Braunschweig 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates-687.588 : 850.591[e]
Spectral classG5V[1][2]
Recharge time186 hours[1][2]
Recharge station(s)None[1][2]

The Braunschweig system was the location of at least one habitable world or construct and located in the Deep Periphery nation known as the Scorpion Empire as of 3141.[3] It is approximately 1,094 light-years from Terra in the coreward/anti-spinward direction.

System Description[edit]

The Braunschweig system is located near the Antwerp and Lübeck systems.[4]

System History[edit]

Braunschweig was discovered on 9 December 2816 by Lyran Commonwealth citizens of the Tamar Pact fleeing the chaos of the First Succession War. With the third planet in the system being nearly ideal for colonization with plentiful plant and animal life, the first colonists started arriving in 2824.[2]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Braunschweig III[edit]

Braunschweig III
Braunschweig Orbital View.jpg
System positionThird[1][2]
Jump Point distance7.47 days[1][2]
Moons1 (Wolf)[1][2]
Surface gravity1.00[1][2]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[1][2]
Equatorial temperature31°C (Tropical)[1][2]
Surface water51%[1][2]
Highest native lifeMammals[1][2]
Landmasses6 (Salzebene, Schatzland, Schiksal, Oase, Lebenswald, Isolierung)[8]
History and Culture
Population35,750,000 (3140)[1][2]
Government and Infrastructure
Political LeaderCouncil of Merchants[2]
HPG ClassNone[1][2]

Planetary History[edit]

From initial colonization in 2824, the population was split evenly between urban and rural settlements, and in both cases people tended to stay close to their settlements to avoid indigenous predators. A balance of sorts was found with the native katzenwulfe beasts of the wilderness, but the deadly tree anemones killed many during the efforts to clear them out.[2]

Braunschweig society was grouped into two classes: the wealthier merchants who controlled the city-states, and the serfs. When nearby Bremen was settled about a half century later, their representatives were interested in forming an economic and mutual defense pact, to which the Braunschweig oligarchs agreed in hopes of spreading their influence to other worlds. The Hanseatic League proved to be a boon for them, allowing them to cement their power by trading with the rest of the League and increasing their vast wealth. The world also benefited as the construction of rail lines in the thirtieth century connected the capital Lockport with the six other major cities as well as smaller rural settlements that served as trading posts.[2]

BattleMech Repair Facility[edit]

In 2937, a fully intact and operational BattleMech repair facility long abandoned by the Star League Defense Force was discovered in proximity to the city of Lüneburg. Though its origins remained a mystery, its existence was a blessing to the aging Hanseatic League military desperately in need of repairs. The facility was considered a priority secret and an orbital no-fly zone was established and enforced without any leeway, and occasional off-world visitors were never able to breach the cordon.[8]

At the turn of the thirty-second century,[1] the need to safeguard the SLDF facility and protect themselves against the Escorpión Imperio on the nation's doorstep became more urgent, and the Council of Merchants authorized the construction of the Lüneburg Vehicle Corporation to produce BattleMechs and combat vehicles. The two facilities side-by-side allowed the League to expand their garrison to include heavier units and its success led to the establishment of HDF Manufacturing on Falsterbo and the expansion of the Bordello Military Goods, Inc. factory on Antwerp.[1][8] The importance of the Lüneburg factory also led to the permanent posting of the Regional Defense Force Six along with an aerospace force expanded to a full wing.[9]

Serf Rebellion[edit]

In order to deflect suspicion and preserve the secrecy of the new Falsterbo installation, the Council of Merchants confirmed the Lüneburg facility but in doing so brought paranoia upon themselves about what such an announcement might bring. In order to lure potential invaders to their world away from any important urban centers and infrastructure, a massive artificial city large enough to be seen from orbit was constructed west of the Great Spine Mountains. Though the city's structures were little more than facades, it was complete with its own spaceport, rail, and communication lines.[9]

In 3115, members of the mercantile class began noticing a drop in the serf population and for months they could not find a cause or reason. Eventually, bounty hunters tracked a group of runaways fleeing to the decoy city to seek freedom, and it was discovered that these disaffected serfs had set up rudimentary ways for having essential services such as water and electricity. The merchants decided to let the existing serfs remain there to help sell the illusion they created. This arrangement was fine for a decade until the serfs still in servitude sought to join their brethren in the city now known as Serftown. The ensuing rebellion enveloped five of the world's seven major cities and didn't end until the leaders of the revolt were killed by the militia and mercenaries during their retreat across the vast Alkali Flats. 80,000 people were slaughtered in putting down the rebellion.[9]

Hanseatic Crusade[edit]

During Escorpión Imperio's takeover of the Hanseatic League, Omega Galaxy landed on Braunschweig as part of Wave 3 in April 3140. The defending Regional Defense Force Six put up fierce resistance which included a great deal of brutal melee combat. Omega Galaxy was shattered, but a single trinary of Seeker Galaxy, sent to secure the precious SLDF facility, completed the annihilation of RDF 6. Survivors of Omega would end up claiming BattleMechs from the factory as replacements.[6]

Scorpion Empire[edit]

After the end of the Hanseatic Crusade, Braunschweig III became the capital of the Scorpion Empire. Most of its history was uneventful, but on 13 March 3151, a Hansa terrorist attack leveled the Clan Council Chamber building, killing an unknown amount of people.[10]

Military Deployment[edit]


- RDF 6 was on permanent posting to Braunschweig.[9][11]


Braunschweig World Map

Braunschweig has six continents—Salzebene, Schatzland, Schiksal, Oase, Lebenswald, and Isolierung—the first five of which are located in close proximity to each other and are linked by land bridges or arching archipelagoes. The sixth, Isolierung, is devoid of animal life and was regarded as a resort area for the wealthiest merchants once the deadly tree anemones on the land were cleared away. The world has varied landscapes ranging from vast mountain ranges, limitless grasslands, and trackless deserts that were once ancient ocean beds. The mountainsides are dominated by arboreal magnificence.[2][8]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Schatzland (main continent)
  • Alkali Flats: a vast dry ocean bed[9]
  • Great Spine Mountain Range[8]
  • BattleMech Repair Facility: on the eastern verge of the Falkennest Peaks; also includes a small spaceport and landing strip[8]
  • Lockport: capital city and home to the world's only (official) spaceport[2]
  • Lüneburg: city with the world's critical industry and factories;[8] later the home of the Lüneburg Vehicle Corporation[1]
  • Serftown: a city[8]
  • Bergblick: a city on Salzebene[8]
  • Reval: a city on Schiksal[8]
  • Talschmiede: a city on Oase[8]

Industrial Centers[edit]

  • Lüneburg Vehicle Corporation: founded both to augment the Hanseatic League's military manufacturing industry and to provide cover for a hidden SLDF BattleMech repair facility[8]

Local Fauna[edit]

  • Katzenwulfe: beasts frequently over 500 kg in mass which resemble hybrids of Terran great cats and dire wolves; an endemic menace against humans outside established settlements[9]
  • Tree anemones: semi-mobile organisms with traits between that of plants and animals;[1] the deadliest species in the wilderness that can kill via either poison or strangulation[9]

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Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 20 systems (4 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Antwerp 26.8 Lübeck 36.2 Danzig 44.7 Dorpat 55.7
Tomalov 73.9 Hamburg 76.3 Kampen 76.9 Dortmund 82.0
Falsterbo 84.6 Bruges 105.7 Goslar 105.8 Bremen 113.7
Novgorod 115.8 Stralsund 120.1 Hallelujah 121.8 Köln 130.2
Bergen 135.1 Kalmar 137.6 Khanquest 145.0 Elbing 147.6


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