas for Lyran analysis, having been impressed with the younger man's unusually calm manner when called to appear on other Interstellar News Network shows, attributes which led the INN to select him to take over production and analysis of the Hot Spots series upon Bosworth's death in 3073.[6][1]

He suffered from Chungalomeningitis.[7]

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