Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Achilles


The Bison was a modified Achilles-class DropShip belonging to the Nusakan Militia that housed the Nusakan Search and Rescue Team.

It participated in a space rescue mission back in 3056, when the Free Worlds League freighter Tropical Paradise blew two helium seals at the nadir point.

It was also used on firefighting missions during the Great Flatlands forest fires of 3064.

In February of 3068, when Militia officers on Nusakan detected what they though was a small naval battle at a pirate point located ten days from the planet. The Bison was sent to investigate.[1] What the Bison found were the remains of the Word of Blake Sovetskii Soyuz-class WarShip WoBS Stalwart Defender[2] that had been destroyed, a casualty of the battle that was fought by unknown ships in the system on the 24th of February by Skye Broadcasting.[3][4]


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