Blood Reaper

Blood Reaper
Blood Reaper
Production information
Manufacturer W-7 Facilities[1]
Production Year 3079[2]
Model Standard
Class Heavy
Cost 14,374,634 C-bills[2]
Technical specifications
Mech type Clan BattleMech
Mass 70 tons
Chassis Type W4 Endo Steel[1]
Armor Advanced/3[1]
Engine 280 Fusion XL[1]
Communications System Build 1685 Tacticom[1]
Targeting Tracking System Build 2 CAT TTS[1]
Heat Sinks 18 Double Heat Sinks[1]
Speed 64[1] km/h
Jump Jets BMP Series XV[1]

2x ER PPCs[1]
2x Heavy Medium Lasers[1]
2x ATM 6s[1]

BV (2.0) 2,665[1][2][3]


Paying tribute to other highly successful Clan Wolf designs, the Blood Reaper is a symbolic and straightforward second-line BattleMech in heavy use in the post-Jihad Clan Wolf Touman.

Seeking to standardize his forces and weed out non-Wolf designs, Khan Vlad Ward ordered his scientists to develop a rugged yet symbolic 'Mech for warriors of Clan Wolf to rally around. A standard BattleMech in the mold of the successful Tundra Wolf, the Blood Reaper first entered service in 3079 and went on to form a large part of the Wolves post-Jihad touman. Khan Ward overcame the stigma of a second-line machine with classic Clan posturing; by insisting that warriors truly worthy of the spirit of the Wolf would win even while being hobbled by such a design.[1]

Sharing a similar reverse-canted leg, energy weapon arm and missile launcher torso layout as the iconic Timber Wolf, the Blood Reaper was built on a Endo Steel frame and uses a XL Engine to save weight for a heavy weapon and armor load. Slower than most front-line OmniMechs, the Blood Reaper featured an 120 meter jump capacity to help overcome this. Eighteen Double Heat Sinks provided the design adequate endurance.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Blood Reaper was built around a pair of CC 6-Rack Advanced Tactical Missile Launchers, one per torso, which provided it with flexible multi-range firepower. At long range they were supported by a hard-hitting Type 22 ER PPC in each arm, while a pair of General Systems Heavy Medium Lasers offered enhanced close-range punch. A three ton ammo bay for each ATM launcher allowed the MechWarrior to carry two tons of each of three of the ATM missile types, ensuring maximum tactical flexibility in the field.[1]


Custom Variants[edit]

  • Alaric 
    The Blood Reaper piloted by Alaric Wolf during his Trial of Position mounted a larger 350 rated XL engine to boost its ground speed. The variant featured three Heavy Medium Lasers carried beside each ER PPC, dropping one ATM-6 for a Targeting Computer. To free up the weight for the larger engine and altered weapons array, only a single ton of ATM reloads was carried, the armor was reduced down to ten and half tons of Ferro-Fibrous plate, and the jump jets and four double heat sinks were dropped. [6]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Blood Reaper has the following Design Quirk:[7]


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