Beta Galaxy (Clan Ice Hellion)

Beta Galaxy
Disbanded 3074 (Disbanded)
Nickname The Lithe Kill
Affiliation Clan Ice Hellion
Parent Command Clan Ice Hellion touman


Beta Galaxy was frequently targeted by various Clans during the Harvest Wars, leading to constant attrition of its forces. This was compounded by a loss of morale when then commander saKhan Sellen Cage lost his Trial of Grievance against Khan Asa Taney in 3065. Low morale continued to be a problem in the Galaxy until 3067 when its new Commander, saKhan Conner Rood actively worked to restore it.[1][2]

In 3070 the Galaxy move to Nouveaux Paris, arriving in September. Here it began preparations for the Hellion assault on the Inner Sphere, along with Alpha Galaxy, Delta Galaxy and Zeta Galaxy. By October all the forces were in place for the operation to commence.[3]

The Galaxy along with Zeta formed the Hellion secondary force under Conner Rood tasked with securing the Periphery border. The force captured Anywhere, Somerset, Erewhon, Bone-Norman, and Lackhove. On Bone-Norman the Falcons' 11th Provisional Garrison Cluster ambushed the 200th Assault Cluster almost killing the saKhan before the world was taken. However the counterattack by the Falcon Guards swiftly retook Bone-Norman from Beta Galaxy.[4]

Beta Galaxy pushed on capturing Botany Bay, Von Strang's World, and Apollo in a second wave of attacks.[5] In October Beta took Last Chance and recaptured Lackhove.[6] The Falcon counterattack by Gamma Galaxy hammered Beta. Offering no honorable combat because of Hellion actions on Wotan the Galaxy was pushed off Lackhove and Last Chance.[7] The 200th Attack Cluster was destroyed on Lackhove.[8] A Clan Hell's Horses force destroyed the 121st Hellion Lancers on Toland in November 3071.[9]

Beta Galaxy retreated to the Dark Nebula,[10] SaKhan Rood had two Clusters left to him, one from Beta and the Third Hector Cavaliers from Zeta Galaxy. When a combined Jade Falcon and Hell's Horses task force moved against the system the remaining Hellion naval assets were swept aside. Sakhan Rood accepted hegira and the remnants of the Galaxy retreated from the Inner Sphere in April 3072.[11][12]

Beta Galaxy was boosted by the arrival of roughly a cluster of warriors from the fallen Alpha and Zeta Prime Galaxies that had also been granted hegira. Rood cobbled these together into a makeshift fighting force and retreated towards the Kerensky Cluster. However on the trip back they were ambushed by Clan Burrock's Zeta Galaxy resulting in the loss of three of their five JumpShips. In December the Galaxy eventually arrived at Hector.[13]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Beta Galaxy
saKhan Sellen Cage 3059[1]
saKhan Connor Rood 3065[2][14]


Different per Unit.

Composition History[edit]



  • 200th Attack Cluster
  • 90th Striker Irregulars
  • 121st Hellion Lancers
  • Two Flurry Clusters


  • 200th Attack Cluster[14]


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