Black Watch

Black Watch
Black Watch
Production information
Manufacturer Cosara Weaponries
Production Year 3061[1]
Model BKW-7R
Class Assault
Cost 8,818,118 C-bills
Technical specifications
'Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 85 tons
Chassis Norse Heavy XT2-1A Endo Steel
Armor Valiant Lamellor with CASE
Engine Strand 255
Communications System O/P AIR500 w/C3 Slave Unit
Targeting Tracking System DLK Type Phased Array Sensor System
Heat Sinks 10 Double Heat Sinks
Speed 54.0 km/h
Jump Jets Rawlings 54
BV (1.0) 1,831[2][3]
BV (2.0) 1,998[4]


Built with the intention of showing solidarity in the spirit of the new Star League, the Black Watch is the culmination of the efforts of Cosara Weaponries, the Northwind Highlanders, and Captain Neil Campbell of the Royal Black Watch. The Black Watch is built on the same chassis as the classic Crockett which served with distinction in the old Star League Defense Force. The 'Mech is powered by the rugged and durable Strand 255 fusion engine, giving the Black Watch a top speed of 54.0 km/h. For added mobility, the Black Watch has three Rawlings 54 jump jets that allow the 'Mech to jump up to ninety meters. The Black Watch has ten double heat sinks that are more than adequate for the needs of the 'mech and has fifteen tons of Valiant Lamellor armor with CASE to protect itself from ammunition explosions.[5]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Black Watch carries an Imperator Light Gauss Rifle as its primary weapon, allowing the 'mech to engage an enemy at up to seven hundred and fifty meters. This is backed up by an Imperator Automatic Ultra Autocannon/10 that can fire at twice the rate of a standard autocannon. For medium to short ranges, the Black Watch has a Shigunga MRM-40 launcher. The Black Watch has received some criticism due to its heavy reliance on ammunition based weapons. To make the most of them, the Black Watch carries a C3 slave unit to allow it to share targeting data with friendly units through a C3 network.[5]


  • BKW-9R 
    This variant was introduced during the Jihad. All of the original base model's weaponry has been removed in favor of newer equipment. The new loadout includes a Heavy PPC mounted in the right arm, and a Gauss rifle fitted in the left with 1 ton of ammunition. The 'Mech also sports a pair of 7-Tube Multi-Missile Launchers, one in each side torso, which are provided with 4 tons of ammunition. BV (2.0) = 2,144[6]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Black Watch has the following Design Quirk:[7]

Related BattleMechs[edit]

  • Crockett - The Black Watch BattleMech "is built around the same chassis as the SLDF's training 'Mech, the Crockett," an assault BattleMech that was both durable and jump-capable. [8]



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