Beta Galaxy (Rasalhague Dominion)

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Beta Galaxy
Nickname Night Howlers
Affiliation Rasalhague Dominion
Clan Ghost Bear (previous)
Parent Command Clan Ghost Bear Touman


Operation Revival[edit]

Units of Beta Galaxy participated in battles for the following worlds during the invasion of the Inner Sphere.

Wave One[edit]

Beta Galaxy was involved in two campaigns during the first wave of Operation REVIVAL. The 304th Assault Cluster was one of three Clusters to capture Thule in March 3050, a combined operation launched using forces from all three Ghost Bear galaxies. In the same month the Forty-third Elemental Support Trinary - one of the Trinaries that made up the Twelfth Bear Chevaliers - captured the planet of Holmsbu. Holmsbu was defended by the Seventh and Eighth Corrugated Lancers, conventional armored regiments supported by infantry, who were unprepared for both the superior training of the Clan forces and their significantly superior technology and who were swiftly forced to surrender.[1]

Wave Two[edit]


Susquehanna was the first target for Beta Galaxy during the second wave of the invasion; defended by a mercenary BattleMech company named the Regal Death with support from two battalions of heavy armor, the Fourteenth Battle Cluster deployed a single Trinary, the Ninety-sixth Battle Trinary, to capture the planet. The Ninety-sixth arrived at the agreed location to find no sign of their opponents; based on the conduct of a mercenary unit named the Black Omen during the first wave of the invasion, the Ninety-sixth expected to find no sign of their opposition but began hunting for them anyway, only to have Bravo Star walk into an ambush in the Vernaw Woods. The other two Stars arrived in time to save the last survivor of Bravo Star, attacking the mercenaries with such ferocity that every member of the Regal Death was killed. Many within the Ghost Bears were appalled with the conduct of the Regal Death, and a substantial number declared mercenaries to be dezgra, leading to mercenary units often failing to receive a batchall and few mercenary soldiers being taken as bondsmen.[2]


Beta Galaxy was also deployed to pacify the recently-conquered and rebellious Damian system during Wave Two, jumping into the system on the 17th of May 3050, but then failed to report back via HPG confirming their arrival. HPG failures were uncommon but far from unknown, and the tempo of operations at the time kept both the Khan and saKhan of Clan Ghost Bear busy enough that they didn't send a search party to look for Beta Galaxy until a week later. That search party, the Fiftieth Striker - also known as the Black Bears - from Alpha Galaxy discovered that Beta's attached WarShip,[3] the Black Lion-class battlecruiser CGB Bear's Den had taken the risk of using a pirate jump point to shorten the travel time.[4] The Bear's Den had been struck by a rogue asteroid within seconds of arriving in-system;[4][3] the angle at which the Bear's Den was struck had localized most of the damage to a single attached DropShip, the Overlord-C-class CGB Sharp Claw,[4] but this meant that in addition to destroying the DropShip and damaging the Bear's Den, an entire Cluster of troops - almost the entire of the Third Bear Striker[5] - were killed. The Bear's Den suffered damage in this incident that could not be repaired without Clan facilities.

Beta Galaxy abandoned the Bear's Den and went on to conquer Damian to fight the Black Omen, the mercenary unit defending the planet. Because Damian lacked a functional HPG, Beta Galaxy had been unable to inform the Clan leaders of what had happened. When what had happened subsequently came to light, the loss of so many warriors in an accident caused great sadness amongst the warrior caste, who decided to conduct the traditional ceremonies honoring the dead in the Damian system. The deployment of so many troops to Damian for the two days of ceremonies slowed the Ghost Bears' third wave actions noticeably.[3]

Wave Three[edit]

Beta Galaxy's 304th Assault Cluster were responsible for capturing Polcenigo, a world ruled by a tyrannical government headed up by a ruthless planetary governor engaged in illegal spice trading; when the 304th arrived to invade, they failed to gain a response to their batchall because the planet had been struck by a local uprising. The 304th deployed, and their arrival bouyed the local population up to the point that they began launching guerilla attacks on the local government troops and supply caches. The 304th used this to their advantage, attacking the local government forces directly; when the defenders retreated into a network of preprepared tunnels in the mountains, the local population attempted to help the 304th dig out the defenders, but even with the two working together the 304th failed to account for just under a third of the defending forces. With the planetary government ousted, the population gladly accepted both the ways of the Clans and administration by the Ghost Bears; the Ghost Bears responded by putting a substantial frontline garrison in place on Polcenigo to defend their new caste members.[6]

Wave Four[edit]

After Wave Three concluded the Ghost Bears brought forward Provisional Garrison Clusters to garrison worlds, freeing up frontline forces, and a Cluster from the Clan Homeworlds was reassigned to Beta to replace the Third Bear Striker, which had been permanently disbanded in honor of those who had lost their lives.[7]


In August 3050 the Fourteenth Battle Cluster deployed Alpha Battle Star of the Twenty-third Battle Trinary and Alpha Nova Star of the Seventy-sixth Supernova to capture Vipaava. The Ghost Bear forces issued a batchall and were surprised to find the defending Twenty-second Rasalhagian Free Company not only waited to engage them at the Lion's Den rock outcropping, well away from the nearest city on Vipaava, but then fought in an honorable fashion. Alpha Nova Star engaged the Twenty-second first and swiftly decimated the KungsArmé forces, forcing the survivors to surrender. The defeat of the Twenty-second was a major factor in convincing senior officers in the KungsArmé that winning a straight fight against Clan forces was impossible, and that new tactics would be needed.[8]


Predlitz was invaded in September 3050 by two Trinaries from the 332nd Assault Cluster, the 469th Assault and 2133rd Striker Trinaries. The defenders on Predlitz consisted of three Rasalhagian Free Divisions, the Seventeenth, Twentieth and Thirty-first, a grand total of two armor regiments and a battalion of BattleMechs. The two Ghost Bear Trinaries represented an overwhelming force, but the Free Divisions attempted to fight a mobile defense, moving swiftly between supply caches; each Free Division made its own stand and was swiftly overwhelmed, with the final blow falling near a region of cliffs known as Billy's Tears. The 2133rd Striker Trinary located a supply cache that none of the Free Divisions had used by that point, and staged an ambush that crushed the last Free Division forces as they attempted to get at their supplies.[8]


The Ghost Bears encountered lighter resistance than expected on the first handful of worlds invaded during Wave Four, but when Beta Galaxy arrived in the Soverzene system it discovered that the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery was determined to contest the invasion fiercely. Defending the planet were the Second Alshain Regulars, commanded by Tai-sa Jasick Yoshiro, as well as reinforcements from the Twenty-seventh Dieron Regulars under the command of Tai-sa Ano Tars. The two DCMS units had planted supplies in caches dotted around the main continent and had planned a strategy of mobile defense to offer as much resistance as possible.[7]

Ignoring the customary batchall process, Khan Bjorn Jorgensson committed the entire of Beta Galaxy to the attack; Galaxy Commander Laurie Tseng planned a conservative campaign against the defending forces, deploying the various elements of Beta in two separate locations, with each contingent assigned to take one of the two major cities on the planet.[7]

The Twelfth Bear Chevaliers and the Fourteenth Battle Cluster drove on Averti and the Twenty-seventh Dieron, which responded by using air strikes to herd the Chevaliers and the Fourteenth towards the nearby Killimangero fjords. Well aware that they were being manipulated, the two Clusters approached warily, and found two companies of the Twenty-seventh waiting on the edge of a narrow waterway; when the Chevaliers sent a Trinary forward to engage the Twenty-seventh, the DCMS troops retreated, their jump-capable 'Mechs quickly scaling the opposite cliff face. As the Trinary began to pursue the retreating 'Mechs, the cliff face exploded underneath them, sending most of the Trinary tumbling into the water far below. Luck wasn't with the Twenty-seventh, however; the trap caught relatively few OmniMechs, and the Fourteenth Battle Cluster flanked the retreating companies as they reached the top of the cliff.[7]

The Fourteenth managed to force most of the two companies back into the fjord, only to then find themselves being attacked by the remainder of the Twenty-seventh, who erupted out of the nearby treeline. The Chevaliers and the Fourteenth pursued the Twenty-seventh into the waterway and the escape tunnels hidden there,only for the Twenty-seventh to detonate explosives hidden in the tunnels immediately after their escape. The Twenty-seventh returned to Averti, convinced that they had defeated the two Clusters, only to lose the city that same night to the two Ghost Bear Clusters, whose Elementals had entered the tunnels ahead of the 'Mechs, finding and disarming many of the explosives as they went.[7][9]

The Second Alshain didn't fare as well as the Twenty-seventh; facing down the 304th and 332nd Assault Clusters, the Second found itself being harried and hounded until it had little choice but to retreat to their ammunition supply base. That retreat revealed the base's location, which the Ghost Bears promptly attacked and destroyed using aerospace fighters; this left the second short on ammunition and retreating north, with the 304th Assault Cluster hot on their heels. Herded by Clan aerospace fighters, the Second retreated into a forest, not realizing that the 332nd were in place and waiting for them. Pinned between the two Assault Clusters, the Second took heavy damage, but some survivors managed to slip free.[7]

The survivors from the Second later staged an attack at Averti, aimed at freeing the DCMS prisoners captured by Beta Galaxy, as well as recapturing equipment originally belonging to the Twenty-seventh. Elements of Beta Galaxy spent almost two weeks hunting down the remnants of both regiments, but had to give up the search when the Bloodnamed warriors from the Clan were recalled to Strana Mechty to elect a new ilKhan.[7]

Wave Five[edit]

Beta Galaxy was very active in Wave Five, with forces fighting in no less than six planetary invasions during the six months of combat.[10]


In December 3051 the Twelfth Bear Chevaliers deployed the 712th Assault Trinary to capture Kempten, one of four attacks launched by the Ghost Bears prior to the end of 3051. The defenders on Kempten consisted of just the Kempten Border Legion, an aging formation in every sense of the word - ancient 'Mechs, ancient combat vehicles and aging warriors. The Border Legion was under no illusions about its chance of receiving reinforcements because of the ferocious pressure the Free Rasalhague Republic was under, but were determined to fight; despite the dire state of affairs the Border Legion was in, the 712th Assault Trinary approached the campaign with some trepidation because of the recent loss that Smoke Jaguar forces had recently taken on Wolcott.[10]

The Legion engaged in a batchall with the 712th, and agreed to fight in an amusement park named "Precious Plight"; the Legion agreed to a standup fight with the superior Ghost Bear forces, but primed the amusement park for the battle by hanging mirrors throughout the amusement park, with the mirrors at all angles, resulting in the 712th landing in the middle of a disorientating carnival of light and sound. The confusion allowed the Legion to strike from cover, with the Legion's Devastator battalion inflicting heavy damage while the confused Ghost Bear warriors struggled to spot the Legion forces. The 712th recovered quickly, though; beginning their fight back by destroying the Legion's tank forces, the 712th then pushed the Legion's 'Mech forces back to Sacrifice Mound before crushing them.[10]


The mercenary unit known as Blue Lightning had been stranded in the Kaesong system by JumpShip trouble when the Fourteenth Battle Cluster arrived in December 3051, intent on conquering the planet. The planetary government pleaded with Blue Lightning to defend them, and the mercenary unit agreed - but this proved to be more of a disadvantage than an advantage because of the attitude of the Fourteenth towards mercenaries, who they regarded as being dezgra. The Fourteenth didn't bother initiating a batchall, and simply hit Blue Lightning with the elite Trinary Command; the mercenaries retreated into the streets of Vedsan in the face of overwhelming numbers and firepower, only to have the Trinary Command pursue them into the city and dig them out forcibly.[10]


On Marawi the 332nd Assault Cluster faced regular DCMS forces in the form of the Forty-first Dieron Regulars in January 3052. The commanding officer of the 332nd, Star Colonel Seija Harlow, didn't expect the Forty-first to provide much by way of opposition, and anticipated a short, decisive campaign. The 332nd landed east of the Forty-first's position, only to quickly come under a sustained artillery bombardment. Star Colonel Harlow ordered her aerospace fighters to hunt down and destroy the artillery, which they duly did, despite being opposed by old-style fighter planes that managed to tie the Clan fighters up for almost twenty minutes before being defeated. Once the rain of artillery shells stopped, the 332nd them slammed into the left flank of the Forty-first, steamrolling the green regiment; the Forty-first retreated, making for the town of Hull, only to be destroyed by the 332nd's aerospace forces just short of the city.[10]


The Twelfth Bear Chevaliers fought the Fifth Amphigean Light Assault Group on Krenice in March 3052. The Fifth scored some successes against the Chevaliers initially, beginning with raining fire onto the Chevaliers from positions in the Bellow Canyon as the Chevaliers landed. The Twelfth then spent a frustrating interval attempting to flush the Fifth out of the rock formations while the Fifth attacked the Chevaliers' supply lines, interfered with communications and launched the occasional assault. This continued until the Chevaliers managed to flush the Fifth out using aerospace fighters, giving the Chevaliers the opportunity to stop chasing the light 'Mechs of the Fifth fruitlessly and instead begin actively herding the Combine forces towards the city of Hasnorvan.[10]

Hasnorvan was in the opposite direction to the Fifth's DropShips, but Tai-sa Helen Cassidy did her best to gain what successes she could from a bad situation; small units broke off from the Fifth launched hit-and-run raids against the Chevaliers, perhaps the most successful of which saw a company from the Fifth lead the Chevaliers on an extended wild goose chase through LightDraught Woods, getting the Chevaliers so completely lost in a couple of hours that the Chevaliers had to break off their pursuit and call for assistance from their aerospace forces to lead them out of the Woods.[10]

The Fifth finally fell in battle near Hasnorvan; Star Colonel Douglas Silva had deployed the Sixty-third Assault Trinary ahead of the rest of the Chevaliers, and the Sixty-third had dug in and waited for the Fifth to move into range. As the Sixty-third engaged the Fifth the rest of the Chevaliers attacked, catching the Fifth in an interlocking attack that swiftly destroyed the Fifth.[10]


Mannedorf was defended by a mercenary BattleMech company named The Gold Miners, and during planning to attack the planet in March 3052 there was fierce bidding amongst the Ghost Bears to see who would get the opportunity to destroy them, with the Seventy-second Assault Trinary and the First Elemental Support Binary of the 304th Assault Cluster winning the right to attack.[10]

The GoldMiners prepared a defensive position within the Silvermain Mines, packing explosives into every nook and cranny they could find, intent on collapsing the mines on top of the Seventy-Second Assault Trinary. As the Ghost Bear forces entered the mines the GoldMiners detonated the explosives and assumed that they were victorious; what the GoldMiners were unaware of was the existence of a former Star League Defense Force facility below and behind the Silvermain Mine complex, a facility that the Ghost Bears were well aware of. When a communications intercept revealed the GoldMiner's plan, the Ghost Bears deployed Elementals to open the complex doors. Shortly before the explosives were detonated, the Seventy-second used the various hidden entrances to the Star League facility to escape; when the GoldMiners emerged from the back entrance to the mine, the Seventy-second was ready and waiting for them.[10]


Despite their efforts, the 469th Assault Trinary failed to achieve a clean victory over the defenders on Toffen in March 3052. Toffen was defended by the Third and Eighth Toffen Guards, who mustered a total strength of two 'Mech companies and a regiment of conventional infantry. Gambling that the Ghost Bears wouldn't want to damage the major cities on Toffen with strikes using aerospace fighters, the Guards made their initial stand near the Dell Reservoir, below which lay the major cities. When the Guards saw that they were opposed by just fifteen 'Mechs, they became overconfident and attacked, only to be swiftly routed by the superior forces of the 469th. The retreating survivors of the Guards fell back to the Longueil powerplant, and abandoned facility some three kilometers from the initial battleground.[10]

The 469th Assault pursued the Guards into the complex, where the Guards infantry used the excellent cover available to sow explosives throughout the plant. The 469th were forced to open and inspect every old generator as they searched for their prey, while the Guard exfiltrated from the rear of the building in small numbers. Star Captain Pinter Hall became suspicious and led the 469th out of the powerplant, anticipating a trap, and as a result the Trinary survived the explosion; the furious Ghost Bears attempted to hunt down the surviving Guards, but many escaped. The survivors went to ground and continued to cause problems for the planetary governor months later as they launched or incited occasional outbreaks of violence.[10]


Beta Galaxy was assigned to take the objective city of Luk together with Delta Galaxy. Beta did well initially, decimating the 121st Division. However, the ComGuard troops managed to trap Delta's 20th Polar Bear Attack Cluster and forced Beta and Delta to withdraw and try to reinforce Alpha Galaxy's drive on Spanac.

During the retreat, Beta Galaxy lost the Seventh Bear Guards Cluster to an ambush by the 12th Division.

Beta and Delta's eventual arrival at Spanac forced the ComGuards to withdraw from the city. Beta and Delta were left to garrison Spanac while Alpha attempted to take Luk.

First Draconis Combine/Ghost Bear War[edit]

Beta Galaxy were actively involved in the First Draconis Combine / Ghost Bear War, which began in 3062 with a suicidal attack by three regiments of the Alshain Avengers against Alshain. While the Twelfth Bear Chevaliers attacked the Clan Nova Cat forces on Mualang, preventing those forces from coming to the assistance of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery, Beta Galaxy attacked both Dumaring and Najha.[11]

The 304th Assault Cluster took heavy damage on Maule when Nova Cat forces launched a ferocious deep strike at them, but the 304th was still able to launch an attack on Gunzburg shortly after the end of the War, working with the Second Bear Regulars from Tau Galaxy to seize the Clan Wolf world. The attack on Gunzburg was one part of the Ghost Bear counterattack against the Clan Hell's Horses forces that Khan Vladimir Ward had brought to the Inner Sphere as allies and who had launched their own invasion of the Ghost Bear Occupation Zone during the Combine/Ghost Bear War.[11]

The Jihad[edit]


Beta Galaxy took part in the Ghost Bear campaign against the Word of Blake during the Jihad; Beta's first target was Pesht,[12] which the Ghost Bears hit on the 15th of December 3074, the same day their forces also struck at Luthien. The Ghost Bear forces attacked the Blakist forces remorselessly, making no attempt to offer zellbrigen to their opponents on either world; the Ghost Bears also destroyed any DCMS units that attempted to intervene, and by the 20th of December had crushed their enemies on both worlds.[13][14]

Kaus Media and Ascella[edit]

Beta Galaxy then abandoned Pesht at the end of January 3075, as abruptly as they had arrived;[14][15] the Ghost Bears organized their forces to drive towards Terra in several waves, each named after the lead Galaxy in that wave. Beta Galaxy formed the heart of Beta wave, striking first at secondary worlds like Kaus Media and Ascella[12] on the 6th of October 3075.[16][17]

Rho[18] and Theta Galaxies[19] were assigned to support Beta Galaxy in Beta Wave, with Rho seizing Kaus Australis and joining the assault on Ascella;[18] the resulting battle the Fourteenth Battle Cluster take enough damage that it had to retreat, but Beta Galaxy pressed on.[12] Rho Galaxy was pushed into reserve on Ascella after the 297th Battle Cluster was nearly destroyed, leaving Beta Galaxy and one of the units personally affiliated to Devlin Stone, Stone's Lament, to clear the planet.[18] The losses on Ascella were such that Theta Galaxy was moved up from a garrison role to an active combat role within Beta Wave, only to see the Galaxy perform poorly when tasked with capturing Moore[19] in July 3076[20][21] and Pike IV[19] in September 3076.[20][21]


Beta Galaxy won the right to join the attack on the Blakist forces at Dieron[12] in 3077[22] alongside Alpha,[23] Rho[18] and Omega Galaxies.[24] Dieron was a bloodbath for all the Ghost Bear Galaxies involved; Beta smashed through the Blakist blockade in the system and took over the city of Olivet,[22] but lost the 304th Assault Cluster in the battle fought in the Chiloe Pass and had to disband the Twelfth Bear Chevaliers after they were gutted by Blakist forces in the tunnels within Fortress Dieron.[12] Rho Galaxy suffered heavy enough combat losses that it had to be tasked with securing the outer areas rather than joining the Fortress Dieron assault, and the badly damaged 297th Battle Cluster was destroyed during constant raids by Blakist forces.[18] Omega Galaxy took heavy enough damage that the surviving Clusters from the Galaxy were actually absorbed into Beta Galaxy for the remainder of the Jihad, although after Beta returned to the Dominion the Fifth Bear Guards and 357th Assault Cluster were detached from Beta once more to form the basis of a rebuilding Omega Galaxy.[24]

The Dark Age[edit]

The bloody swath that Beta cut through the Blakists during the Jihad earned them not just a passage in the Remembrance but also a grim reputation in the eyes of the Dominion's neighbors; the Dominion was more than happy to use that reputation to its advantage, and in the early years after the Jihad Beta acted as a threat to Clan Wolf. While Beta Galaxy was half the size of the Wolves Alpha Galaxy, Beta was positioned within two jumps of the Wolf capital on Tamar and served as a clear reminder that Dominion was always ready to tear straight into the heart of the Wolf Occupation Zone. Despite the relatively small size of Beta Galaxy it was able to draw on the production of factories on both Alshain and Satalice, and any lack of mass on Beta's part was compensated for using cutting edge and sheer mass, with the weight of the Clusters within Beta increasing as the Galaxy rebuilt.[25]

As a part of rebuilding Beta Galaxy the Dominion assigned the 140th Striker Cluster to them as a part of disbanding Delta Galaxy, as well as moving the Eighteenth Battle Cluster from Rho Galaxy into Beta. Both Clusters were assigned to worlds close to New Oslo, one of the Hell's Horses worlds and a menacing reminder that whilst Beta might have had problems maintaining an extended campaign at that point, it was more than capable of tearing through a defending force.[25]

By the mid-thirty-second century Beta Galaxy had been deployed to shield the Skandia province of the Rasalhague Dominion from its location near the border of the Draconis Combine's Buckminster Prefecture. After the HPG blackout began Beta was the first frontline formation in the Dominion to begin receiving new equipment, including large quantities of battle armor produced on Mannedorf.[26]

In 3137 as Clan Wolf was abandoning their Occupation Zone Beta Galaxy was swiftly redeployed to capture a number of worlds that had been members of the former Free Rasalhague Republic. In a swift campaign the Fourteenth and Eighteenth Battle Clusters managed to seize Carse, Galuzzo, Jabuka and Quarell before the Eighteenth collided with the First Falcon Jaegers on La Grave. The light Clan Jade Falcon unit used hordes of light 'Mechs to outflank the Eighteenth, cutting their supply lines and initially refusing calls for hegira. The Eighteenth managed to avoid being wiped out when Star Colonel Lynda managed to win hegira through single combat, but after La Grave Beta Galaxy began training furiously for revenge against the Jade Falcons even while threats to the Dominion on all sides forced the Dominion Council to keep the Galaxy leashed.[26]

Second Combine-Ghost Bear War[edit]

The entire Beta Galaxy was assigned to assault Itabaiana during the Second Combine-Ghost Bear War. The world was allegedly under Clan Diamond Shark control, but the citizens of the world wanted to return to the Draconis Combine. The Ghost Bears felt that Clan Nova Cat was hiding behind the Diamond Sharks.[27] However, the Sharks garrison units were based on Itabaiana's moons, leaving the 3rd Pesht Regulars as the only force on the planet's surface. The Pesht Regulars used Nova Cat designs as an attempt to fool the Bears into thinking there was a Nova Cat presence on the world. Unfortunately the Bears assumed the Cats were wholly integrated into the DCMS unit, and engaged them without zellbrigen. The result was an hour-long combat that saw the Third completely destroyed.[28]

In 3100 Beta Galaxy joined with Omega Galaxy to raid Irece. They quickly took the Barcella LAW and Barcella Battle Armor plants and destroyed the Nova Cat Fusiliers and Nova Cat Legionnaires.[29]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Beta Galaxy (Clan Ghost Bear)
Loremaster Laurie Tseng 3050 - 3060[30][31][32]
Commanding Officers of Beta Galaxy (Ghost Bear Dominion)
Loremaster Laurie Tseng 3060 - 3085[31][32][33][34]
Commanding Officers of Beta Galaxy (Rasalhague Dominion)
Loremaster Hans Kabrinski 3145[35]


Beta units favors cautious advances and rarely commit to uncertain situations. Their preferred tactics are flanking attacks flanking attacks with mechanized battle armor support.[36]

Composition History[edit]



  • Shrill Keshik
  • 12th Bear Chevaliers
  • 14th Battle Cluster
  • 304th Assault Cluster
  • 332nd Assault Cluster



  • Trinary Galaxy Command[32]
  • Twelfth Bear Chevaliers[32]
  • Fourteenth Battle Cluster[32]
  • 304th Assault Cluster[32]
  • 332nd Assault Cluster[32]


  • Trinary Galaxy Command[38]
  • Fourteenth Battle Cluster[38]
  • 332nd Assault Cluster[38]



  • Trinary Galaxy Command[35]
  • Fourteenth Battle Cluster[35]
  • Eighteenth Battle Cluster[35]
  • 140th Striker Cluster[35]
  • 332nd Assault Cluster[35]


Game Rules[edit]


  • In common with every other unit in the Clan Ghost Bear touman at this point in time, the units within Beta Galaxy receive a +1 modifier to any dice roll on Random Weight-Class tables to determine Star or Binary/Trinary type.[39]
  • The player controlling Beta Galaxy units may choose the mapsheets he is designated, rather than rolling randomly.[39]
  • The player controlling Beta Galaxy units always chooses his home map edge first and sets up second, unless the rules for the battle or scenario specifically prohibit it.[39]


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