Big Kev's Brigade

Insignia of Big Kev's Brigade
Big Kev's Brigade
Formed 2853[1]
Nickname Boundless Enthusiasm
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent

Big Kev's Brigade were a mercenary unit operating during the later years of the Second Succession War.[1] [2]


The genesis of Big Kev's Brigade stem from Kevin Batterson, a wealthy noble and entrepreneur who used the economic and social disruptions caused by the First Succession War to snap up failing companies which he proceed to gut for still-viable assets, widely known for his carefully crafted and larger-than-life persona of "Big Kev". To the amazement of observers given his lack of military training, in an attempt to expand his influence with the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery and gain a measure of protection from his enemies, Batterson expanded his corporate reach by deciding to form a mercenary command.[2]

Using the same methods he used to build the rest of his corporate empire, Batterson sought out numerous existing but failing mercenary commands which he bought out to acquire their assets, resulting in a solid core of experienced and skilled officers and BattleMechs. The remainder of the unit was staffed around employees from his other corporate holdings, offering "upskilling" or "exciting new opportunities" to those in positions liable to be eliminated, resulting in a heavily loyal but militarily inexperienced oversized regiment. While Kevin Batterson adopted the rank of Colonel and formal command of the unit, day to day operations were handled by Lieutenant Colonel Zephyr Isaacs, a seasoned officer from one of the units he had bought out.[2]

As Batterson had assumed, the DCMS eagerly accepted and hired his new mercenary unit as they prepared for undertake a new offensive. Unfortunately where he had believed the Brigade would be used to bolster other units and serve on defensive duties on the border, Coordinator Miyogi Kurita's Marathon Offensive launched in 2854 meant they were thrown into offensive operations to which they were ill-suited. Taking part in the Combine's invasions of Lucerne in June 2854 and Rochester in 2855 alongside DCMS regular units, while both operations were successful Big Kev's Brigade's lack of skill resulted in considerable causalities, forcing Batterson to disband one of the battalions to to shore up the remainder. In response to the disquiet in the unit this "restructuring" caused, Batteron ran a public relations campaign playing up the survivors as war heroes and honoring their valiant sacrifices for the Dragon.[2]

These efforts would result in disastrous overconfidence when Coordinator Miyogi chose to launch further deep attacks into the Federated Suns to prevent the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns from reinforcing the Draconis March capital of Robinson, with the on paper at least regiment sized Big Kev's Brigade assigned to tackle the invasion of Saltural alone in January 2856. Though succeeding in landing on the world in the face of moderate resistance, despite their enthusiastic attacks the Brigade's overall lack of experience began to tell against the much more battle hardened FedSun defenders, being forced onto the backfoot and unable to regain momentum. With the arrival of AFFS reinforcements the Colonel Batterson ordered his apprehensive and battered Brigade to retreat.[2]

Despite their ejection from Saltural, the Brigade succeeded in drawing away from vital Federated Suns resources from Robinson, and after brief refit were sent on numerous hit and run raids along the Robinson front to secure supplies and further tie up AFFS units. The high intensity tempo of these raids would give the unit little chance to recuperate and by the time Miyogi ordered the Marathon Offensive ended in 2858, the battered Big Kev's Brigade had lost nearly two-thirds of their original strength. Finally rotated back to Lucerne for refit and repair, while now battle hardened Big Kev's Brigade personnel's experiences had burned away their once seemingly limitless enthusiasm, a malaise that no amount of rousing speeches and corporate slogans from Batterson could overcome.[2]

Despite the unit's rock bottom morale and extensive losses, the performance of Big Kev's Brigade during the Marathon Offensive had allowed DCMS line units to be used more productively elsewhere which the Coordinator duly noted, rewarding Kevin Batterson's support for the Combine by allowing him to expand his holdings, which ultimately was the primary reason he had formed the unit.[2] By the end of Second Succession War in 2864 the battered Big Kev's Brigade remained stationed on Lucerne, still under contract with the Draconis Combine.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Big Kev's Brigade
Colonel Kevin Batterson [2]


During their early years one word could sum up Big Kev's Brigade's tactics - enthusiastic. Though the core of the unit was classically militarily trained, the rank and file transfers from elsewhere within Batterson's corporate empire received minimal training from these members along with corporate courses aimed at building loyalty to the unit, resulting in an inexperienced unit filled with raw determination and seemingly boundless enthusiasm. As the unit's losses mounted and the reality of the heavy fighting they saw during the Marathon Offensive took hold, the unit often began to falter in the face of more experienced opposition.[2]


At the time of its formation Big Kev's Brigade boasted a full flight of light aerospace fighters and a enough combat DropShips to move the entire oversize regiment without additional Combine support. The unit's assigned JumpShips cam through Batterson's trading fleet or other corporate allies. As the Brigade's fortunes declined Batterson would in turn either sell off the unit's now excess DropShip and JumpShip assets or lease it to other units fighting for the Combine.[2]

Composition History[edit]


Big Kev's Brigade (Regiment/Green/Fanatical)[1]

At this point in time the light-weight unit had an operational readiness of 135 percent,[1] and consisted of four battalions - three a mix of light and medium 'Mechs with the fourth mostly consisting on mediums with a few heavier designs.[2]


Big Kev's Brigade (Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[1]

Note: At this point in time the light-weight unit was stationed on Lucerne with an operational readiness of 44 percent,[1] a battalion and a half of combat-worth personnel and 'Mechs.[2]



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