Beta Galaxy (Clan Star Adder)

Beta Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Unknown
Parent Formation Clan Star Adder Touman


The Burrock Absorption[edit]

During the Burrock Absorption, Beta Galaxy was part of the initial assault on the disgraced Clan Burrock's world of Albion. Beta would initially fight against Burrocks in their Trial of Absorption until the arrival of three Galaxies from Clan Blood Spirit whom interrupted the Trial. Beta along with its other Galaxies would fight with Burrock against the Blood Spirit intruders. Beta would be ravaged in the fight with the Spirits, some Clusters only having a handful of survivors. With the threat over, Clan Star Adder's Khan Cassius N'Buta would resume his duel Burrock's surviving senior officer for control of Albion and ultimately fate Clan Burrock itself. After the conflict, unblooded Star Captain Stanislov of N'Buta Bloodline would be elected by survivors of Beta to be come Adder Keeper of the Clan.[1]

The Galaxy would be decommissioned after taking massive losses during the Burrock Absorption, where one fragment of the Galaxy would remain. Its survivors would be transferred to Alpha Galaxy.[2] Reconstituted in late 3062 under command of the then Galaxy Commander Stanislov N’Buta, he would lead Beta as part of the brutal and bloody invasion of Clan Blood Spirit's world of York. The Galaxy's initial assault would result in the destruction of one of the Spirit's WarShips, Blood Fury. Beta and its component Clusters would end up claiming southern reaches of the Boques continent. The Galaxy would remain on planet as part Adder's conclave garrison force and blood many young Blood Spirit warriors due to determination of Spirits efforts to reclaim the lost region.[3]

Wars of Reaving[edit]

During the Wars of Reaving, Beta Galaxy's squadrons provided cover for Alpha Galaxy's ground forces when they landed on Nouveaux Paris.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Beta Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Jenica Turgidson prior to 3059
Galaxy Commander MacLeod Connery 3067
Galaxy Commander Sephia Paik 3085[5]



Composition History[edit]


6th Assault Cluster


4th Assault Cluster

10th Armored Cavalry

15th Armored Cavalry

73rd Adder Cavaliers

  • CO/Star Colonel Frederik N'Buta

80th Adder Cavaliers

  • CO/Star Colonel Rai Paik


4th Assault Cluster

  • CO/Galaxy Commander Sephia Paik

10th Armored Cavalry

15th Armored Cavalry

  • CO/Star Colonel Marck Cannon

80th Adder Cavaliers

  • CO/Star Colonel Rita Marghar

Former Units[edit]



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