Borislav Sais

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Borislav Sais
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Mongoose
Rank saKhan

Borislav Sais was the first saKhan of Clan Mongoose.[1]


When the Clans were formed, Borislav became the Bloodname founder of House Sais.[2]

Mitchell Loris became the first Khan of Clan Mongoose despite his lack of combat experience, and while he evidently possessed enough skill as a warrior to pass his Trial of Position, Loris' main service as Khan was in diplomatic and administrative functions. During the campaign on Circe during Operation KLONDIKE, Khan Loris' diplomacy proved to be an asset as he successfully kept disagreements between other Khans from negatively impacting the Clan conquest of that world, though the Mongoose campaign also seemed to confirm Loris' lack of martial abilities, since he delegated operational command to his saKhan, Sais.[3]


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