Black Widow Company

The Black Widow Company
Spider's Web Battalion
Formed 3014
Previous Designation(s) Black Widow Company
Black Widow Battalion
Wolf Spider Battalion
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Wolf's Dragoons

The infamous Black Widow Company was a semi-independent unit within the larger mercenary unit Wolf's Dragoons, formed and led throughout its existence by Natasha Kerensky, the "Black Widow".

Although composed mostly of misfits and troublemakers, the Black Widow Company was a dangerous elite fighting unit with a reputation for brilliant tactics and a boldness bordering on folly. Renowned for their skill as MechWarriors, Natasha Kerensky and her unit were also known and feared for cruelty, deceitfulness and generally dishonorable behavior, attributes that set them apart from the rest of the highly esteemed Wolf's Dragoons. Despite being annihilated at the dawn of the Jihad, they were resurrected shortly, becoming the most prestigious and elite unit in the Dragoons. However, at the dawn of the IlClan Era, they were deactivated again after suffering massive losses.


Early Days[edit]

Upon returning from Terra in 3014 and his secret meeting with Anton Marik and Chancellor Maximilian Liao, Colonel Jaime Wolf decided to create a new unit to give Dragoon troublemakers and hard cases a chance to rehabilitate themselves before being court-martialed. He put Lieutenant Natasha Kerensky in command of this new unit as she loved to tackle near impossible situations and still pull through to victory. Kerensky, now Captain, quickly began to get her new unit into shape as a company-sized problem solver unit able to handle situations that larger formations could not. By the time the Dragoons were in Marik Space, the unit was ready for the test.[1]

The Black Widow's first recorded action was during Anton Marik's Revolt in 3014 on Calloway. There they helped the trapped Wolf's Dragoons forces escape offworld.[2]

In 3019 the New Avalon Institute of Science decided to place several research facilities on Hoff, particularly the Friden Aerospace Park that played a crucial role in the rediscovery of several technologies including Double Heat Sinks and the development of the Super Wasp and Super Griffin BattleMechs into prototype stage. The facility was sacked by the Black Widow Company[3] in 3022, even though Eridani Light Horse units tried to prevent it, even enhanced in some case with the technology being developed by the NAIS[4] during the period in which Wolf's Dragoons were in the employ of the Draconis Combine.[3]

The Black Widow Company raided Doneval II in 3021 during their contract for the Draconis Combine, and faced the Cadet Corps from the Meistmorn Academy.[5]

In 3022, Kessel was subject to a raid from the Black Widow Company, under contract with the Lyran Commonwealth. At the time, the planet was defended by elements of Smithson's Chinese Bandits led by Captain Terrell Pilson.[6]

Under contract with the Draconis Combine, the Black Widow Company fought an engagement with the Eridani Light Horse on New Aberdeen sometime between 3023 and 3025.[7]

Still under Kurita contract, and during the end of the Third Succession War elements of the 21st Illician Rangers faced the Black Widow Company on Galtor III.[8]

Klathandu IV was the scene of battle between the Black Widow Company and McKendrick's Company from the Third Davion Guards.[9]

Coursadin (Remis III) was the site of a battle between forces the Black Widow Company, versus Federated Suns forces including the Third Davion Guards and Lindon's Company. A Black Widow Company attack against an ammo dump had been repulsed, and headhunter forces gunning for Natasha Kerensky specifically engaged her in the Battle for Coursadin, a hard-fought engagement that went for at least a week.[10] Up to this time Lindon's Company was under the command of Owen Lindon,[11] but shortly afterwards as of 3025 it was under the command of "acting captain" Sarah Lindon,[12] suggesting Owen Lindon may have been killed or incapacitated in this battle. (See notes)

During the Third Succession War, Thule's frozen and valuable watery climate was used as bait to trap elements from the pirate Helmar Valasek led by Roger "The Tiger" Tregarth. House Kurita used the Black Widow Company to surprise the pirates and destroy them.[13] (It should be noted that this particular engagement took place far from the Black Widows' known deployment zone at the time; circumstantial evidence suggests it may have been not the real Black Widow Company, but a false flag operation by a faux unit which in turn may have had the approval of the real Black Widows. Natasha Kerensky herself at one point suggested she had doubles.[14])

The Black Widow Company engaged elements of the 21st Centauri Lancers during the Twelfth Battle of Marduk.[15] (See notes)

During the Third Succession War Le Blanc was the scene of a complicated incident involving the Black Widow Company, Michael Hasek-Davion, the Bounty Hunter and a family of high-tech skilled individuals ensued.[16]

During the sixth campaign for Bergman's Planet, the Black Widow Company and Rajhan's Company, Fourth Davion Guards fought.[17]

In September 3026, Wolf's Dragoons, including the Black Widow Company, along with the Fifth Sword of Light were tasked with flushing out resistance to the Kurita-backed government of Kawabe from cities and other defensive positions.[18]


  • The battle on Coursadin seems to have taken place in early November 3024, where a detachment of Epsilon Regiment was wrapping up operations on "Courasin"[19] (implicitly meant to be the same battle elsewhere noted to have taken place on or at "Coursadin (Remis III)")[10][20] and returning to their base on Thestria.

Misery & Fourth Succession War[edit]

The unit survived both fights in quite good shape unlike most of the Dragoons units. The unit fought in Misery and then was included as part of Alpha Regiment fighting in Glenmora and Crossing.[21]

At that time, none of the disciplinary measures awaiting the unit's member had been executed.[21]

Return to Business[edit]

Following the devastating losses that Wolf's Dragoons suffered during the Battle of Misery against House Kurita and in the following Fourth Succession War, the Black Widow Company was the first unit available for hire again and signed a contract on 7 November 7 3031. On 16 December of that year it was publicly announced that Natasha Kerensky had been promoted to Colonel, and that the unit had been upgraded to battalion strength. It was subsequently known as the Black Widow Battalion.[22]


In 3031, Tsinghai planetary rules hired the new Black Widow Battalion to defend their world after discovering from the compromised SAFE spy network on planet that it was a target of the Duchy of Orloff. In 3032 during the midst of the Andurien Secession, hawkish members of the Parliament who had felt Captain-General Janos Marik had not done enough during the Fourth War pressured his regent Thomas Marik to take some proactive action against the Steiner-Davion alliance. Unwilling to commit the untested Fourth Free Worlds Guards in subduing the Anduriens, Thomas attempted to both appease the hawks in parliament and give the unbloodied unit a chance to prove itself, allowing the Fourth's commanding officer Colonel Veena Ligacescu to launch an attack against the Sarna March world of Tsinghai in February. With intelligence indicating only minimal resistance, success seemed a foregone conclusion.[23][22][24]

Much to the new Fourth's shock, the planet was defended by the also newly enlarged Black Widow Battalion. Natasha Kerensky led the sub-unit of Wolf's Dragoons and effortlessly proved their elite status by shattering the Fourth so badly that the survivors chose to defect to Federated Commonwealth rather than return home to the League. As they feared, Captain-General Janos Marik was enraged by this betrayal, and the disgraced Fourth Free Worlds Guards were permanently disbanded and struck from the rolls of the FWLM.[23][22][24]


After Wallacia rejected the Internal Emergency Act of 3030, the Second Oriente Hussars seized the world's capital, but a government in-exile was established in Kujari (who had also not signed the Act). Both governments hired the Black Widow Battalion, with Wallacia getting first help. The Widows quick victories set both governments to the negotiation table and a settlement was agreed.[25]


A minor border world in 3033, Kujari was considered a possible target for invasion by Chancellor Romano Liao following conflicts on a number of nearby worlds including Wallacia, which suggested that the local region of space was unstable. Romano elected to deploy an all-mercenary force to avoid damaging any of her regular CCAF units, choosing to send four battalion-sized mercenary units to probe the world: McCrimmon's Light Cavalry, Rivaldi's Hussars, St. Cyr's Armored Grenadiers and Steele's Eagles, with overall command of the operation going to Colonel Donovan Steele of Steele's Eagles.[26]

Unfortunately for the Grenadiers, Romano's invasion force would face the Black Widow Battalion led by Natasha Kerensky, as Kujari had been used for some time as a base of operations for the Black Widows. Steele elected to attack using a bold, aggressive plan similar to those used by Wolf's Dragoons, a plan that was largely predicted by Kerensky from the outset. Despite a contested landing, the four mercenary commands managed to link up, but couldn't bring their numbers to bear against the Black Widows, and the campaign finished in defeat when Kerensky deceived many of the mercenaries into believing that her forces had left the planet, only to then launch a decapitation raid against the Eagles. Kerensky prevailed over Colonel Steele in a duel and called on him to surrender. Steele not only surrendered, he also led his unit to defect to the Federated Commonwealth rather than face a vengeful Romano Liao.[26]


In 3035, Warrior House Ijori was stationed on Gei-Fu along with the Fourth McCarron's Armored Cavalry to control them. There, defending the home base of the Warrior House's first battalion, they faced off against the Black Widow Battalion (under contract from the Kell Hounds). This facility held arms, equipment, and other military supplies, but also served as a precious metals depository. The Widows distracted the CCAF units long enough for Seventh Kommando troops to infiltrate the base and plant explosives in the munitions lockers. The resulting blast destroyed the first battalion of the Warrior House and registered as a 7.5 earthquake on seismometers. The Widows then engaged the Second Battalion until reducing it to less than 20% operation.[27]

Recall to Outreach[edit]

They were recalled to the Dragoon homeworld of Outreach in 3035 and ordered to provide training for other Dragoon units for the following seven years. It is believed that during this time, the unit was restructured following Clan doctrine: Each company comprised of 15 BattleMechs (instead of 12 as per Inner Sphere standard), known among the Clans as a Trinary.[28]

War of 3039[edit]

In 3039 the Eighteenth Marik Militia took the world of Hall from the Federated Commonwealth quickly and easily. Unfortunately the Black Widow Battalion led the counterattack, capturing part of the Second Battalion and smashing the other two battalions. The Eighteenth withdrew to their base world to rebuild.[29][30]


When the Clan invasion began in 3049, Natasha Kerensky left Wolf's Dragoons and resumed her place among her fellow trueborn Clan warriors, eventually attaining the rank of Khan of Clan Wolf. The original Black Widow Battalion was disbanded after she left the unit, and a new unit called the Wolf Spider Battalion was formed within Wolf's Dragoons in their place.

The unit, led by Maeve Wolf, was equipped with Inner Sphere BattleMechs, but upgraded with Clan technology, fought with great success in the Dragoon Civil War, the First Harlech and Second Harlech battles. However, the unit was already severely weakened in Second Harlech, and fell under the attack of their "allies" of the Broadsword Legion, who were in reality Blakist moles. Only one of the MechWarriors, Stacy Church survived. The rest of the unit was destroyed in the battle or the Blakist nuclear bombardment.[citation needed]


After the failed Battle of Mars, the Dragoons tried to build new units on Arc-Royal, but without any success. Three of the new members of the unit died from suicide during the training. Then Maeve Wolf decided to resurrect the Black Widow Company. Assigning this task to Stacy Church, she explained his decision "because people fear legends".[31]

Stacy decided to search their new recruits between veterans, malcontents, and those whose sole aim was to kill Blakists. The place to find them: Outreach.

The arrival of the Black Widows, then a single lance at Outreach in a Leopard class DropShip, wasn't very successful: they were detected and attacked by blockade Blakists and downed. All Widows survived the crash, with their 'Mechs operative, but immediately were attacked by their "old friends" of the Broadsword Legion.[32]

Forced to retreat, they lost a member of the lance, and were trapped, but when they prepared for a last stand, two lances of Dragoons, led by a warrior named Francine, come to their rescue. Together, managed to open a hole in the Legion's lines and escape.

The next months, the new Black Widows led the main resistance group fighting against the Blakist occupation forces: the Broadsword Legion and Wannamaker's Widowmakers mercenary groups. The other one resistance unit was led by Tara Lucas.[32]

In September of 3070, Tara and Stacy had a meeting, agreeing to join forces, and the next nine months, they made life for the Blakists. The Black Widows, finally company strength, struck isolated Broadsword garrisons near Harlech, until April 3071. The two groups, acting together for the first time, drew the Broadsword Legion out of Harlech City. The Widows allowed them to be caught, but when the Legion were to annihilate the Widows, Tara Lucas forces attacked them. In the fight, the Legion was destroyed. Only Kari Marita and some warriors managed to escape.[33]

After the Legion's destruction, both resistance groups launched an assault on Wanamaker's Widowmakers' base on Remus continent where they had Dragoons' dependents prisoners. The assault was a success; despite the death of Tara Lucas, the Widowmakers were effectively destroyed, and the Dragoons captured four DropShips. Using three to evacuate refugees from planet, another was claimed by the Widows. Before departing Outreach, Stacy send a short message to Maeve Wolf: "The black Widows are back".[33]

After leaving Outreach, the Widows began touring inside the Blakist Protectorate, striking targets of opportunity.[34]

Dark Age[edit]

The unit, after the Jihad, was renamed Spider's Web and replaced both Zeta and Wolf Spiders battalions as the Dragoons' more elite command. Their first significant action in the thirty-second century involved raids on the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey, fighting alongside Camacho's Caballeros on Saltillo.[35]

On an unknown date, the Spider's Web fought Clan Jade Falcon on the Lyran planet of Great X. There, after defeating the Falcons, a team led by Major Henry Kincaid captured a Falcon Overlord-C-class DropShip, which was later renamed Jaime Wolf (Individual Overlord-C-class DropShip) and assigned to the Spider's Web.[36]

The Spider's Web was stationed on the Dragon's Tongue world of Saginaw when the Suns launched Operation PERCEVAL. There, the Dragoons raised an effective defense against Erik Sandoval-Groell's taskforce, but as they faced an entire RCT, and were unable to receive Combine reinforcements, the 9 May 3149, they could no longer hold and retreated into the Tongue's, leaving Saginaw in the Suns' control.[37]

IlClan Era and Disbandment[edit]

The Spider's Web fought, alongside most of the Dragoons, at the Battle of Terra, sustaining heavy losses. Compared with the other Dragoon regiments, they were lucky: Baker and Charlie companies only sustained forty percent losses, but the new Dragoons leader, Colonel Henry Kincaid was forced to deactivate the Spider's Web, at least temporarily.[38]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Black Widow Company
Captain Natasha Kerensky 30153031[39][40]
Commanding Officers of the Black Widow Battalion
Colonel Natasha Kerensky 3031–3049[22]
Commanding Officers of the Wolf Spider Battalion
Colonel Mackenzie Wolf 30503054[41]
Major John Clavell 3054–3067[42]
Commanding Officers of the Re-formed Black Widow Company
Captain Stacy Church 3072[43]
Commanding Officers of the Spider's Web Battalion
Major Eleanor Chan 3145[44]


Hit hard and quick.

Composition History[edit]


Black Widow Company[39]

  • Command Lance
Captain Natasha Kerensky - Warhammer
Colin Maclaren - Marauder
Lynn Sheridan - Crusader
  • Fire Lance
Lieutenant Takiro Ikeda - Archer
Michael Andrews - Shadow Hawk
Nikolai Koniev - Wasp
Akira Harlowe - Thunderbolt
  • Recon Lance
Piet Nichols - Phoenix Hawk
Steve Tommersom - Hornet
Lieutenant Arthur Williams - Locust

3025 - 3028[edit]

Black Widow Company[40][45]

  • Command Lance
Captain Natasha Kerensky - WHM-6R Warhammer
Colin Maclaren - MAD-3R Marauder
Lynn Sheridan - CRD-3R Crusader
John Hayes - GRF-1N Griffin
  • Fire Lance
Lieutenant Takiro Ikeda - ARC-2R Archer
Miklos Delius - ARC-2R Archer
Nikolai Koniev - WSP-1A Wasp
Alex Ward - STG-3R Stinger
  • Recon Lance
Lieutenant John Clavell - RFL-3N Rifleman
Piet Nichols - PXH-1K Phoenix Hawk
Simon Fraser - STG-3R Stinger
Mohammar Jahan - STG-3R Stinger



Black Widow Company[21]

  • Command Lance
Captain Natasha Kerensky - Warhammer
Sergeant Colin Maclaren - Marauder
Lynn Sheridan - Crusader
John Hayes - Griffin
  • Fire Lance
Lieutenant Takiro Ikeda - Panther
Sergeant Miklos Delius - Whitworth
Nikolai Koniev - Firefly
Delmar Lindstrom - Shadow Hawk
  • Recon Lance
Lieutenant John Clavell - Firefly
Sergeant Piet Nichols - Hornet
Simon Fraser - Stinger
Mohammar Jahan - Stinger


Black Widow Battalion[22]

  • Command Lance
Colonel Natasha Kerensky - Warhammer
Captain Takiro Ikeda - Shogun
Lynn Sheridan - Crusader
John Hayes - Griffin
  • First BattleMech Company (Wolf Spiders)
  • First Lance
Captain John Clavell - Firefly
Sergeant Simon Fraser - Stinger
Mohammar Jahan - Stinger
Bradley Turlow - Vulcan
  • Second Lance
Lieutenant Piet Nichols - Hornet
Steven Fujimi - Marauder II
Jorge Muller - Annihilator
Ulzanna Whitehead - Flea
  • Third Lance
Lieutenant James Riker - Imp
Sergeant Paul Sayers - Warhammer
Wilson Smullen - Shogun
Ted Heyden - Ostroc
  • Second BattleMech Company (Tarantulas)
  • First Lance
Captain MacKenzie Wolf - Enforcer
Lillith Lang - Hermes II
Trel Morkai - Rifleman
John Castle - Crusader
  • Second Lance
Lieutenant Leslie Kawalli - Marauder
Sergeant Miklos Delius - Whitworth
Nikolai Koniev - Firefly
Delmar Lindstrom - Shadow Hawk
  • Third Lance
Lieutenant Norah Jane Stokes - Griffin
Maurice Frenn - Falcon
Timothy Storrs - Charger
Kathy Keegan - Wolverine
  • Aerospace Company
  • First Lance
Lieutenant Sidney "Jackrabbit" Moskowitz - Thrush
Thomas "Top Hat" Gordon - Thrush
  • Second Lance
Lieutenant Clarence "Sweep" Lamond - Cheetah
Ruben "Switchblade" Norris - Cheetah
  • Third Lance
Lieutenant William "Trigger" Fitch - Centurion
Scott "Swede" Anderson - Centurion
  • Third Team, Seventh Kommando


Black Widow Battalion (Battalion/Elite/Fanatical)[47]

  • Wolf Spiders (First Company)[48]
  • Tarantulas (Second Company)[48]
  • Black's Widow's Own (Third Company)[48]
  • Aerospace Company[48]
  • Support Infantry Company (Third Team, Seventh Kommando)[48]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Outreach.[47]
Note: At this time the unit was already organized with Clan structure, its lances containing 5 BattleMechs and the aerospace company containing 5 Points.[48]


Wolf Spider Battalion.jpg

Wolf Spider Battalion (Reinforced Cluster)[49]

CO: Major John Clavell
  • Wolf Striker Cluster
  • Spider Trinary (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Star, 5 BattleMechs each)
  • Tarantula Trinary (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Star, 5 BattleMechs each)
  • Web Trinary (Alpha and Beta Star, 5 BattleMechs each; Gamma Star of 5 Elemental Points)


Wolf Spider Battalion (Strengthened Battalion/Elite/Fanatical)[50]

  • 1st Trinary (Spider Trinary) (3 'Mech Stars)
  • 2nd Trinary (Tarantula Trinary) (3 'Mech Stars)
  • CO: Captain Connor McDougal
  • 3rd Trinary (Web Trinary) (2 'Mech Stars, 1 Elemental Star)
  • Widow Flight (Aerospace fighter Squadron/Elite/Fanatical) (6 fighters)
  • CO: Captain Andrea Tyler
  • Third Infantry, Seventh Kommando (Gray Wolf) (Kommando Strike Team/Elite/Fanatical)
  • CO: Lieutenant Gerald Davidson
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Outreach.[42]


Wolf Spider Battalion (Reinforced Battalion/Elite/Fanatical)[51]

  • Spider Trinary (3 'Mech Stars)
  • CO: Captain Ian MacIntosh
  • Tarantula Trinary (3 'Mech Stars)
  • CO: Captain Dirk Samuels
  • Black Widow Trinary (3 'Mech Stars)
  • Widow Flight (Aerospace fighter Squadron/Elite/Fanatical) (6 fighters)
  • CO: Captain Andrea Tyler
  • Third Infantry, Seventh Kommando (Gray Wolf) (Kommando Strike Team/Elite/Reliable)
  • CO: Lieutenant Gerald Davidson
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Outreach.[52]


Black Widow Company

Captain. Stacy Church - ZEU-9WD Zeus X
Lt. Jacob Kincaid - UZL-2S Uziel Jacob II
Francine - GRF-6S Griffin Francine II
Calvin Magdaleno - BLR-4S BattleMaster Calvin II
  • Fire Lance
Lt. Eirene Rondema - GAL-4GLSA Gallowglas
Orrin Fletcher - DV-7D Dervish
Michael Ramirez - ARC-7S Archer
Max Henricksen - CBR-O2 Cobra
  • Recon Lance
Lt. Wyatt Rolfe - WLF-4WA Wolfhound
Neil Gibson - FFL-4DA Firefly
Halle Yost - TLN-5W Talon
Russel Madison - LCT-6M Locust


Spider's Web Battalion (Elite/Fanatical)[44]

Other references[edit]

  • Parodied in Critter-TEK as the "Black Hippo Company" under Captain Natasha Immenski. According to the description: "Her tactical derring-do, silly clothes, and total confidence in the scriptwriter have led to a winning streak unsurpassed since the days of the Big League. In fact, most of the rest of Wolff's Baboons seem to exist purely to soak up damage while the Black Hippos win the battle" and all of the other Baboon battalions "stand around looking good while the feared and respected Black Hippo Company mops the floor with the enemy".


3015 Company Members[edit]

3025 Company Members[edit]

3072 Company Members[edit]

BattleMech Gallery[edit]


  • Special rules for the Black Widow Company can be found in Historical Turning Points: Misery (p. 9).
  • The Fire Lance's Shadow Hawk pilot during the 3015 attack on Anton Marik's compound on New Delos is named Willard Andrews in Jason Schmetzer's short story, The Memory of Pain.
  • Miklos Delius is spelled in More Tales of the Black Widow as Mikos Delius.
  • Nikolai Koniev is spelled in More Tales of the Black Widow as Nikolai Konief.


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