Brandon Calderon

Brandon Calderon
AffiliationHouse Calderon
Title(s)Protector of the Realm
SiblingsJentarra Calderon
ChildrenHampton Calderon


Brandon Calderon was the son of Reginald Calderon. Brandon was elected by the Privy Council to replace his crippled sister Jentarra Calderon as Protector when the damage done to her brain by an assassin's poison affected her leadership. Brandon however, was not nearly as charismatic, able or skilled as his sister. He ruled the Concordat peacefully but unimaginatively for over three decades.[1] It was in the early 2710's that the Star League began returning to the discriminatory taxes against the Periphery states. Brandon and the other Periphery Lords were not even allowed to vote on many of these actions. It was not long during his bland reign that his son Hampton Calderon came to be the real power behind Brandon's throne. Brandon officially retired to let Hampton take the throne in 2725.[2]


Only Jentarra and Brandon are listed as children of Reginald, but later events during Hampton's brief rule indicate Reginald may have had other children, or perhaps siblings with families.


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