Blood Limpet

Blood Limpet
Creature information
Type Leech
Homeworld Proserpina[1]
Environment Swamps and Rivers[1]
Average mass 8kg
Average length 100 cm (with tall)[1]
Average height 24 cm[1]
Creature stats
System A Time of War/Classic BattleTech Companion[1]
STR n/a
BOD n/a
DEX n/a
RFL n/a
WIL n/a
EDG n/a
Traits n/a
Skills n/a
Size ?
Armor ?
Attack ?

The Blood Limpet (Salirius Hirudo Proserpina) is a blood-sucking quasi-reptile species native to the swamps of Proserpina.[1]



The blood limpet's skin is a hard, gray-greenish shell with bright orange stripes. An average specimen is around one meter long (including its tail), with a height of 24 centimeters. They weigh between one and eight kilograms and can move surprisingly fast on their six legs.[1]


Lives in the swamps and rivers near the equator of Proserpina where it dwells for hours at a time waiting to strike out at any potential prey. Its jaw has the strength to rip cloth and flesh in order to get to the blood where it can suck out as much as a liter of blood.[2]

Blood limpets are a lone wolf creature which does not claim territory from other limpets. This makes it possible for a traveler to come across more than one in a single location.[2]

Unit insignia[edit]

Insignia of the Proserpina Hussars
The Draconis Combine's elite Proserpina Hussars, a unit associated with the world of Proserpina, have three stylized Blood Limpets as their crest.[3]


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