Brewer's Legion

Brewer's Legion
Formed 3067
Disbanded 17 December 3069 (destroyed)
Affiliation Grey Death Technologies
Parent Command


Brewer's Legion was a corporate security force that Defiance Industries, through Duke Brewer of Hesperus II, had deployed to the Gray Death Technologies manufacturing plant on Glengarry in 3067 as a gift to provide security much like the Defiance Self-Protection Force.[1][2]

The unit was raised from the remnant of the shattered Gray Death Legion, and counted former Gray Death Legion members among their numbers.[1]

On 16/17 December 3069, the manufacturing plant came under attack from the Eighteenth Word of Blake Militia Division. Brewer's Legion, then an understrength combined-arms battalion, defended the factory from well-established defensive positions on the Chancy Plateau but were pinned down and overrun by BattleMech assaults and flanking attacks from battle armor troops. A remnant of survivors retreated to the factory proper and held out in a reinforced bunker for several hours before Purifier battle armor stormed their position.[2] It was noted the Word of Blake forces "slaughtered" Brewer's Legion, then looted the facilities and inflicted heavy damage.[3]

In a note signed "CK.1074" (from the context, a note by Chandrasekhar Kurita from October 3074) the author remarks that his investments on Glengarry had been destroyed and that the factories he'd "purchased are nothing but girders and ashes, and Brewer's Legion is no more."[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Brewer's Legion




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