Blake's Own

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Blake's Own
Product information
Type Short story
Author Jason Schmetzer
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 30 October 2020
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 1 May 3052
Series Battle of Tukayyid (series)
Followed by Two Roads Diverged

Blake's Own is a short story by Jason Schmetzer, first entry in the Battle of Tukayyid series written as a companion of the BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid

Teaser text[edit]

In the opening salvos of the Battle of Tukayyid, ComStar's Fiftieth Division must test its mettle against the ferocious warriors of Clan Smoke Jaguar.

Plot summary[edit]

The sheer scope and scale of the imminent Battle of Tukayyid is rammed home for Fiftieth Divison MechWarrior Minka Woloczak when she arrives at the Com Guards Tamo Bunker to hand deliver dispatches, catching sight of the Precentor Martial as Clan Smoke Jaguar begin their drop on Tukayyid. Taking a DropShip on a suborbital hop back from Tamo, as she disembark her Exterminator screams of Case Black come over the radio, confirming the worst case scenario that the Smoke Jaguars are landing right on top of the Fiftieth Division's positions and that she is also effectively cut-off from her Level II.

Elsewhere in the Dinju Mountains veteran Acolyte Enrique Miranda oversees an a static artillery park of raw green recruits, gently scolding rookie loader Rashid ibn Ibrami after he drops a shell until in Ibrami sees Drop Pods falling from the sky right on top of the Fiftieth Division. Quickly responding, Miranda finds both his crews and the rest of the Fiftieth's inexperience complicating effective artillery fire against the attacking Clan forces. Trying to cross the battlefield to her unit, fire from Miranda's artillery unit allows Woloczak to triumph against a Smoke Jaguar Fenris as she opts to make her way towards them, the closest friendly position.

As the intensity of the battle increases Miranda realizes while the Clans do not use counter-battery fire they have something worse when a Aerospace Fighter drops two points of Toads upon his command. Personally taking manual control over one of the guns he hurried orders HE rounds at near point-blank range, but while battered the Elementals largely weather the artillery strikes and continue to advance, just as Woloczak arrives on the scene. Though not setup to fight them a vengeful Woloczak wades into battle, as Miranda orders his battery to switch to flechette shells and fire at the Com Guard 'Mech, the addition allowing Woloczak to defeat the Elementals.

Disembarking to confer with Miranda, in the absence of orders from their Precentor Woloczak defaults to the last orders given and directs Miranda to redeploy before any more Elementals arrive before resuming fire, maintaining faith that Blake will protect and provide.

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  • Broken Promises, the final in the Battle of Tukayyid series, resumes the story of the characters introduced in Blake's Own.
  • Woloczak's 'Mech was initially incorrectly stated as a Thunderbolt before being described in detail as a Royal Exterminator on the next page in the original 30 October 2020 release, with the error amended in the updated copy of the story issued 15 January 2021.