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Bill Wilkes

Bill Wilkes
Character Profile
Affiliation Federated Suns
Profession MechWarrior

Cheating death hundreds of times, Bill Wilkes was a notable House Davion MechWarrior made famous for his ambush tactics during the final decades of the Third Succession War.


As of 3025 Bill Wilkes held the rank of Lieutenant and commanded the Wilkes Recon Lance in the Fourth Deneb Light Cavalry. While disliked by many for being a swaggering egoist, "Wildman Bill" as he insists on being called is also grudgingly admired for his famous ambushes in his Javelin named Hi There![1]

One of most notable of these ambushes is the so-called Battle of Waterhole Number Nine during the Second Battle of Cylene II in December 3002. Hiding under 30 meters of water in a moderately sized recreational lake in standby mode to hide their heat signatures; consisting mostly of Javelins, the recon lances of the Fourth Deneb waited as the rest of their unit pulled back. As the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery assault 'Mechs entered Waterhole Number Nine to begin attacking the Davion defensive line some 400 meters away, the Fourth's recon lances fired at point-blank range underwater at the unaware Kurita 'Mechs just as land forces counterattacked. The ambush was a dazzling success with the Combine forces routed, taking heavy losses that contributed to their withdrawal from Cylene II shortly after.[1]

It's that record that constantly draw eager Davion MechWarriors to join his recon lance, because they know if there is any action around: "Wildman" Bill will find it.[1]


Dale was primarily known to have piloted a Javelin.[1]



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