Black Star of India

Black Star of India
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Mammoth


The Black Star of India was a Mammoth-class DropShip that escaped Galedon when a full Star of Clan Snow Raven WarShips arrived in mid-3068 in the system and proceeded to destroy a number of military bases and installations on the surface of the planet. This was followed by instructions for the inhabitants of Galedon – or the "civilian castes" as the Snow Ravens described them – detailing that they had one week to evacuate the world.

The Black Star of India was one of the DropShips to comply with that order and witnessed the Raven WarShips obliterate the Draconis Combine WarShip Galedon Explorer that had come to defend the planet.[1]

Its whereabouts after that incident are unknown.


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