Blackwind Lancers

Free Capella Movement.jpg
Blackwind Lancers
Formed 2950
Disbanded 3070 (destroyed)
Previous Designation(s) Fourteenth Zurich Lancers
Nickname Standard-Bearers
Affiliation Capellan Confederation;
Free Capella (previous)
Parent Command CCAF



The Blackwind Lancers was first formed by Chancellor Barbara Liao as the Fourteenth Zurich Lancers as part of the Amaris Coup in Liao's late efforts to help General Aleksandr Kerensky's fight to defeat Usurper's forces.

First Succession War[edit]

After the outbreak of the First Succession War the unit was stationed on Chesterton borders of the Federated Suns to confront Davion aggressions. During this time the regiment fought for control of many Davion worlds; Algot, Demeter, Halloran V and New Aragon but was not able to keep these planets from Davion forces. The Lancers' worst defeat in this time period was to the elements of Avalon Hussars on Jaipur where the unit lost two battalions of 'Mechs trying seize Jaipur's 'Mech production facilities.

Third Succession War[edit]

Raid on Royalston[edit]

In 2922 the unit conduct a raid against the Davion world of Royalston where they discovered an SLDF store house full of 'Mech replacement parts. Royalston's reserve battalion arrived in time to engage the Lancers for the claim of the discovery. Standing their ground, the unit battled with the reserve force only to find they stalled them just long enough for reinforcements to arrive. The Lancers charged the supplemented Davion forces and were destroyed.[1]

Raid on Bacum[edit]

The Lancers were re-formed in 2950 in the hopes of avenging their fallen comrades from thirty-two years before. The reborn Lancers raided the world of Bacum and destroyed that world's aerospace depot as vengeance. Since that new beginning, the unit participated primarily in seek-and-destroy missions against Federated Sun targets. The unit didn't prevail in most of these missions but inflicted considerable damage to its foes before retreating.

Battle of Halloran[edit]

In 3006 the Blackwind Lancers were assigned to Halloran V. From there they, along with Marion's Highlanders raided the Federated Suns worlds of Demeter, Almach, Chesterton and Valexa. Wolf's Dragoons sent their Beta, Gamma, and Delta Regiments to the world, supported by Zeta Battalion.[2] After the Liao raiders returned, the Dragoons hit them. Delta Regiment pinned the Lancers in place, while the other Dragoon units faced the Highlanders. The Lancers held their positions for several days, but the Dragoons tricked them into retreating. The Lancers appeared in the Highlanders' rear area, causing confusion and eventually the Highlanders collapsed. The Dragoons conquered Halloran V.[3]

Garrison Duty on Elnath[edit]

The Lancers were assigned as garrison troops for the Elnath system, guarding the planet's tank and ammunition factories. The Lancers would take serious damage from continued Marik raids against the system, prompting Liao High Command to send in the 2nd McCarron's Armored Cavalry to relieve the Lancers and ultimately counterattack the Marik raiders' staging area on Ohrensen to end the raids.[4]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

In the Fourth Succession War the Lancers' first battalion surrendered in the failed defense of St. Andre. The second and third battalion later defected to the newly formed St. Ives Compact.

Andurien/Canopus Invasion[edit]

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War of 3039[edit]

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Operation Guerrero[edit]

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Operation Bulldog[edit]

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Xin Sheng Campaign[edit]

The Blackwind Lancers contributed significantly to the outbreak of the Capellan–St. Ives War in 3060 when a Maskirovka deep cover agent posing as Major Smithson, commander of the Blackwind Lancers' Third Battalion, launched a preemptive attack on the world of Hustaing during Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao's Xin Sheng tour. This incident allowed Sun-Tzu to use his status as First Lord of the Star League to send occupation forces to Compact worlds on the Confederation border. This action later escalated into a full-scale conflict between the two states. The assets of the Blackwind Lancers' Third Battalion was seized by the Confederation to form a new unit, the Hustaing Warriors.

The Blackwind Lancers faced the Dynasty Guard twice during this period. They raided Highspire after an attack on Treyhang Liao; The Dynasty Guard caught up to the Lancers on Chesterton shortly after that. The Guard and Lancers clashed, with the Lancers eventually forcing the Guard to withdraw.[5][6] After the fighting in the Xin Sheng Campaign ended, the Blackwind Lancers had expanded into a reinforced regiment of four battalions. The new unit was short a company in each battalion, but was expected to grow by the end of 3067. The unit flew its own colors alongside the Free Capella insignia.[7] During this time, the Lancers were based on Spica in the Federated Suns.[8]

During an assault on Denbar the Lancers Second Battalion faced the Hustaing Warriors. Despite having the Warriors trapped, the Lancers were unprepared for a pair of Thunder BattleMechs to force them back. The Warriors were able to escape the ambush, and the Second Battalion of the Lancers lost half their 'Mechs.[9]


Following the orbital bombardment of Sian, Colonel Doles pledged his allegiance to the Capellan Confederation and declared war on the Federated Suns, whom he blamed for the attack.[10]

During Operation THUNDERSTRIKE the Lancers moved from their Capellan baseworld of Beid to Ares. There they reinforced the 4th McCarron's Armored Cavalry, destroying the 5th Syrtis Fusiliers in a surprise attack, as the 5th was not aware of the Lancers' shift in allegiance. Sang-shao Doles personally killed Hasek's sister-in-law, General Serena Thomas-Hasek.[11]

The Blackwind Lancers destroyed the 39th Avalon Hussars on Wernke with several thermonuclear strikes.[12]

The Blackwind Lancers were destroyed defending the Celestial Palace on Sian against a Word of Blake assault (with mercenary support). Sang-shao Doles died leading the defense of what appeared to be the Chancellor's Emperor on 19 September 3070. This action checked the Word of Blake forces' advance, and they began to withdraw shortly afterwards.[13]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 14th Zurich Lancers
Commanding Officers of the Blackwind Lancers
Colonel Richard Tiberius Downing 3025[14]
Colonel Leonid Perrin 3050 - 3054[15][16]
Colonel Warner Doles 3063 - 3070[17][18][19]



Composition History[edit]


Blackwind Lancers (3 Battalions) (Veteran/Fanatical)[14][20]

  • CO: Colonel Richard Tiberius

- Primarily a BattleMech unit consisting of Enforcer and Archer BattleMechs.[21]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on St. Andre and also on Milos.[22]


Blackwind Lancers (1 Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[15]

  • CO: Colonel Leonid Perrin[15]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Milos.[15]


Blackwind Lancers[16]

  • CO: Colonel Leonid Perrin
  • 1st Battalion (Regular/Reliable): Major Nichole Allings
  • 2nd Battalion (Regular/Questionable): Major Trisha Smithson
  • 3rd Battalion (Green/Reliable): Major Chad Murphy


Blackwind Lancers (1 Regiment/Veteran/Independent)[17]

  • CO: 1st Battalion: Colonel Warner Doles
  • 2nd Battalion: Major "Trapper" Jim McIntery
  • 3rd Battalion: Major Tare Ni Peh

51st Air Lancers (1 Wing/Veteran/Independent)[17]

  • Wing Commander: Major Skip Pasquinelli

104th Armored Lancers (1 Battalion/Regular/Independent)[17]

  • CO/1st Regiment: Lieutenant-Colonel Zhan Caanan
  • XO: Major Rebecca Tcho

- Fields Hovercraft and two lances SRM Carrier

85th Armor Grenadiers (1 Battalion/Green/Independent)[17]

  • CO: Lieutenant-Colonel Stephen Devon


Blackwind Lancers (Elite/Independent)[18]

51st Air Lancers (Elite/Independent)[18]

  • CO: Lieutenant-Colonel Skip Pasquinelli

104th Armored Cavalry (Veteran/Independent)[18]

  • CO: Lieutenant-Colonel Zhan Caanan

85th Armored Infantry (Veteran/Independent)[18]

  • CO: Lieutenant-Colonel Frank Tillman


The 51st Air Lancers are called the "Bull Fighter"

Alternate Emblems[edit]


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