Blood in the Water

Blood in the Water
Product information
Type Sourcebook fiction
Short story
Author Loren L. Coleman
Pages 4
Publication information
Publisher FASA Corporation
First published

The short story "Blood in the Water" by Loren L. Coleman was first published in MechWarrior's Guide to the Clans.

Plot summary[edit]

On Tathis, an unnamed merchant from Clan Diamond Shark, who had been previously a Star Commander from Rho Spina Galaxy, meets with scientist Jerome who has been acting as the middle man on a complex negotiation between Clan Ice Hellion and Clan Hell's Horses. When Jerome discovers that they are both near a possible breakthrough that would affect Clan Diamond Shark's HarJel monopoly, the merchant moves to stall Hellion. The Sharks stage an accident by using the DropShip Brightmetal and challenge Clan Ice Hellion for it with the enclave of Ristha as collateral. The bidding has Star Captain Dana Horn with the merchant's support pitted against Star Captain Erik Rickard and his assistant Star Commander Caleb. The Sharks play with the Hellions and make Caleb challenge the merchant, allowing him to enter the bid, as being an old warrior can get his rank back by Shark rules. The merchant in a Goshawk fights Caleb in a Mad Dog for the DropShip and Caleb is downed by the merchant and made a bondsman, though the DropShip is lost to the Sharks, while the enclave is won by Diamond Shark forces under Star Captain Dana Horn. As the merchant does not want to be back a warrior, this makes Caleb a bondsman of a merchant, and Caleb negotiates being back to the Warrior Caste by telling the merchant the location of a secondary laboratory where there is the backup investigation.

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