Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Merchant


The Bifrost, named for the rainbow bridge to Asgard that is guarded by Heimdall in norse mythology, was a Merchant-class JumpShip. Operated by Heimdall agents, it took part in the sabotage of the commercial JumpShip Meridian in the Fomalhaut system on 11 May 3027. Consequently, the Bifrost was activated as replacement JumpShip to take over the Meridian's contract to bring the DropShip Silver Eagle from Fomalhaut to Errai. This was a planned maneuver to allow Heimdall to capture the Silver Eagle, precipitating the Silver Eagle Affair.[1] The Heimdall agents had been hired to bring the Silver Eagle to Sirius, but Heimdall directed the Bifrost to Styx instead. They were shocked to learn that the VIP aboard the Silver Eagle was none other than Melissa Steiner herself. The Bifrost later followed the Kell Hounds JumpShip Cucamulus to Northwind in the Federated Suns.

When refugees from Styx were given land to settle on Lyons by the Archon in the aftermath of the Silver Eagle affair, captain Danica Holstein offered to make the Bifrost available to the Kell Hounds.[2] Her son Clovis went to work for Eire MechWorks; it is implied he contributed his programming skills to the development of the Wolfhound.

By 3029 the Bifrost served in the Kell Hounds' Transportation Division under veteran captain Danica Holstein.[3]


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