Blitzkrieg (fiction format)

Launched in early 2012 as "a new type of BattleTech fiction," Blitzkrieg was a short-lived line of electronic novellas or short stories published through Catalyst Game Labs in EPUB format. It was meant to augment BattleCorps, not replace it, and the stories were made available to BattleCorps subscribers in PDF format as part of that subscription service accordingly.

Only five fiction pieces were published in this format. The first two Blitzkrieg publications were the respective first parts of Ghost Bear's Lament (Part One: Instrument of Destruction) and Operation Ice Storm (Part One: The Frost Advances), which were published along with the Blitzkrieg announcement on 13 February 2012; the final Blitzkrieg publication was a stand-alone novella, Vengeance, published in December of 2012. Blitzkrieg was discontinued again after 2012.

The spelling of "Blitzkrieg" is somewhat arbitrary: In announcements, Blitzkrieg has been spelled thusly or alternatively, in all-capital letters; on published book covers, it is also spelled "BlitzKrieg" (with a capital "K" in the middle). Author Steven Mohan Jr. said that he thought of it as a regular German noun with a capital letter at the beginning, but none in the middle.[1]


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