Blue Star

Blue Star
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The free trader Blue Star was an Invader-class JumpShip.

Recharging in the Gladius system on 9 May 3057 while carrying the Gray Death Legion's DropShip Endeavor (and implicitly also the Endeavor's sister ships Defiant and Valiant) with elements of the Gray Death Legion back from Caledonia to Glengarry, the Blue Star and its docked DropShips received an HPG message from Lori Kalmar-Carlyle that informed them of an ongoing attack against the Gray Death Legion on Glengarry. Davis McCall and Alexander Carlyle decided that speed was of the essence, and instead of waiting for the Blue Star to complete its recharging cycle they booked passage on another nearby JumpShip that could jump out sooner, the Caliban.[1]


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