Black Dragon (group)

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These so called "society" has on goal: to reestablish the glory of the old days of the DCMS. A swamp of yakuza, business man, DCMS soldiers and even some of the loyal Dragons sons of the ISF. The shadow faction has great influence through their member. A influential opponent was Chasendrakar Kurita with his hired guns 17th Recon Regiment.


Less a criminal organization than a political/terrorist movement, the Black Dragon operates more like a loose alliance of its component members and their most trusted underlings. No exact rank structure exists within the organization, though it is believed that the highest-ranking members hold irregular meetings to discuss major activities designed to advance their cause.


=> sabotage
=> weapons smuggling
=> other business [1]


They have no regular rank structure. Each segment have their own resources and give it when needed.

Yakuza => manpower, smuggling channels and so on
DCMS => weapons + troops , example the Town-Invasion or assault on Alshain through the Alshain Avengers with warship support
ISF => with their capabilities they are early warning system for the hole movement
Corporate Leaders => they use their business as cover for operation or as legal background for agents


The operations of these group has great impact in the last 2 decades. From the failed assassination attempt in 3058 to the Battles for Luthien during the Jihad period. They were accused to provoke the FedCom incursion, the Dominion War and other events. The normal citizen has little to fear. Higher ranking official or person which are a symbol for the liberate politic of the government are in prime targets.


Low Level[edit]

The foot soldiers are the common sight of the society. After the introduction into a cell, the member act only with orders. The persons know that his work undermine the current government.

Medium Level[edit]

The link between the foot soldier and the 'High Command ' weals great responsibility. With the right arguments it can make an operation a lot easier. A wrong word or behavior chance the situation to the worse. The person demands for their risk a high price.

High Level[edit]

These are the highest circle of the organization composed of (CEOs, sho-shos, nobles, ISF officers). Every individual put his influence behind a ongoing operations how long the benefits are higher than the cost. Failure have grave consequences.


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