Blackstone Highlanders

Blackstone Highlanders
Disbanded 3083 (disbanded)
Affiliation House Blackstone
Parent Command Independent


Blackstone Highlanders were formed in the early 2980s by the Blackstone family to defend their corporate assets.[1]

Their roots as a corporate force were no obstacle for them as a mercenary force. The Highlanders raided Jade Falcon planets during the last internal conflict of the former Federated Commonwealth. The unit earned the respect of the Falcons with the capture of supply caches on Twycross during the assault. The goal for the raids became clear as the unit handed their salvage over to their parent organization. It was enough equipment refit the unit and have a huge cache of spare parts.

In the mid-3050s the unit was assigned to bandit-hunting duties. They were successful enough to have several pirate bands based on The Rack issue bounties for one of the Highlanders' MechWarriors.[2]

In 3068 the Highlanders refused a call to rescue the beleaguered Blue Star Irregulars on Black Earth who were under assault from the Jade Falcons, as at the time the unit was under new contract with Inarcs to defend the planet against all threats.[citation needed]

In 3079, the Highlanders were still stationed on Inarcs. The Jihad had been relatively kind to the Highlanders, as they were only five percent under their nominal strength.[3]

In 3083 the Blackstone Highlanders defended Duchess LaRue of the Inarcs Archonette publicly flouted orders and refused to return control of the Archonette to Tharkad. The First Royal Guards and Second Bolan Guards arrived aboard four Monolith JumpShips, escorted by the LAS Yggdrasil, and announced that the Duchess was under arrest.[4] The Blackstone Highlanders occupied their defensive positions and fought the First Royal Guards. The Royal Guards made quick work of the Highlanders, and the Highlanders surrendered after they realized they couldn't succeed or escape.[5] The Highlanders were disbanded by the LCAF, and as of 3085 the Blackstone family hadn't rebuilt the unit.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Blackstone Highlanders
Colonel Scott Blackstone 3059 - 3067[1]

Other Members[edit]


The unit train for every possible mission or enemy that can they face. The Highlanders began with special anti-Clan tactics.


The Highlanders possess enough DropShip capacity for the entire unit, and can on occasion use the JumpShip owned by Blackstone Industries.

The unit's technical staff can cover 70 percent of the technical demand.



Blackstone Highlanders (2 Battalions/Regular/Reliable)[7]

  • CO: Colonel Scott Blackstone)[7]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Outreach.[7]


Blackstone Highlanders (1 Reinforced Battalion/Regular/Reliable)

- The unit contains 4 companies each with four lances => 64 'Mechs total, one third are OmniMechs

Blackswords (1 Wing/Veteran/Reliable)

  • CO: Wing Commander: Major Herbert Blade

- They are experts in ground support and air superiority, losses being replaced with OmniFighters

Blackstone Guard (1 Battalion/Regular/Reliable)

  • Armor Commander: Major Wilfred Sweeny

- Contains one lance of Manteuffel tanks

Black Flag (1 Battalion/Green/Reliable)

  • Infantry Commander: Major Stephanie Kwolek

- 1 recon company, 1 company for security duties and 1 company battle armor


The unit was at 95% of its listed Battalion strength. 90% of the unit used upgraded technology.[3]

Unit Scheme[edit]

The Highlanders take great pride in their ‘Mechs, which they paint with a gray and black marble color scheme. Fighters are painted with a blue and white marble scheme.[8]



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