Blackwell Heavy Industries

Blackwell Heavy Industries
Corporation Profile
HeadquartersNew Valencia
Parent CorporationGeneral Motors[1]
Manufacturing Plant(s)Outreach

Blackwell Heavy Industries was a military goods manufacturer based on New Valencia.


Once only a minor component supplier, association with Wolf's Dragoons in 3007 had led to incredible financial success for the once virtually unknown Blackwell Industries. Bound to the Dragoons by an exclusive contract when they first arrived on Outreach, Blackwell had since become a major military supplier to mercenary units across the Inner Sphere.[citation needed]

During the Dragoon Civil War, the company decided to remain neutral in the conflict, as the company's president wanted to side with Alpin Wolf while most of the board favored Jaime Wolf.[2]

Most of the Blackwell facilities on Outreach were destroyed by the Word of Blake in 3067 at the start of the Jihad.[citation needed] By 3079, the New Valencia facilities had sustained losses of 60% and its operating capacity was at 55%.[3]

In 3075, the Word of Blake struck the world again, successfully loading their cargo DropShips with the entire production run of Marauder IIs intended for the AFFS. The AFFS counterstrike drove the Blakists off-world, but the cargo DropShips were destroyed. This left Blackwell in dire straits as the AFFS Department of the Quartermaster refused to pay for 'Mechs it didn't receive.[4] General Motors extended credit and capital to the company, but by 3079 it was clear that Blackwell could not survive alone. GM bought out the company, but announced it wouldn't produce any of Blackwell's designs.[5]


Blackwell Heavy Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Outreach:[6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14]
Component Type
FLC-4P Falcon[6] Light BattleMech
FLC-5P Falcon[6] Light BattleMech
FLC-6C Falcon[6] Light BattleMech
GAL-1GLS Gallowglas[7] Heavy BattleMech
GAL-2GLS Gallowglas[7] Heavy BattleMech
GAL-3GLS Gallowglas[7] Heavy BattleMech
GAL-4GLS Gallowglas[7] Heavy BattleMech
Gallowglas WD [15] Heavy BattleMech
WR-DG-02FC War Dog[8] Heavy BattleMech
WR-DG-03FC War Dog[8] Heavy BattleMech
IMP-3E Imp[9] Assault BattleMech
IMP-4E Imp[9] Assault BattleMech
Imp C[9] Assault BattleMech
MAD-4A Marauder II[16] Assault BattleMech
Marauder II C[17] Assault BattleMech
Bandit[10] Hovercraft - Heavy Tank
Badger[11] Tracked Vehicles - Tracked Transporter
Kestrel[12] VTOLs
Peregrine[13] VTOLs
"Zoomer" [18] Hovercraft - Elemental Transport'
Small Craft
NL-42 "Battle Taxi"[14] Small Craft
Interplanetary Drive - Small Craft
Pratt & Whitney 400 [citation needed]
Duralyte 296 Falcon[6]
GLKWL-52gls Endo Steel Gallowglas[7]
GLKWL-83gls Endo Steel Gallowglas[citation needed]
Arc-Royal KH/9 War Dog[8]
Star League IM-03x Imp[9]
Clan Endo Steel Marauder II[citation needed]
GM Marauder Marauder II[citation needed]
Internal Combustion Engine
Blackwell 160 Kestrel[12]
DAV 160 Gas Turbine [citation needed]
Fusion Engine
Blackwell 360 Gallowglas[citation needed]
DAV 220 Peregrine[13]
GM 180 Falcon[6] & Badger[11]
VOX 215 Bandit[10]
VOX 280 GAL-1GLS Gallowglas[7]
Strand 300 [citation needed]
Light Fusion Engine
GM 275 Light for Export[citation needed]
GM 300 Light Marauder[citation needed]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Vlar 300 XL War Dog[8] & Imp[9]
Standard 400 XL Marauder II[citation needed]
Jump Jets
Chilton 850 Mk.II Marauder II[citation needed]
Chilton 850 Mk. II Marauder II[citation needed]
Geotec 300 Gallowglas[7]
PRS-60 Falcon[6]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Valiant Lamellor GAL-1GLS Gallowglas[7] &Marauder II[citation needed]
Maximillian 300 Imp[9]
Protech 4 Kestrel[12]
Protech 5 Bandit[10]
Protech 6 Badger[11]
Protech Medium Peregrine[13]
StarGuard Type II Falcon[6]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Clan ferro-fibrous Marauder II[citation needed]
StarSlab 511 ferro-fibrous War Dog[8]
Communications System
Blackwell Multi-Linq 55 Marauder II[citation needed]
Dalban Micronics GAL-1 GLS Gallowglas[citation needed]
Dalban Starlink Classic Kestrel[12]
Dalban StarLink II Badger[11] & Bandit[10]
Dalban StarLink IIa Peregrine[13]
Garret T12-A War Dog[8]
Garret T20C Falcon[6]
Pauley-Bronson Z Imp[9]
Targeting-Tracking System
Dragwell HiRez II GAL-1 GLS Gallowglas[7]
Dynatec 150A Falcon[6]
Dragwell HiRez IV Marauder II[citation needed]
Garret E2b Kestrel[12] & Peregrine[13]
Garret E5a Bandit[10]
Garret Fib Badger[11]
Garret O2j War Dog[8]
Wasat Aggressor Type 8 Imp[9]
Machine Gun
Blackwell B75 Kestrel[12] & Peregrine[13]
Large Laser
Sunglow GAL-1 GLS Gallowglas[7]
ER Large Laser
Series 7W Falcon[6]
Large Pulse Laser
Thunderbolt-12 Imp[9]
Medium Pulse Laser
Magna Quasar GAL-1 GLS Gallowglas[7]
Magna 400p Falcon[6] & Imp[9]
Series 2d Gallowglas[citation needed]
Small Laser
Magna Starglow GAL-1 GLS Gallowglas[7]
Omnicron 1000 Falcon[6]
ER Medium Laser
Diverse Optics [citation needed]
Medium Laser
Martell Model 5 Imp[9]
LB 10-X AC
Type KOV Marauder II[citation needed]
Anti-Missile System
Burow War Dog[8]
SureFire 444 Falcon[6]
Gauss Rifle
Grizzard War Dog[8]
Heavy Gauss Rifle
Blackwell Arms "Thunderfist" War Dog[8] & Marauder II[citation needed]
Magna Firestar Imp[9]
Mark XVII Marauder II[citation needed]
Tigart Magnum GAL-1 GLS Gallowglas[7]
Mitchell Systems Imp[9]
Larkin SRM-4 - Peregrine[13]


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