Bola Pod

Bola Pods

The Bola Pod is an ’Mech-snaring alternate ammunition type available for the Narc Missile Beacon.


Developed by the Capellan Confederation, the Bola Pod features a small explosive charge which splits open the pod to release a series of horizontal chains, effectively creating a 'Mech sized bola to entangle limbs and perhaps cause a fall or inhibit the use of arm mounted weaponry. With the prototypes tested during Operation Guerrero in 3057, hampered by its inaccuracy and inability to affect Combat Vehicles and AeroSpace Fighters, the Bola Pod was discontinued shortly after. [1]


Game Rules[edit]

Bola Pods are Level 3 Maximum Tech equipment, [2] designated Experimental Technology under the Tactical Operations rule set.[1]

Bola Pods can only affect BattleMechs, [2] ProtoMechs and VTOLs. [1] The ensnaring effect only lasts to the End Phase of the following turn, by which time the affected unit has been able to break free from the chains. [2] [1]

  • BattleMechs are only affected when a Bola Pod hits a leg or arm, with no effect against any other location. Hits to the legs force the unit to make a Piloting Skill roll with an additional +1 modifier to avoid falling over and cannot kick with the affected limb, while an ensnared arm suffers a +1 to-hit penalty for all weapons and physical attacks. [2] [1]
  • ProtoMechs are only affected by a Bola Pod that successfully hits their legs or arms, suffering -2 MP Walker modifier and are prevented from jumping if their legs are struck, and a +1 hit modifier to all weapon and physical attacks for an ensnared arm. [1]
  • VTOLs are only affected by a Bola Pod that hits their rotor, generating a Rotor Destroyed critical hit, regardless of the status of its armor or structure. [1]


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