Black Mist Rising

Black Mist Rising
Product information
Type Short story/Serial (10 parts)
Author Randall N. Bills
Pages 82
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 29 May 2005-02 December 2006
Era Jihad era (prelude)
Timeline 15 August-27 November 3067

Black Mist Rising, by Randall N. Bills, is an 10-part serial short story/novella published on BattleCorps. The individual parts narrate scenes just before the beginning of the Jihad era containing signs and portents of what is to come; the serial does not properly conclude, however.

Plot summary[edit]


published 29 May 2005
Now we bring you house Kurita as it moves into the Jihad. Randall Bills tells a tale of Samurai and Kokuryu-kai, Dragons and Yellow Birds.

On 15 August 3067, old Jogen of the Kokuryu-kai receives a mysterious message on Luthien. Elsewhere on the planet, Shin Yodama cuts off his left pinkie finger at the first knuckle in preparation for a quest to infiltrate the Yakuza and the Kokuryu-kai. He places the severed limb into a modified Preserving Sleeve so that it may be reattached if he fulfills his mission quickly enough.

Chapter One[edit]

published 05 June 2005
Hohiro Kurita & Andrew Redburn, ancient enemies & good friends.

In the aftermath of a training exercise on Tukayyid, Hohiro Kurita and Andrew Redburn discuss the current political situation.

Chapter Two[edit]

published 11 June 2005
This time we're off to Orestes to join Colonel Neil Campbell...

Royal Black Watch commander Colonel Neil Campbell is unhappy with his assignment to guard what he considers a lame-duck First Lord—a duty he yearned for but now finds unfulfilling.

Chapter Three[edit]

published 22 June 2005
How does one go from the guarding the Coordinator to being a Black Dragon? Through a manufacturing plant of course!

Under the assumed identity of maintenance worker "Taro Toguchi", Shin Yodama contacts the Yakuza and pretends to be a survivor of the destroyed Ryugawa-gumi, hoping to pique their interest.

Chapter Four[edit]

published 30 June 2005
Forget dogs... Intel is a man's best friend.

Hohiro Kurita ponders his misgivings about the weak rule of First Lord Christian Månsdotter while on his way to a secret, informal meeting with Caradoc Trevena. They exchange their respective realms' latest intelligence reports to build trust. Trevana is especially concerned about vague reports about a strange mining ship in the periphery (reportedly a modified Faslane-class vessel), because none other than Alexander Kernoff solicited the plans for the ship in 3043 and because another partially intercepted message reads "Gabriel. Miningship. Relocate." Trevena and Kurita agree that they are possibly looking at a disguised WarShip built by the Word of Blake at the mythical Ruins of Gabriel.

Chapter Five[edit]

published 28 July 2005
We rejoin the Commanding officer of the SLDF on his way to Tharkad.

On his way to the Star League conference aboard the Merchant-class JumpShip Star of Cameroon in the Orestes system, Hohiro Kurita learns from a decidedly unhealthy-looking First Lord Christian Månsdotter that someone just attempted to poison him.

Chapter Six[edit]

published 24 December 2005
Wheels within wheels

Old Jogen moves through the outskirts of Imperial City on Luthien, followed by Isoroku, a spy who in turn is also being observed by another man named Kyle.

Chapter Seven[edit]

published 28 October 2006
After a ten-month hiatus, Black Mist Rising continues! Shin Yodama lurks in the underbelly of Luthien, the Industrial Sector. For weeks "Taro" has been living as one of the locals, working hard for little pay, going from one painful day to the next, all for the Dragon. Tonight should be a night of change—he has a meeting with a contact scheduled. If all goes well...

Shin Yodama waits to meet a contact in a seedy bar, but finally leaves when it seems his contact failed to show. On his way home he is surprised to find the data disk in his pocket was exchanged for a key.

Kyle confronts Isoroku and tells him that he has proof that Abess Tomade Yamiro is a Kokuryu-kai member.

Chapter Eight[edit]

published 05 November 2006
The Royal Black Watch had been a hidden sect of the Northwind Highlanders for many years. When the Highlanders are recalled to Northwind following the sudden death of several clan elders, Loren Jaffray takes it upon himself to see if the Royal Black Watch will follow...

Aboard the Star of Cameroon, Hohiro Kurita discusses the attempt on Månsdotter's life with Neil Campbell. They are joined by Loren Jaffray, who cautions Campbell about possible ties between Word of Blake and Vicore Industries, who licensed the LGB-12C Longbow to the Northwinds' Cosara Weaponries and insists there is more behind the recent deaths of four Clan Elders within a few weeks than meets the eye.

Chapter Nine[edit]

published 02 December 2006
Perceptions and preconceptions are always, yet never what they seem in the Draconis Combine culture. No matter who or where you are. What you see is always what you never get.

At the Star League conference reception, Hohiro Kurita is surprised to mees his cousin Chandrasekhar Kurita, who ominously tells him of the importance of the conference and that he came here on his own accord to conduct unspecified business.

Meanwhile at a secret Kokuryu-kai meeting, Jogen is shocked to be confronted by one powerful member seriously suggesting that the Combine is corrupted beyond redemption, and should be allowed to die instead of being reformed.

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