Black Gold

Black Gold
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Mule-II


The Black Gold was mentioned as a renovated Mule-II-class ore freighter commanded by Captain Harrow Jackson as of 23 June 3136.

The ship witnessed a battle between Kirkpatrick's Invaders and an unknown opponent in the Augustine system. Captain Jackson claimed in an interview that the battle began in space somewhere in the vicinity of Cavalry, the largest moon of the system's fifth planet, Gethsemane. Initially limiting their exchange between aerospace fighters, the combatants dueled until DropShips bearing the IFF and logos of Kirkpatrick's Invaders made planetfall near an abandoned mining settlement in Gethsemane's south polar region.

Jackson further added that while his vessel, departing from a routine mining operation on the planet, attempted to circle around the battle area, his sensors detected a cluster of small craft near the supposedly abandoned facility, including a converted AstroLux star yacht bearing Republic of the Sphere markings.[1]


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