Blake Ascending

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Blake Ascending
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Randall N. Bills
Primary writing Herbert A. Beas II
Randall N. Bills
Loren L. Coleman
Warner Doles
Chris Hartford
Ken Horner
Kevin Killany
Nick Marsala
David L. McColluch
Ben Rome
Paul Sjardijn
Christoffer Trossen
Øystein Tvedten
Phaedra Weldon
Mike Miller
Mike Nelson
Peter Smith
Andreas Zuber
Pages 312
Cover artwork Klaus Scherwinski
Illustrations Gerhard Moszi
Doug Chaffee
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35301
First published 2008
ISBN-10 1934857149
Era Jihad era


Blake Ascending is an omnibus edition of Dawn of the Jihad and Jihad Hot Spots: 3070, covering the beginning of the Word of Blake Jihad.

From the back cover[edit]

November 3067 saw the culmination of work two centuries in the making, work begun by Primus Conrad Toyama of ComStar, successor to Jerome Blake and the man responsible for single-handedly turning ComStar into a pseudo-religious organization with a vision: to lead mankind to the light... by any means necessary.

When the Star League self-destructs, a shadowy power behind the fanatical Word of Blake pulls the strings taut in righteous anger, launching a war to bring humanity to its knees. Confusion reigns, and each faction finds itself isolated amid its own turmoil. Yet as a new decade dawns, glimpses of the greater whole begin to appear through the dark clouds. The true battle has only just begun.

Blake Ascending: A Jihad Compilation is an omnibus reprint of Dawn of the Jihad and Jihad Hot Spots: 3070; the first two sourcebooks in the seminal Jihad plot line. The Blake Ascending sourcebook shakes the Classic BattleTech universe to its foundation, documenting the opening years from 3067 to 3070. The series of events presented in this book unfold in a rolling format, allowing readers to immerse themselves more directly into the action than ever before. Players of both Classic BattleTech and Classic BattleTech RPG will find framework rules to run any type of campaign in regions through out the Inner Sphere during this chaotic time.


Please see the Contents sections of Dawn of the Jihad and Jihad Hot Spots: 3070 for the exact contents duplicated in this title.


  • Blake Ascending is a reprint of Dawn of the Jihad and Jihad Hot Spots: 3070, in one volume. Except for errata, no changes have been made to the contents.
  • Editors: whenever you cite Blake Ascending in an article, please also cite the relevant pages from the other two books. In Blake Ascending, the first 160 pages match those of Dawn of the Jihad exactly (ex: BA p. 137 is the same as DotJ p. 137). All pages after p. 160 correspond with Jihad Hot Spots: 3070, when 160 is subtracted from the BA page number (ex: BA p. 200 is the same as JH:3070 p. 40). The reprinted JH:3070 table of contents is on pp. 162-163 in BA.