Beta Aimag (Spina Khanate)

Beta Aimag
Affiliation Clan Sea Fox
Parent Command Spina Khanate


Sha Clarke Incident[edit]

In June 3134, The Beta Aimag command ship met in secret at a pirate point in the Vindemiatrix star system with envoys from Clan Jade Falcon.[1]

Beta Aimag jumps to Adhafera in Republic of the Sphere's Prefecture VIII where ovKhan Clarke hopes to outbid ovKhan Kalasa's surprise trade mission to get the world's trading rights.

While on Adhafera, Beta Aimag fought against Delta Aimag in Ritual of Combat. Where Delta Aimag had bested them three years before, Beta beats Delta handily, winning a large amount of honor over the fight. OvKhan Clarke beats Delta's ovKhan Petr and seriously injures him during the fight between their respective BattleMechs.[2]

After a series of "accidents," ovKhan Clarke declares Adhafera enemy territory, forcing Beta and Delta Aimag to stop cutting a deal with the planet.

In September 3134, Beta Aimag arrived in the Stewart system. OvKhan Clarke had just landed his command DropShip Breaker of Waves when word of his plan to have Khan of Sea Foxes attacked by Clan Jade Falcon is discovered and then assaulted by Marik-Stewart Commonwealth armed forces.

Beta Aimag stayed out of the battle between the native forces, who by then had fallen into civil war, split between serving with Marik forces and Republic.[3] Beta Aimag's forces landed, soon facing off with Delta Aimag's command Trinary, which had issued Trials of Grievance against the ovKhan and his conspirators in his Aimag. Later, both ovKhans face off in a circle of equals to fight the now declared Trial of Annihilation.[4] Where Clarke is defeated by Petr after grueling fight to the death.

In January 3147, Beta Aimag participated in the Spina Khanate's blockade of the Regulan Fiefs. Specifically they were assigned to Regulus itself. On 31 January, the Regulan Navy attempted to break the blockade by using nuclear weapons against the Aimag's CargoShip, but the CSF Talismantia was able to destroy the attacking Regulan forces, however losing three DropShips. As a result of the use of nuclear weapons, Beta Aimag landed near Regulus City. Though the Second Regulan Hussars and Seventh Regulan Hussars mobilized, the warriors of Beta Aimag didn't attack. Instead ovKhan Matthew Horn offered the people of Regulus the opportunity to trade directly with the Sea Foxes. Though Lester Cameron-Jones officially forbade this, the people traded anyway.[5]

On 22 March 3147, Beta Aimag left its position as the blockading force of the Regulus system. joining the Steel Wolves in an attack on Avior. They faced the Fourteenth Regulan Hussars, holding them in place until the Steel Wolves could execute a raid that captured the Fourteenth's command staff. The Fourteenth promptly surrendered and were taken prisoner. The Fourteenth's equipment was split between Beta Aimag and the Steel Wolves.[6]

Beta Aimag returned to Regulus in April 3148. Alongside the Ducal Guard, Steel Wolves, and First Orloff Grenadiers, they destroyed many of the aerospace assets the RSMC had deployed. This allowed the FWLS Lancelot to bring Nikol Marik to the system. After several weeks of negotiations, the Regulan Fiefs surrendered to the Free Worlds League. Beta Aimag landed its merchants on Regulus and other Regulan systems and opened for trading.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Beta Aimag (Spina Khanate)
ovKhan Sha Clarke 3134
ovKhan Matthew Horn 3145 - 3152[8][9]



Composition and Assets[edit]

The Beta Aimag consists of a number of JumpShips, DropShips, enclaves, and trading arrangements which is directly controlled by the Aimag itself.


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